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  1. Well, that's actually the first plausible explanation I've seen. I sometimes wonder if it's not just the Lenny fans the showrunners and writers resent. Maybe KC's depth of acting, charisma and sheer projected sex appeal just made Lenny the outstanding long story arc really against the showrunners and writers' will, and that's why they like to denigrate Penny and promote the no-charisma, no-sex appeal (and no inner life) Amy over her.
  2. I'd like to see a Lenny spinoff, but only if they move to a new and different place with a somewhat new way of life to get used to. And above all no more Shamy in the show.
  3. I think what you say about men is quite right. Groups based on a common interest tend to be totally accepting of anyone who shares that interest, regardless of personality or any other factors. Remember the ep where A got S to go on a "romantic" trip with B & H because it was on a heritage train (thru the Ca wine country). Sheldon's behaviour in going off with the train buff was generally regarded as bad behaviour, but I thought it was rather touching: the highly intelligent physicist bonding with the brain-damaged guy thru a shared love of trains. That, incidentally, is why A's loneliness before she met the group is unrealistic: she could surely have found a group of Chaucer enthusiasts where her ability to recite The Miller's Tale in the original would have guaranteed she'd be welcome regardless of anything else about her. I don't agree with the second part, about the women. In fact P & B were friends (thru the CF) before A showed up. Penny was already friends with the men before she met either B or A. And I really disliked the assumption that P & B had to accept A simply and solely because her (sort of) SO was a friend of their SOs.
  4. Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and in my opinion this is a completely ridiculous opinion. KC has real star quality that lights up every scene she's in. Not Katherine Hepburn, more like Goldie Hawn. Comic/ light romantic. I've thought for several seasons that TBBT should have ended and KC should have been starring in films. Penny has perhaps the greatest depth of any character. Just watch the scene where L tells P that he can't see her any more because it upsets Priya: KC puts so much into "Goodbye, Leonard". The Lenny love story is the only sitcom romance I've ever cared about. It wasn't what I was looking for when I started watching TBBT but KC's performance was compelling. I probably wouldn't still be watching, and certainly wouldn't have bothered to join this forumif it weren't for Lenny. One for whom "perfectly adequate sitcom actress" is a perfectly adequate assessment is MB. Obviously a first-class supporting actor with the skills of delivery, timing and movement to be expected, but nothing more. No charisma, no depth of characterisation. She was fine as long as Amy and Sheldon's relationship was a joke - it was sometimes very funny - but since the writers tried to turn into a real relationship MB has utterly failed as a romantic heroine - which is very different from the role she was hired for. I've never believed in Amy as a person, and perhaps that's just as well. If Amy were a "real" character like Penny is, her backstory of childhood loneliness would be heartbreaking; as it is it's just absurd.
  5. But Sheldon has been a good friend to both sometimes and is in a strange way loveable. What strikes me as unrealistic is how they tolerate Amy, who is totally unrewarding. This is particularly true of Penny, and of course Bernadette also tolerates A. This goes beyond admirable tolerance IMO and makes P & B look like idiots in that respect. And then B & H tolerate Raj almost unconditionally. So we have 4 tolerators and 3 toleratees.
  6. Well it certainly deserves to. So why don't the programme makers increase quality AND viewership by More P&L Less A&S.
  7. How lovely for you. It's a wet afternoon in London.
  8. JohnPhD

    Kaley Cuoco

    Something I've wondered about: some seasons ago in the ep with the Raj or Cinnamon game, Emily complained that Raj's kiss had left a dog hair in her mouth (from his kissing Cinnamon). Did the rest of the cast perhaps look at KC at that point in the read-thru?
  9. JohnPhD

    Ideas for the last Episode and the END!

    How about this for a twist on your suggestion: We go back to when L met P, then a bit later P tells L that her screenplay (about a girl from Lincoln, Nebraska trying to make it in Hollywood) has been taken up as a pilot for a TV series - to be called "The Big Bang Theory"?
  10. JohnPhD

    What is the worst ever episode of Big Bang Theory?

    I suspect we haven't seen the worst-ever episode yet. But if so it will be a Shamy-centric ep, and so must the worst so far be. I mean after the writers began trying to make S & A a romantic couple - they were funny as long as S kept A frustrated. (But having said that, my most hated single scene is Amy dressing as a schoolgirl to try to seduce innocent Sheldon - really disgusting). Hard to pick an overall anti-favourite, but the Shamy wedding 11.24 is a runner because it also introduced the ludicrous "Super Asymmetry" storyline. The only redemming feature was Penny keeping the guests in order. I also particularly hated the ep in which Sheldon created a relationship agreement for L & P at L's request. This is a pretty hotly-contested title, IMO.
  11. These preview pics of Penny seducing Leonard in blue underwear are charming, but let's remember that Penny's great sex appeal comes mainly from KC's acting, not just from flashing the flesh (altho there's nothing wrong with that).
  12. JohnPhD

    What is the best ever episode of the Big Bang Theory?

    Yes, Penny and Sheldon always had great chemistry, and bexcause of Sheldon's usual hostile or disdainful manner his occasional shows of affection to P were very effective. But for S & P eps maybe the Adhesive Duck Deficiency (where Penny fell in the shower and Sheldon drove her to the ER) was even better.
  13. JohnPhD

    What is the worst ever episode of Big Bang Theory?

    And the events of 4.24 made Raj being allowed to live with Lenny in 10.19 completely wrong.
  14. We were discussing earlier whether Penny should be shown pregnant, or wanting a child, but what I really want to see is Lenny's communication problems resolved. Altho they are by far the most believable loving couple there still seems to be something constraining them from sharing their deepest feelings. I would like the main long story for the remaining eps be the Hofstadters going all the way emotionally. KC and JG are, I believe, capable of that depth of acting. And, dear Sitcom Fairy, I wish the last ep of all should be Penny's birthday.
  15. Exactly how I feel. I keep telling myself there is no hope, but sometimes they trick me still.

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