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  1. I would love to see some changes in Sheldon, small changes That Sheldon always order DIET coke when it is well known to contain aspartame which has been claimed to be bad for the brain. And a new favorite number. Instead of his favorite number 73, he should in an episode change his favorite to 137. The value of the fine-structure constant. The strength of the electromagnetic interaction between elementary charged particles. It is a dimensionless quantity, which shortly means that in any set of units It's value will still be approximately 137. This number further means that if we ever made contact with extra terrestial life (intelligent), 137/the fine-structure constant would be the ONLY thing, we would know with 100% certainty, that they could understand. Since it would be the same in their 'universe' Loooove the big bang theory. Sheldon is like a younger version of my grandad, though my grandads social skills are worse. Nothing more funny than comparing those two Let me know what u think. And if the ideas has been posted before. Thanks
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