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  1. A Howard/Bernadette spinoff might work but then they would have to show real kids, they could still have the Howard//Raj bromance...just a thought
  2. As much as I love this show I think it is time for it to end. When they married shamy for me I could see the end in sight. Just my opinion. (besides Murphy Brown is coming back and it was a favorite)
  3. Thank you so much for the spoilers @NotWonderland. I will wait till I view the finished product/show before I make any more comments. Thanks again!!
  4. They could use this at the beginning of the first episode of season 12 then time jump forward...
  5. No, the last scene is them walking out and Barry singing
  6. I read somewhere there will be additional scenes posted at cbs.com but cant for the life of me remember where I read it
  7. It should have been an hour episode. I loved it, thought it was really sweet, but No Stephen Hawking scene??
  8. My granddaughters dress like princesses all the time,including the tiara. They get it from disney, they are 4&2 and they went to a princess ball with all the disney princesses
  9. I loved the George/Missy going out to dinner and her dressed up like a princess
  10. I have lived the pink eye story in real life,(it was family wedding) wasn't funny then but last night was
  11. I thought the episode was good, it gave Sheldon a different perspective on what his brother went thru as a kid, I agree the George/Sheldon/Leonard stuff was the best part. The pink eye story line was funny .
  12. @Iam156 thanks so much for your taping report.
  13. the more I think about it, the dress is so Amy...over the top. Sheldon said she is beautiful.that is all Amy needed to hear. I do see the humor in it. Can't wait for the episode. (my niece just got a dress from a high fashion place in NY and said she tried on way uglier dresses)
  14. Mayim has stated she is a size 6 but is considered "big" by hollywood standards
  15. well it is what it is, I cant wait to watch (I hope she opts out of the gloves)
  16. I was kind of hoping it would be different too
  17. Sheldon thinks she is beautiful in that dress, that big, ugly dress
  18. yes, I guess so I was trying to find something nice about it but Sheldon said she was beautiful
  19. The dress itself isnt bad it is the jacket/big flower/gloves that are bad
  20. I don't think it is the dress judging from the pic of her shoes and the bottom of the dress that is visible
  21. @brilliantfool thats not the dress amy chose...is it?
  22. since nobody asked, was Amy wearing the tiara?
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