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  1. I think I would have preferred if Leonard and Amy had - for real - done the experiment (though without the four minutes of staring being on screen...that sounds horribly awkward) and we had gotten to see Sheldon being nervous about it, lol. Oh well. I'm not upset about this one per se, but the non-Howardette parts sound extremely meh. Excited to see Emily back though. And if they include the "french toast" line - that's just adorable. <3
  2. Wait, kazzie is in Michigan? I'm in Michigan! (And definitely don't envy either of us...so cold.)
  3. I've really liked this season so far other than wanting to see more Lenny, but it's been about middle-of-the-road for me comedy-wise. There has seemed to be more focus on character development, which I've really enjoyed: Penny having a "grown-up" job and maturing, Leonard being more secure in their relationship (as shown in the BBT episode), Sheldon coming to terms with his feelings for Amy and Leonard's engagement/eventual moving out, more Raj plots that aren't relationship-centric (e.g. dealing with his parents' divorce), etc.
  4. This x10000000000000. I've also been noticing the LPSA vs. HRB split and have been bothered by it. I know that Leonard/Sheldon and Howard/Raj have been the best friend pairings since the beginning of the show, but it'd be great to see other groupings of couples/characters on a regular basis. I'm particularly interested in is the Amy/Raj friendship (I think they work great together on screen) and maybe further exploration of the Amy/Emily friendship that was established with Emily's first appearance, but really any mix besides Lenny/Shamy, Raj/Howardette, girls/guys would be a great change of pace. I agree with you about the larger purpose of the plots this season, though: I think we're being fed very deliberate set-up for 1) Leonard and Penny moving in together and 2) Sheldon and Amy having some relationship milestone (whether it be living together, coitus, or a proposal).
  5. I've been calling a sex set-up in the season finale for months. Though it may not actually be overtly referenced on-screen. I could totally see the Season 9 premier start with Sheldon and Amy waking up in bed together and surprising everyone. :D
  6. I would be so thrilled if the "troll" is a reference to The Love Spell Potential... I'd certainly love to see that private Dungeons and Dragons game become manifest, heehee.
  7. I'm still calling implied coitus for the S8 finale. But who knows at this point. What I do feel sure of is that something big is coming soon. By Shamy standards, this whole season has been moving at a whirlwind pace. I think that Sheldon now consciously realizes that he wants Amy as his permanent life partner. If it wasn't for his love of homeostasis and consternation about the lifestyle changes involved with living with her (and not living with Leonard), I suspect he would have already popped the question. There is one pre-proposal scenario I have in my mind, where Sheldon goes to Penny a few hours before he plans to propose (so as not to give her time to spill the beans to Amy) and demand that she go with him to pick out a ring. While they're gone, the guys are hanging out in 4A, and one of them needs to borrow cash. They go to Green Lantern and find him emptied out, possibly check other 'hiding' places to find the same thing, and start wildly speculating about what Sheldon could be buying.
  8. I thought this as well (at least in my head-canon, that's the reason...why else would Kripke go to a woman who he barely knows and who is dating someone he doesn't get along with?) Which could add to why Sheldon was so jealous...he might have suspected that Kripke had nefarious motives. I think Sheldon is less naive than he comes across, sometimes. Even if it's more of a gut instinct than something he consciously comprehends.
  9. Yeah, it may not sound as bad out loud as it does written. Good point. And yeah, I know he'll never see biology as a valuable science. I guess it's like what he told Wolowitz: "I never said you aren't good at what you do. It's just that what you do is not worth doing."
  10. Hahaha, okay. Yeah, I missed chat last night, so I was just trying to interpret the TR (which I only skimmed...in class right now, lol). Yeah, the Sheldon-putting-down-Amy's-work thing is old with me as well. I know it's what he does to everyone else, but Amy isn't just anyone. (I know it's written in to the show for comedic effect, but I don't find it funny.) I'd love to see him bragging about her accomplishments to their friends and coworkers. Like he did back in Season 4.
  11. For the wedding, I'm imagining some mix of geeky and traditional that is uniquely Shamy. A compromise a la "Raggedy C3PO." For the engagement, I feel like Sheldon will have an elaborate plan of some kind. I can actually imagine him trying to do something conventionally romantic but going so overboard that it totally messes up (and Amy doesn't know what's happening), then the two of them talking and him just spitting it out and her saying yes. Or something. I'm really excited about whatever happens. And it definitely feels like we're getting close!
  12. Yeah, without further info, I'm assuming this was his latest way of coping with jealousy. A stylized penile display.
  13. What on earth. I leave for a few weeks, return, read the taping report, and am really really confused. Since when does Sheldon walk around his living room naked? haha (Also, missed you folks!)
  14. Merry Christmas all! I got all seven seasons under my tree...gonna be watching a lot of Shamy love tomorrow <3
  15. I'm hoping for Jim under my tree...we'll see if Santa delivers.
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