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  1. Wtf is going on!!! As if in every episode since they started the experiment we've got a hug every time!! N omfg that mitt slap on her ass n just his whole behaviour lately... Are we sure it's still the same writers doing these episodes??
  2. I love this!!!!! But didn't molaro or someone confirm that Sheldon so far is sticking to the once a year thing?
  3. I'm hoping for a little lovely heart to heart between our shamy, you'd think with Leonard and penny's wedding redo it would make shamy think back to when they ended up breaking up during the first wedding and how far they've come now
  4. I don't think it was that Amy didn't understand, I think she was just in shock that he was there n saying these wonderful things that's why she was like "what?"
  5. Glad there is no drama but the finale was still disappointing... Like others have said it just sounds like a regular episode not a finale. Hoping for a secret scene they may have pre taped but seriously doubt it. Anyway glad shamy and everyone else is happy in the end. (Except for maybe Beverly lol)
  6. I had a dream last night that it was lenny's wedding do-over, and right after the ceremony Sheldon got on one knee and asked Amy to marry him. It was too normal and traditional for Sheldon but it was so vivid I actually thought this really happened! But if a proposal does happen it had better be a lot better than that dream! Cmon writers!!!!
  7. Yay!!! Let's see if we'll have some Amy/Mary interaction its looong overdue!
  8. Awwww!!! I live in the uk and my cousin is hard shamy fan and she has no idea they have sex, gonna have my phone ready because I have a feeling I'll receive hundreds of messages when shes done watching it
  9. This! This is what's been on my brain all day!
  10. Hey guys Barry kripke is in next taping! Wonder what the story is....
  11. I'm just gonna creep in here and agree with most people. I'm guessing sheldon's nephew as well
  12. Won't be able to watch it till after work tomorrow (aaaaarrrrggghhhh) but will be popping in this thread in the morning because I'm expecting LOADS of gifs and pics of cuddles and epic sex hair! Hehe that'll get me through work for the first few hours!
  13. I don't want a pregnancy right now but I think I would be funny if they did have an actual pregnancy scare.
  14. Thanks for sending me new link Isabellev!
  15. Omg no fair!!! The video won't work for me just says 'this video is not available' :'(
  16. As if we've reached halfway through season 9!! Wow it's gone so fast!
  17. Haha nearly spat my food out at those of wil weaton dressed as spock! And aww bless amy with her 'sexy' pose haha
  18. Why did I have to drink tonight I will not get these images of amy dragging him back out of my head lol... (been work Christmas party that's why I'm drunk lol) but tbh even if i was sober I wouldn't get these out my head lol xxx
  19. I was not prepared for actual clips.... (and I'm back to the dead)
  20. FUCK! (I have no words, I have literally stopped breathing... ...aaaand I'm dead)
  21. It's so funny now that every time I watch an episode of tbbt, every time there's a scene with Sheldon or Amy or both I keep singing in my head "you're gonna have coitus, you're gonna have coitus..." Hehehe
  22. Bloody hell nearly fainted! Actually thought this was shamy at first! Lol
  23. Urgh, why is it always the BEST moments we always have to wait longer for?!
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