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  1. Those who have any capacity for being angry and upset left after the way Lenny have been treated forso many seasons now.
  2. I haven't seen the sperm donor ep, but I wonder if it first occurred to the writers & showrunner as just a nice reference back to the very first scene of the whole series, and then sort of took on a life of its own ?
  3. The level of maths at which physicists like Sheldon is supposed to be operate is just outside a neuroscientist like Amy's comprehension. She would have no reason to learn that stuff and no time to do so and still keep up in her own field. There are those who believe that every field of knowledge can be made mathematical, but they're just wrong.
  4. I'm not sure if this should go here (as it refers to S12) or in non-season 12 (as it also refers to S5). No doubt the moderators will move it if this is wrong. Yet another example of how the show has degenerated struck me. In 512 the Vacation Solution, Sheldon thought he could spend his time off working in Amy's lab doing neuroscience. This was shown as a ridiculous idea, and Amy rightly derided his presumptuousness. Yet now in S12 (actually starting 1124) we have the equally ridiculous idea that Amy can make a contribution to theoretical physics, and this is welcomed by Sheldon and made a storyline. Obviously this is a device to get even more Shamy screentime, but it's a big drop-off in integrity from 512, and accepts the uninformed idea of generic "scientists". Does anyone know how much churn there's been in the writers over the whole series? Surely what we've been getting the last few seasons can't be written by the same team who created the series.
  5. Well, I was thinking of of the more restrained, elegant appeal of Penny in more formal black clothes. But now you mention it, Penny wore one of her most sensational little black dresses to the memorial meeting for Professor Tupperman, whose death created a tenured vacancy. So either way, more deaths please.
  6. JohnPhD

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    It may have been a "hook-up" in TBBT-world (where campus rape was a suitable subject for a joke) but in real-world terms it was attempted rape.
  7. Another good reason why certain characters should be killed off. I think we first saw Penny looking irresistable in black at Professor Proton's funeral.
  8. Given the premise that the absurd "Super-Asymmetry" Shamy have cooked up gets knocked on the head, it was very badly done. Instead of L doing their s**work (why would he?) and telling them privately, it would have been much better if they'd announced their theory at a seminar at Caltech where Kripke, already aware of the Russian paper, publicly demolished them (which they deserve for not doing a proper literature search beforehand, as well as for being who they are). They could have been so discredited that even Bert wouldn't speak to Amy. This storyline shows how Sheldon has been softened to nothing: classic Sheldon, as soon as the theory was debunked, would have blamed Amy for it, with sarcastic remarks about a life-scientist trying to do physics. Totally unfair, of course, but what's the point of a fair Sheldon? The ep, or L's hair?
  9. I thought this ep was as bad as Leonard's hair, which looked like a really unconvincing wig.
  10. Yes they have great chemistry still but my complaint is that they're not treated as the romantic leads anymore. Instead a couple with zero chemistry is foregrounded.
  11. I wasn't thinking so much of the pester-power of fans, but that in the early seasons maybe the programme-makers had the sense to see what a great thing they had in KC & JG and to run with it. Later they must have lost that sense, of course.
  12. Yes I meant maybe TBBT can let us know they are having sex without having to show them in bed together. Most TV programmes and films can manage that.
  13. Funny, but also OOC for both of them. Mrs F was a bracingly obnoxious character and already they've softened her. And S telling A he wanted to bond with her parents because he loved her was just puke. Uxorious Sheldon is another, far less amusing, character of the same name. Penny has been made unbelievably passive. When L & P were having a fairly intense discussion and Amy barged in with her own complaints, why couldn't P just say "Not now, Amy" as any normal person would? And I don't like that she's so unaware that she doesn't realise that when Raj tried to have sex with her when she was too drunk to consent, that was attempted rape. IMO when Raj phoned her from the hotel she should have reminded him of his premature ejaculation on that occasion. That should have set him up nicely for the night. On the positive side, apparently we're going to know R & Anu are a couple without seeing them in bed together.
  14. I wonder if it was planned like that from the beginning, or if romance wasn't intended to be major in the show but KC's wonderful acting and her and JG's great chemistry convinced the programme makers to make Lenny a major and continuing story. Anyway, they should have kept it in the foreground to the end.
  15. Apparently Valentine's is quite a thing with a certain class of Indians and the Hindu hardliners in charge now don't like it. The Howard and Larry stuff was only funny if you were aware cof Penn and Teller. I don't think TBBT usually mixes the story and RL like that.

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