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  1. I love everything about this episode! shamy and fun with flags has always been one of my favorite things. I love how adorable they are and the bickering over Amy forgetting to press record aha. like an old married couple already! I even love how it SEEMS like Sheldon and Kripke are getting on (I got that impression, I may be wrong) Sheldon seems to be maturing so much this season, despite some silly lines about Nazis anyway. The shamy front is strong
  2. well I have no idea what happened in the chat and I don't know whose involved. I lasted about a minute and left, because I can't keep up usually but I will say that no one should be ungrateful to any one for doing a report. it seems like a stressful job, even if the experience is fun. We should be glad we got such an awesome report from michy and everyone who went. that's my two pence anyway
  3. I honestly don't understand what kind of pleasure people get from telling her she's ruined the big bang theory since she joined. Clearly Mayim's mission was to make Amy some nasty woman who changed vintage Sheldon into a human with feelings...(I can't attach photos, but imagine Leonard with a sarcasm sign). I feel bad that she seems to get so much hate from certain fans of the show... mind you, all the hate I read generally comes from people who loath the show now! Anyways, I love Mayim and I wouldn't enjoy bbt as much without Amy, so she should ignore them OR direct them to Bill. uhhh rant over On a side note, I can't wait to read her kveller post about prom
  4. As much as I would llove to see Amy's reaction if kripke asked her about rocket's, I don't think the writers would go there! I wish they would, even if Amy's okay with it, Sheldon would have to explain himself and that would be funny.
  5. oh no, I don't think he was in love when he got zazzles.. he probably had no idea why he missed her so much or why he cared but I think his feelings have been bubbling up for a long time.. and boy did it feel like a long time ha but he looooovvveeessssss heerrr now! Nothing can rain on our shamy parade and I've seen/ read alot of people trying! But hey, Sheldon loves Amy. not fanfic, not a delusion, a fact.
  6. I don't think Kripke has anything to do with Sheldon and fun with flags so he's involved at cal-tech ... it could be tenure but I don't know if they would revisit that yet.. or its some kind if breakthrough... but don't they tend to stick to what's actually going on in science? what is going onin science lately?
  7. In my head, Sheldon was always the one who fell in love with Amy first. Zazzles was just the start of it but he fell hard in the end! I wonder how zazzles is these days
  8. It would be nice to have an engagement party for Leonard and Penny. I'd like to see them celebrate getting married. Maybe they'll combine that with a second storyline about a scientific achievement (not going to lie, I don't know enough about dark matter/physics/ science in general to know what that could be big bang taught me most of what I do know) but I guess we shall find out soon! Is it taping night tomorrow?
  9. Because they don't want one? I don't know. I think its clear now that Sheldon has urges
  10. After prom, I think the chance if coitus happening alot sooner than we thought is extremely possible and that excites me... so long as it isn't rushed or TOO soon, but the writers always get their milestone moment s perfect and I can't see the one they've dragged out the most not being perfect. Now, I have to watch the I love you for the 100th time on YouTube, because Amy's "you said it" makes me tear up each time he tells her.
  11. I'm late I know, but all I can say is. OHHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. In a Janice from friends voice. It was so perfect.. I'll try and form a proper post later, but HE LOVES HER.
  12. I know I'm late to join in, but I was up till 2 am watching it and had to be out at 7am, so I'm knackered, but I dont care and I dont care because Prom was PERFECTION! I loved every single part of it. From start to finish. First of all, Bernadette was funny last night, 'I like bippity bobity boo' I like Emily, and I hope they keep her around for a while, because she seems to except Raj for who he is, and vice versa I think the Howard and Stuart story is still funny, but I kinda hope they resolve it soon. Leonard and Penny, were so cute together. They aren't my OTP but I really loved their relationship last night. Now, Shamy.... Oh shamy ..... I can't use enough words to describe how perfect that I love you was. Best Episode Ever.
  13. Dont they have a mini hiatus at some point? or maybe I just made that up.. if so lets pretend I never asked
  14. the next one has kripke in it, so I'm excited!
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