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  1. https://instagram.com/p/6nkkFMOWVu/?taken-by=normancook Lovely IG post from Kaley. I think her work with animals is beautiful.
  2. That is one of the reasons I like being spoiled beforehand. For one thing I still like to read my favorite stories in text form. For another I like to know if something is going to be shocking or ridiculous or upsetting. If I know ahead of time I can read a good book instead and not be shocked into being upset all night and it will be a much more enjoyable evening.
  3. After reading the last few pages of the forum I am now absolutely convinced that a lot of forum posters have better ideas than the writers do. There are better jokes and better comedy plots on these threads than we have gotten on the actual show. Some have even thought this out much further ahead. I don't think the actual writing team has thought this deeply about the psychology of the characters or what their scenes mean. I am convinced they are just thinking "This will get some ratings heck yeah!"
  4. I agree that The Kiss sounds more funny than disturbing. Because of the circumstances I don't think it will be unpleasant at all. I know I will cave in and watch that part even though I don't plan on watching the first episode this season (which really does sound unpleasant to me.) For me the problem is not so much that I find Shamy's argument upsetting. The problem is that I find it uninteresting and that is far worse. It is doubly disappointing since there was so much other material to choose from and so much comedy and conflict and sweetness in the story without all this stuff.
  5. I don't know what the correct pronunciation of "lever" is but in Texas this is absolutely the correct pronunciation of "bowl": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICxoOMsCK4o
  6. Yesterday I went to work out with a friend who does not watch TBBT. Her gym has these really cool treadmills with TVs in them. While we were working out Locomotion came on. Right when Sheldon kissed Amy she said "Awww that is really sweet. I bet they are off to do the dirty now!" I died laughing and decided that is how the story ended for me. There was the perfect ending right there! P.S. I apologize for the quote bars but I can't get rid of them!
  7. OT but true: In our ER we saw so many of these "accidents" that we actually had a special drawer for all the stuff that got pulled out. Any time someone said "special drawer" we all knew exactly what that meant! Anyway carry on........
  8. I just found this on Youtube and think it is wonderful:)
  9. On the other hand the later seasons of That 70s Show also had constantly contrived plots to keep Eric and Donna from finally ending up together and to keep them in a constant argument about things that happened two seasons before. It also used the same contrived plots to stir up conflict and cliffhangers in the Jackie/Hyde and Jackie/Kelso relationships. Considering how closely TBBT seems to be following the exact same course I would actually be worried!
  10. It is also one of my favorite books!
  11. THIS! I would like to add that there seems to be a double standard that I don't quite get. Amy is portrayed as a person who is lacking in self-esteem because of the way she has always been treated by others and desperately needs to develop a sense of self-worth. This is a point the writers are correct on. Why then are these same qualities (pride, self-love, ambition etc) always portrayed as character flaws in Sheldon?
  12. At this point does anyone else think that maybe the show's haters and detractors might have a point? That maybe the writers DO secretly hate these characters and DID create them for the purpose of breaking them down and making fun of them? Fans have always assumed that the humor is meant to be affectionate and that the ultimate message is meant to be positive even if there are a few bumps along the way. But that is not what I am getting from the recent taping reports or the overall direction of the show. The message I am getting loud and clear from the writing is that these characters are wrong for being who they are and will not achieve their happy ending until they change enough to become more socially and romantically acceptable. So even if it does "all work out" in the end it will still end up being a letdown of epic proportions because these will NOT be the characters we love. That is why I don't think people are just threatening to drop the show because they dislike one episode. I think a lot of us really mean it! I feel very badly right now for both Lenny and Shamy fans. Ouch on both counts! Both relationships turned ugly and mean-spirited very fast. Here are some positives: 1. Those of us who write may have lost an excuse for vegging out in front of the TV for another half hour a week. We now have that much more time on our hands to work on a better story of our own! 2. Fans of other shows can now move on and forget any mistakes we feel were made on our past favorites. There is now proof it could have been MUCH worse! 3. The cast of TBBT have made it regardless of what happens for the rest of the series. We know that they will do a great job with whatever material the writers give them and maybe now there will be awards since they can compete in the same drama-soap-comedy category with shows like Orange is The New Black. Even after the show ends or we stop watching we know we will get to watch them in other things!
  13. I would pick Jim too! I would also vote for Johnny if voting for more than one person was an option. I just love the energy that both of them have and they seem like very nice and sincere people.
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