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  1. In what way is this general chat about S8?
  2. Original Bernadette was at her darkest when sweetly mentioning testing a cross between the common cold and anthrax or such.... Actually, very dark indeed. =-O Not really current but it shows her character has always been flexible. Oh, and the episodes where Bernadette morphs into Howard's mother are genuinely hilarious.
  3. They're all good. There is no "worst". You're not true fans. :-P
  4. Not a sailor of any particular ship but some thoughts: Leonard and Sheldon are the key relationship in the show for me. The others revolve around them still, just less so than in the beginning. There have been a couple of times the writers have suggested Leonard is the key character of that relationship for me most notably with the ellipsis when Leonard goes to the North Sea...the show, literally, can't continue without him. On Penny, she starts out by wanting hunky boyfriends but in her new world it transpires that as well as being hot she is the hunk of the show - the one that'll get 'all
  5. Sad news. As ever, our thoughts to her friends and family. RIP Carol Ann...
  6. Amy is more "polymorphously perverse" really. When we first met her she been in that orgasm study, much later talked about the usefulness of her electric toothbrush. With or without reference to the others, Amy has her sexuality.
  7. And now we know about the upper and lower uvula (sp? pronunciation?) Love those scripts btw. Is there an online place to find them? [emoji2]
  8. Colon? But she touched my arm for two BLANK...
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