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  1. Just saw this on Tumblr dont know if it is already known about because i haven't been regularly posting to this forum lately
  2. I think Max Adler looks almost exactly like what i had pictured George to look like so maybe it is him
  3. Is it online yet? Link Please if anyone has one PROMOOO!!
  4. She saw him cry in the cooper kripke inversion when Sheldon was upset about his work not being satisfactory and then she comforted him but yeah i agree with your point she was quite shocked and probably didnt want to make him run off and something sheldon-y like that
  5. You want to scream? im pretty sure everyone does scream hahaha
  6. The promo is so adorable "I will literally race you to the car" Gotta love Amy!
  7. Happy New Year!!! Guys 2014 has been awesome, especially the fact i found this forum and all of you shamies! Now i'm ready to have more shamy development in 2015 and fangirl about it all over here and on tumblr. So again, Happy New Year and i hope it will be good for all of you!
  8. I always thought if I were ever enslaved, it would be by an advanced species from another planet, Not some hotsy-totsy from Glendale - Sheldon Cooper about Amy Farrah Fowler

  9. Hey Shamies Happy Holidays and late Merry Christmas! I have had no internet forthe past couple of days but i have it back now so yay
  10. I would to see another AIK since they are more comfortable now
  11. Thank you guys for the birthday wishes and i thought you said i have found season 10 for 4 dollars! Haha. Just done a whole load of travelling for ages to get to sweden for christmas
  12. Thanks Guys, I really appreciate it!!
  13. Hey guys i just wanted to let you know that IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
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