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  1. ok I have a ?? asking for a friend...on fridays does JP fb live or instagram live? and what/who do I need to follow to see it? thanks
  2. It is a old fashioned...whiskey,bitters/simple syrup. They are good.
  3. where do you find these things? just askin, I must be looking on the wrong places on instagram
  4. I liked it but I am easily entertained.
  5. Congrats to them! Now it makes sense, on Andy Cohens show he asked JP if he was going to get married and he said probably...also Mayim is still in NY and Bill Prady tweeted aboutr being in NY
  6. My thoughts were that the gang discovers that Sheldon is missing and that Bernie & Penny go find Ramona to let her know they are on to her and what did she do or say to him (before calling Amy or his mom). Then Ramona tells them she made a pass at him and he left. And they get a skype from Amy. Just my random thought...
  7. Sheldon likes preparedness and the fact that he had the ring on him means he was prepared.
  8. If Mayim and JP are rehearsing, it must mean they have a scene together
  9. I got a bad feeling....sorry I just do
  10. I like how they have given Amy a softer look, still an Amy style
  11. I like this show. I usually can find something about each episode to be entertained but this episode was bad. I feel like all these characters and thats all the dialog they could come up with? I feel like I could have written a better episode. This makes me sad I was not entertained this week.
  12. I was entertained by the episode.
  13. on jimparsons_source on instagram stories video of people doing western line dancing and JP yelling yeehaw
  14. I agree, for me it's the jacket that just doesn't look right...
  15. Mayim-a video was posted on instagram by emmy4mayim with her friends where she reveals she has a very large tattoo for some reason I just dont picture her with a tat hip to hip across her back
  16. This is hilarious and the poor dogs just looking at him! LOL
  17. Thanks @2L344 for the report. I have to head out to work but just in quickly reading it I got that they could have had Sheldon go back and live in 4a but they didnt and Leonard and Penny have issues when they are alone and hopefully they write/work on that. Just my opinion after a quick read before work. Thanks again for the report.
  18. with Michael Ausiello there makes me wonder if something big is happening in one of the storylines, because isnt he a celeb/entertainment reporter?
  19. Ill write more later on what I thought of the episode but 2 things stand out to me. First they had a fight and neither of them left to sleep elsewhere. Second I think there was a missed opportunity for make up makeout/sex. just sayin
  20. I believe (I could be wrong) that Shamy have kissed more than any of the other characters
  21. The sex once a year is getting old ... just sayin ...the writers need to move on and quit making it an issue
  22. Oh my, that was HOT and funny all at the same time
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