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  1. I don't know too... And worst is one of my friends is Shenny shipper... I question for her why she love Shenny and she say the opposites attract to each other and Penny and Sheldon have chemistry...(????) But the good is she accept the show....And don't stay fight with me because of it.. Different of others who really love a good fight....
  2. I'm too! I love so much TLBD, it really become my obsession in that time. Well, of all the actors who did LBD, she's the one who are going really great.... And I think she is awesome! She really didi a great Jane Bennet, and for that reason I think I love her in role as Emily! hahaha
  3. Now I can see the pictures and OMGGGGGG! I sit a little for control my emotions! This season is being so good with us! I think is funny like everybody is looking " What the hell is that?" And Bernadette is the only one who is smile in really happiness. She finally understand they love each other and it is so cute! I can't think in right way... Is just so happy I just can't think! I'm going to love this episode.
  4. I came here too late I think... But I wanna show my love for them! Well, I have to say I love this couple. They are so cute together, and Raj are in need of a girl who accept him like he is. But I'm a little partial... I'm in love with Laura Spencer, since she does The Lizzie Bennet Diaries....She was like the perfect Jane... And she are so cute in there.....okay, I need stop.
  5. Everybody is saying the favorites moments of Shamy, and the sad part I don't know which one is my favorite. I have a lot of favorite moments! But.. I think is the first one "The Lunar Excitation" is the I love most. Everything is start there.. And the look they give to each other is like " Who are you? Why you are here?"... And the Coffee shop! I love coffee shops! I think is so perfect! I want one episode who Sheldon come to Raj and Howard and thanks these two, for inscribe him in a match date site and because of the dirty sock. I will love it... But Sheldon is Sheldon... so its probably never are going to happen.
  6. I feel like I the only one who don't wanna sex. You know I wanna they make you day, but the same time I don't.....I so afraid .. They are the ship I love most, together with Darcy and Lizzie... I have very afraid what are going happen in this moment... But I think will be funny see a Sheldon in zone moment. And really I want Sheldon's think, no Amy's. I really want he dream or think in something and when he realize he became anxious and run to talk with Leonard . Or in a dream, he woke and don't understand why he dream with this...Or better he understand and avoid amy because of that... And a conversation about future and sex between both happen, because I think is really necessary. In relation of Amy's past, I tell in true. Don't listen to me, because I'm like Catherine Morland in Northanger Abbey. I'm a dreamer, and I love read, so my imagination work all the time, and with all this question marks, my mind is totally crazy. Really crazy... And I'm reading a lot of mystery in these days. I read a book last week who the main character is kidnapped because her mother pay the guy do it, because her wants daughter's money... So, dreamer here!
  7. I hate when I start speculation, because my imagination is very big....But in my opinion, Amy's father is dead by now, but he was alive when she was in her teens. I think her parents are not together at all, you know, her mother are pregnant before the wedding and all the Farrah family are against to her. It explain why Amy's family doesn't like much her, after all, Farrah family look like a traditional family. Amy's mother marriage with her father , but probably Amy's mother discovered a lot of bad things about him. I just can imagine one guy who is a kinda a monster for amy's father, you know, he punch and Amy's mother, drink a lot and yes I imagine he was involved with bad people, and maybe dead because of this life. Just a guy who was involved with drug trafficking, like this. This explain why Mrs.Fowler are so in fear of Amy's future, and why she is so protective. Explain a little why Amy don't go to be a "crazy life" and do all bad things, because she see the effect this life in her father. She was pragmatic because she has fear of people hurt her like in school and in her family... I think she probably has brothers and sisters, but not of same mother. This is my opinion... But like I say, I love imagine, and always imagine too much. But if this is the true, or almost the true, I know they are don't show it in the show... Is kinda horrible and sad, and the show is a comedy. Is impossible make comedy with this. But it let me angry... we know a lot about others, we know the life of Penny, Leonard, Raj, Howard, Bernadette and Sheldon. But Amy? She is like a question mark.
  8. Well...In case of night terrors I know a little, because I have a uncle who has it! Yes my family is a little great with strangers stuff.... But I love them, anyway. One day I go to my uncle's house and he start screaming, and walk in house.. Really, I had fourteen years, and I never see one thing like this. Really, I start to crying in fear, because he start bitten,screaming, punch and crying... Really I saw a bad scene... Next day I ask to my father, what the hell is that... And my dad say this kind of nightmare is a sequel about a tragedy in past. And my uncle saw a guy dying so...tragedy.. But searching more online, the cause for this stuff is like, unknown. So, I don't know what is in case of Amy. I know is children is common but in adults? Is a family trace? My brother is a somnambulist,too. One thing I don't like so much about the show is they don't talk about amy's life.... And everything we listen is so bad, like death, drugs in family and loneliness.. How life of Amy Farrah Fowler was? Sorry for the long speech, again. I love talk,so... Sorry.
  9. Fanfics, I'm never tired to read it. I will go read, just need a time, because I start to read a book yesterday, and Oh my god, I 'm really loving it! (I need a real life, I always live in dreamland hahaha). In relation of Amy's nightmares, I really want one episode with Sheldon helping her. Is like, we know she have this problem, and Sheldon being her boyfriend, one day he will sleep with her, and he will see her problem. I don't wanna they pass one erase on this information. I wanna see what he is going to do... It will be cute and funny. Other thing I wanna know is why Amy have this problem. You know, this problem is common with people who has a really bad childhood, a childhood like hell..... But I hate start speculation, because like I say, I live in dreamland, and in dreamland is everything possible, include the impossible.So... Don't listen to me when I do speculation, because it will be totally crazy and awful. Really, I know what I'm talking... And because of this subject I'm start to sing Beyoncé... "or a beautiful nightmare..."
  10. You write? God Lord, I'm really in the best place of the earth! hahahaha Jane Austen fans, Shamy fans... I'm thankful... really thankful for this forum. Well, can you say the name of one yours fanfctions, or send me the link for your page in Fanfiction. net? When I start read fanfiction there, I doesn't had any account, so don't comments for the amazing authors unfortunately. But now I have one account, and I'm ready for show my love for all the writers! So send me I wanna show my love for you to... hahahahaha
  11. I love Mr. Darcy. I love Pride and Prejudice. I love everything who has "Austen" in the middle. Really, I'm a janeite. I loved if everybody here could see me watching the episode who Sheldon reads Pride and Prejudice. I was like: " OMG OMG SHELDON READS MY BELOVED BABY! HE READ!" And next " AMY LIKES JANE AUSTEN I THINK I'M GOING TO DIE! IS THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE" Hahahaha My brother look at me with a face like " She is not my sister" hahahahahaha
  12. Ownnn ! Thanks ! In relation of "hating", I think everyone are going to hating me because a lot of people in my school doesn't like me because I'm kinda of weird...I don't know, sometimes I say something and start think everybody are going to look at me or my post and think something like " She is crazy, because what she says make no sense!" or " She is so stupid, why she is here?" My life is not cool in school, but in the others aspects is amazing.. I just don't wanna more "Haters of Dreger", and for god sake, not here. I love here, and people hating me here will be my death. But forget my speech, I talk too much.
  13. Hi guys! I know I almost never say something here, but I love come here and read your comments. My problem is I always think everybody are gonna hate me, lol. I can't do nothing, my "dear" classmates help in this. Well, but I have to say I don't celebrate thanksgiving, but I think is a cool holiday, and I have a lot of things I'm grateful. I'm grateful by my life, my parents and for all my ships. In all the TV series I watch, my dear ships are going great,and of course Shamy is the best on all of them. The ILY, Sheldon saying he cares about Amy... In these days I'm watching the first episode of Shamy, "The Lunar excitation" and really, I cried.Is so beautiful see when this love start... Is just amazing! I love shamy, for ever single thing they do and did for me. The friends I met, increased of passion for love and life... I just love all this. And I love all girls here, because I always come and see how much I agree with everybody and the news perpectives you gave to me. Really, I'm grateful for god gave-me the opportunity to born and see how this life is amazing.
  14. I see the talk about when Shamy falling in love and I really don't know what think about it. Really, when I start watching the show this is in the five season, but I watched first all the others seasons and I really became a fan. I learn love all the characters, and mostly Sheldon and Raj. So I think my love for Shamy are growing up with their love, if it makes sense. So, when Amy came in season three, I liked her, but not very much. In season four, I think she is a great girl, but she is better being Sheldon's friend. In season five I love Shamy a lot, and think she and Sheldon make a great couple. In the end of season six, I realize who much i shipp them. In end of season six I became a really shipper Shamy. I star reading fanfics, see fanarts.... Things like that... So, I think is in the season six both are start to really fall in love. But, its like Mr Darcy says in Pride and Prejudice. When you fall in love, you don't realize when you fall. You are in the middle when you realize it start, so is the same for them. We can't talk when they fall in love, because it is confused... They can realize about the love now or before .They can be in love for ages and just see it now, or don't... I think is one of the beauty things about love. We can't say when start, you just can accept it and do your better. Good Lord, I love think about love... Is one amazing thing! I think it is confuse, but I do my best for comment something with some sense.... I hope who are reading it understand what I'm talking...
  15. I'm can't talk here anymore, because I'm screaming all these days... I can't... Is Sunday, but I'm still in zone.... I don't know what talk... I just crying for all these days! I'M SOOOO HAPPY! And yes, I read all pages here...And I don't know why this picture have my attention...Have a shamy picture there?I think is jiab who post it here...
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