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  1. I agree there's a lot more to these characters than when they'll have sex and that's why this topic was never a big deal to me. When I'm watching I never feel they are delaying it on purpose; so far, I think the wait has been justified in the story, I'm not annoyed or feel that it's taking too long. I don't mind if it happens before or after marriage, before or after living together, if it happens this season or next... as long as the timing is justified and I feel the story is going at a natural pace. I don't want the writers to rush it just to get it out of the way and focus on other things and I don't want them to wait longer than they need to for reasons besides the story (marketing and the like). I understand that saving some plots for later is a strategy (after all, I work in this business - even though my work is not specifically related to tv), but they shouldn't take this strategy too far. I trust the writers will get the timing right, I'm not really worried.
  2. Good news about the chance of knowing something about the ring... you all talked about it enough times in the past two weeks, good job I hope it's true because I just LOVE (!!) all of Laurie's scenes in the Big Bang and I can't tell you how excited I get every time I'm told she's going to be there. It also makes me happy to see people in a good mood
  3. Thank you! I've been squirming to say something like this all day, but after the Intimacy Acceleration episode, I promised myself I would never talk about Shenny again. I have a strong opinion about that episode and also about this kiss now, but I won't waste my time discussing this anymore. I'm not cheating on my promise by agreeing with you, am I? Haha :p
  4. So it's been a long time since the last time I was here because after the finale I just really needed some time away from the show (which also means time away from here), seriously, I haven't watched one single episode since May and I won't until the premiere. Now I'll slowly and carefully make my way back into the show. Anyway, the finale gave me mixed feelings about whether or not the break was a good idea for a plot, at one point I was all for it and then I would think it was unnecessary. Now, months later... I still don't know. I guess years from now when the show is over I'll look back and I'll probably still not be sure. After all, arriving safe and sound at the final destination does not mean you have taken the right paths. I remember thinking "I just hope they resolve this differently next season than they did with the train trip. I want to actually see them handling this situation and not have everything already talked about off-screen". That was my biggest fear: they dig a hole and once again, when the next season starts, they ignore the plot and have the characters jump out of the hole as if nothing happened. So I'm glad they didn't and are dealing with it, that's a relief. However, as much as I love the idea of Amy standing up to herself (good for her!), I was not expecting they would dig this hole beyond the break. Work to fix it like they should, yes, but not make it worse. I kind of feel they are reaching dangerous areas by digging in too deep. After three episodes and an break up, Sheldon still doesn't listen! He doesn't get that she's is hurting, he doesn't get that Amy wants time alone, he still thinks he will get her back at any time and it frustrates me because as much as I could enjoy Sheldon going after Amy and trying to fix things (and I would!), the way he's doing it's starting to get on my nerves. Sure, he is giving hints of wanting and being ready for more, but he's using the wrong words and it worries me because even if you know deep down it's not meant to be taken seriously, it still hurts. Amy already reacted by breaking up with him the first time, so who knows how she will take this if he doesn't stop? Words are accessible and dangerous weapons to use when we are upset and they hurt (a lot!), so the writers need to be careful with what Sheldon says, they are playing too close to the lines, in my opinion. I know it's IC, I know he's hurting and this is his way of dealing with his pain and he doesn't really mean to be rude, I get it, I liked Sheldon fighting for Amy in episode 1, but it bothers me that they did the same thing for two consecutive episodes. I hope they don't drag this out much longer. As much as I want them to deal with the plot and not ignore it, I don't want to see the same thing over and over again, it gets boring, episode 2 already had less impact to me because it seems too similar to the first one. I want them to explore other things now, after two (three if you count everything) episodes their emotional reactions are clear, the point has been made, I got it, so let's move on to actually getting things fixed, let them calm down by having some space and get them to talk already, ugh. Oh, also, the scarf thing sounds nice... I wish they could use things like that to show they're missing each other and things they did together without them interacting with each other and "fighting". I'll be waiting.
  5. It's nice of you to suggest this and I can do that if I ever figure out how Instagram works. Or Twitter... or even Facebook sometimes, LOL. I know it's easy, but I guess social media and I is like Sheldon and driving. I try, but it's just too confusing, haha.
  6. That's the inspiration behind it and what I was going for when I drew it. Not that I dislike how the episode ended, I actually like it a lot, the scene doesn't bother me at all. But it's fun to change some things and since I can't do that through fanfics because I have no talent for writing, I do it through drawing.
  7. Thanks, I'm glad you like it. Yeah, I can send it. I'm not exactly sure how to do this so I hope it works. If it doesn't, let me know. Here it goes, Susanna, enjoy.
  8. I was away from the forum for almost three weeks and I had ten thousand pages to read haha. It took me the whole day but I couldn’t just jump to the last page, I had to read everything, so I agree: this forum is addictive. What a great way to get distracted on a boring day. Much like Fun With Flags, I didn't know how much I've missed this until I had it back.
  9. Penny talked to Sheldon about coffe shops a long time ago. Penny: Well why don’t you go to a coffee shop? Sheldon: I don’t drink coffee. Penny: They have other things. Sheldon: What do they have? What do they have? Well... Haha, I'm just kidding... nevermind.
  10. 3:00 in the morning is a good time for prom.
  11. I was able to concentrate at work these past few weeks, but it seems today I can't do anything without getting distracted because I just started working on a new scene of the film I'm making and when I typed "scene 14" to name the project, my mind went straight to "Sheldon is nibbling on my... 14! Yes!". I'm still laughing at myself because of it. For those who will watch this new piece of the Shamy puzzle tonight... enjoy the episode! (I know you will, but I want to say it anyway).
  12. I wish I could do a marathon too... I'm working so much I can barely sleep. But I've watched these episodes so many times that I think I can go by memory till Thursday. I only had time to take a quick look at your posts every once in a while so I couldn't really add any thoughts here, but I just wanted to say that my crappy week got better after reading all of this, so thanks.
  13. If that's the whole mystery, then it would be a hell of a birthday.
  14. I can't even think about hug or ILY right now. Sheldon's singing and his line about his career and are still stucked in my mind. I'll need some time to think straight. These two scenes saved the whole episode for me.
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