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  1. Hi guys, me and husband are eating at Big Boy, coming there for 3.30, tickets guaranteed (no stand by). Will that be fine to get in? We come from Italy!!! We are in honeymoon and we will have t-shirts with a Star Wars quote on them
  2. I'm so...OMG. This episode was just amazing.
  3. Thank you for the welcome! I'm so glad to become part of this community, I've been waiting too long to reister, actually! =)
  4. Hello everybody! My name's Rossella and I've been following the forum for a while. I subscribed today because my husband-to-be and I managed to get tickets to come and see the show on 11/18! I'm so excited! We're getting married in 20 days and for our honeymoon we're getting to California. So when I asked him to try and get the tickets he made my day and eventually got them! I'm a recent fan of TBBT: I've been watching the show for a few months but I fell in love at once. And I'm so glad that I'm going to have the chance to see the tapings. I live in Italy, my real name is Rossella and I'm 27. In my spare time I love watching tv shows (mostly sit-coms) and writing fanfiction. I work @ the University of Milan-Bicocca as an administrative, my office is inside the Department of Sociology. I love cats and Italian football (you probably call it soccer) and I ADORE sciences! Well, I'm very pleased to meet you all! Roxy
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