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  1. I officially don't like Meemaw! I could understand her rabid attack on Amy if Amy had been sleeping around behind Sheldon's back, dumped him and then they got back together. Amy broke up with Sheldon when he treated her like she was last on his list of priorities, pressured her when she asked for space, and then finally insulted her in front of their friends. If Meemaw wanted an honest answer about Amy's intentions with her almost 40 year old grandson, she could have asked in a respectful manner. Amy then would have most likely responded in like, with respectful answers. I guess that wouldn't have left room for the mean humor the writers seem to love so much, though. Speaking of mean humor, I, like No regrets, am so tired of the jokes made at Leonard's expense. I really hope he makes some kind of major achievement in science or gets tenure- or even better, both. And what the hell, Raj? There was no chemistry I could see with the hot blond at the comic store. Even if there was (seriously, I saw none), you have a long term girlfriend, you jerk! The only part I really remember laughing at was Penny. I laughed when she said she'd catch up with Leonard and even more so at her response at being asked if she had known about the ring. I really do like Shamy and am happy they're back together, but I wish we could move past it now and spend some time with the other couples.
  2. Here is what I wish would happen: Leonard and Penny would have a reception with all their friends and family, and at some point in the evening they would show the recording of their wedding in full. That way, we would finally get to see the ring exchange and their first kiss as husband and wife. They could use only first names to keep from revealing Penny's last name. Not everyone uses full names at their wedding, and considering it was a less formal Vegas wedding, it would not be unbelievable to viewers. They would obviously have to shoot additional scenes in their wedding clothes, but it would be so worth the trouble. I think even casual viewers still feel ripped off by the wedding the writers gave us. I doubt the writers would do something like this, but it would go a long way towards undoing the damage done by the disasterous mess they gave us in the premiere. I wanted a wedding I could watch and rewatch. What I got was an episode I watched twice and haven't wanted to see since. At least the vows were genuine, heartfelt and pure Lenny.
  3. I absolutely loved the slow pan from the ladies discussing superhero movies to the guys listening in the kitchen. I'm positive my face looked just like theirs in that moment. In my mind I was like, "Oh wow, it's happening again!" And Raj was right, it was beautiful while it lasted. Penny's "Leonard!" from the shower was hilarious! I don't know what to think about Emily. I find myself liking her, but I really don't want to since she disappears for such long periods of time. I laughed at her last line about not being glad (at that moment) that she and Raj had worked things out as she watched him dancing on the pole. I wish we could follow the gang's adventures in Vegas, but I doubt we'll ever hear any more about the trip.
  4. I'm so glad the Shamy drama seems to be over. Amy now knows she is a priority in Sheldon's life and they can have a balanced relationship. I don't care if they have sex only once a year, as long as Amy is happy with that and feels Sheldon loves her as much as she loves him. Although I doubt they will actually be able to abstain for an entire year! Penny's glass breaking and facial expression in that moment was priceless. IMO Kaley so often elevates whatever she has been given to do. I have to say, I loved how we kept going back and forth between the Star Wars movie and Shamy. It just worked and made me laugh. The writers wisely balanced the seriousness of Shamy with the silliness happening at the theater. My favorite bit was Wheaton messing with the guys. For some reason I enjoy him more when he's a jerk. I probably laughed the hardest when Raj said, "Leonard, I'm scared again." You'd think they'd know by now that Wheaton has a mean streak. I really hope the writers are ready to dedicate as much time to a Lenny story as the have this Shamy story. I would love a ten episode story line about Lenny, as long as it's more fun than angsty. I feel I've had enough angst to last until the end of the show.
  5. The writers are probably never going to label Sheldon for the viewers, I think we all agree on this. We will never get a scene where a stranger walks into Sheldon's office and he jumps up, points at his crotch and says, "Look everyone! I'm sexually aroused by this stranger, therefore I am experiencing primary sexual attraction!" We also won't get a scene where Sheldon sits Amy down and tells her, "I have zero sexual attraction for you, as I am an asexual, but I will go through the motions of sex because I love you and want you to be happy." Likewise, If Sheldon is sexually attracted to Amy as a demisexual, how would the writers make that clear to the viewers? When Sheldon first met Amy he seemed intrigued and kept stealing little side glances at her. You could interpret this as sexual attraction to a stranger- primary sexual attraction, or you could interpret it as him merely feeling amazed to find a person so much like himself-no sexual attraction-asexual. When Sheldon and the other guys found the child prodigy (forgot his name) making out with a girl and Sheldon commented that the kid was weak, you could imagine Sheldon experiencing temptation during puberty but rising above it and feeling superior for that reason (Sheldon as sexual), or you could say Sheldon looked down on the kid for even having sexual temptation in the first place (Sheldon as asexual). I think if your enjoyment of the show is enhanced by believing Sheldon is sexually attracted to Amy and wants sex with her for his own gratification as well as hers, then you should view it that way. If it makes you feel better to believe Sheldon is sacrificing himself and going through the motions to make Amy happy, then you should embrace that belief. So far the writers haven't spelled it out for us, so it's open to interpretation. Personally, I choose to believe Sheldon's phobias and limited socialization with peers his own age conditioned him to adopt the attitude that wanting sex made a person vulnerable/weak/primative. I like to think he turned a negative feeling about himself into a positive by convincing himself that by abstaining (and avoiding yucky germs and possible rejection), he was somehow better than all those around him giving into their animalistic urges. His phobias became assets, helping him remain above everyone else as he focused on his great intellect and was well rewarded for it. I choose to believe Sheldon is sexually attracted to Amy. Am I right in my viewpoint? No, because I don't see how there can be a right or wrong when the writers refuse to spell it out. I'll be shocked if we see Sheldon sexually frustrated because one night Amy's just not in the mood. However, even if this did happen, would he perhaps still be asexual in the demisexual category? As a sexual myself, I admit I don't know much about asexuality. I also admit I could never have sex with someone who was only doing it to please me. To care about the Shamy relationship, I need to believe Sheldon wants it too, and not just to keep Amy from running off to get it elsewhere. I love reading all the opposing viewpoints on this thread and others. I don't think very many people will read a post and change their minds, but it's still a lot of fun in my opinion. Wouldn't it be boring if we all thought alike?
  6. This is so tragic and really puts things into perspective. I don't even know you, but now I am afraid for you Arduina and CentalPerk. I hope this ends and Paris will be safe again.
  7. There were many parts for me to enjoy in this episode: Lenny being all domestic in their bathrobes and discussing breakfast in the opening. I loved Leonard's "gloat meal" and Penny saying she didn't want credit for that. They're so comfortable with each other and their banter shows it. There were a lot of references to the fact that they're now married. Penny mentions that she got rid of her tall shoes after she married Leonard. Penny tells Leonard, "This is a movie your wife doesn't want you to see." Also, when Bernardette asks why Penny brought Leonard, Penny replies, "I had to; we're married now." I don't remember if there are more, but those are the ones that come to mind at this moment. I wonder if the writers will ever regret not giving Lenny the big wedding? I wish we could get a reception with family and friends, but I doubt that will happen. Dave was great- what more could I add? Sheldon's date was absolutely perfect, but of course he found something wrong with her. It was interesting that in Sheldon's list of necessary girlfriend qualities he included "...unable to imagine life without me..." Weeks before the breakup he was imagining a life without Amy on Mars. Did he learn from that tiff that it's important to visualize your future with your significant other, or were the writers just putting in another funny line? Or both? I don't know. I wouldn't have minded seeing Sheldon go on a date with Vanessa, if only to see her reactions to him. Would she play groupie to Sheldon's scientific rockstar (as Dave called him)? Would she have become increasingly disinchanted as the date went on? Would she be too worshipful and creep Sheldon out? Would Sheldon have kissed her goodnight, or would he have shook her hand? It could have been funny like Amy's date, but maybe the writers wanted to make it clear that Sheldon isn't as ready to date as he says he is. I'm looking forward to the next episode. The Leonard scene looks like it's going to be unforgettable!
  8. I'm absolutely ready for Leonard and Penny now getting their much deserved alone time as a married couple. Come on writers, deliver us a juicy and fun Lenny plotline!
  9. The most infuriating aspect of this storyline is that an honest conversation on their anniversary could have prevented the whole mess. At every step along the way, simple communication could have turned everything around. I hope we either witness a true exchange about past mistakes and future plans, or at least learn somehow that they have had such a discussion.
  10. Kazzie, Thanks so much for the detailed report! I really hope people wont pester anyone from the show or post this info elsewhere. You're a great writer and your report was a fun read. I look forward to your future summaries if you go to more tapings!
  11. About Amy dating Dave again: In the previous taping report we learn that Sheldon has made it clear to Amy that he is no longer an option as a boyfriend. I can't remember if Amy has ever said she wants children, but we do know she wants to get married and have a regular sex life. In the premiere, Sheldon reminded her that she isn't getting any younger and she stated in the last season eight episode that after five years all she got from Sheldon was a distracted make out. The "distracted" part addresses how she wasn't a priority in his mind, and the "make out" part addresses their limited physical relationship. I think once Amy knew Sheldon closed the door with his friends only statement (he didn't say friends for now, or let's be friends while I sort out my feelings), she decided to make the relationship she dreams of her goal. I don't think it mattered if it was Dave or someone else. I think her dating Dave again was a mechanical, unemotional reaction to the perceived permanent loss of Sheldon as her romantic option.
  12. I am really happy Sheldon and Amy are back together, but I'd like to know if there was any story for Lenny? The whole episode couldn't have been completely about Shamy with no scenes involving the others. Will spoilers about Lenny and the rest of the cast be posted later maybe?
  13. I'm surprised I laughed so much during this episode. The scene with Howard and his father-in-law under the house was my favorite. I also loved seeing Leonard and Penny totally in sync. I only hope the writers let them be happily married and don't try to take them down the same path they took Sheldon and Amy. Sheldon seeing Amy kiss Dave was awful and made my stomach churn for a moment. Talk about cheap soap opera tropes! Effective though. Next week we'll see Sheldon actively moving on as well. I hope at least some fans are enjoying the Shamy drama, since it seems most of us here aren't.
  14. I would love to stay and chat, but I have an interview for a second job tomorrow and need to rest up. I think most of us want the same thing, but envision different scenarios for how it might come about. In the end, the writers will tell the story they want to tell and we will accept it or stop watching. Right now I'm still watching.
  15. 2L344: I, and countless others, have wanted an honest dialog between the two since the beginning. The writers, however, don't seem to want to go there yet, so we're working with what they've given us. Honestly, a serious talk on their anniversary would have prevented all of this mess. You stated, "...Sheldon knows (now) that Amy wants him back, she told him so." I just don't understand what more Amy should do at this point? Why is it all on Amy's shoulders to pursue, nurture and grow this relationship? In my opinion, the ball is now in Sheldon's court. It's his decision whether or not to act on Amy's suggestion to get back together or not.
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