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  1. 1102 - The Retraction Reaction (October 2)

    Glad to have Mrs Davis back. I thought her scene with L was the best. I thought Penny should have got in there more when Leonard went all deflated.
  2. 1101 - The Proposal Proposal (September 25)

    That's another issue, that previous references to Amy's past always implied she was brought up by her mother alone, but it would still be as absurd if father Fowler had been part of A's backstory.
  3. 1101 - The Proposal Proposal (September 25)

    So here we are again, another season opener, fresh disappointments to look forward to. I thought I'd got my expectations down to about zero this time so I couldn't be disappointed. Most of the episode given over to dreary Shamy stuff - just as I expected. The most romantic couple, Penny and Leonard, reduced to spectators of the other 2 couples' developments - just as I expected. Sheldon given such mawkish dialogue that even the great JP can't give it conviction - just as I expected. Ramona, an accomplished scientist, an athlete, attractive and confident, reduced to lonely misery because she didn't get Sheldon, and patronised by Amy - I didn't see that coming but within my general expectations. But they still managed to be worse than I could have imagined within the first couple of minutes. All the characters agree that a man wishing to marry a 40-year-old woman, who lived independently for many years before moving in with him, needs to get her father's permission before proposing? W. T. A. F. ???????
  4. [Spoilers] The "Dark" Lenny Thread: Season 11

    I meant to say that whereas in Penny's story Leonard's peeing himself had a reason and fitted into the story, (which remember was Penny's response to Leonard's boasting he could have "picked her up" at the CF), in Leonard's Penny and Zack peeing themselves was arbitrarily tacked on without justification. The magic beans bit was good, though.
  5. [Spoilers] The "Dark" Lenny Thread: Season 11

    The c711 example was a bit different in that Leonard'[s story was rather nastier (and cruder) than Penny's.
  6. Penny

    We could speculate about what's supposed to have caused Stuart's deterioration, but I nguess the writers just thought he'd be funnier as a loser. I don't think this is a change in Penny, just Stuart's different now.
  7. [Spoilers] The "Dark" Lenny Thread: Season 11

    I hate to see Amy in Penny's place. Shamy scenes are like an insulting parody of Lenny scenes. Amy should move back to her own apartment. What was the earliest occurrence of really unpleasant comments between L&P when they bere a couple? I just noticed that in 711 the Cooper Extraction the stories P & L told about what the other's life would have been without Sheldon were really quite nasty. A warning of things to come?
  8. [Spoilers] The "Dark" Lenny Thread: Season 11

    I missed the double-entendre over several watchings of that ep. Damn.
  9. New Episode Ideas?

    That should happen to Raj.
  10. I thought the Catholic Schoolgirl scene was utterly disgusting and should never have been shown.
  11. In Memory of The Leonard and Penny Saga.

    I think those who say FWF was a "shared interest" for S&A have missed the point of FWF - it's deliberately not the slightest bit interesting to anyone but S; even A couldn't possibly be interested. That is the joke of FWF - elaborate expositions, sometimes with costumes, of utterly un interesting info. I'm not sure how you'd classify that sort of joke - Dada perhaps?
  12. [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 11

    Or maybe she's realised that if you buy all your sheets the same it's easy to find a matching set.
  13. In Memory of The Leonard and Penny Saga.

    I don't think common interests have the same significance re Lenny and Shamy. The writers have made it an issue for Lenny. For Shamy they just invent common interests because they think they are funny in themselves. They're not relevant to the relationship really. And they don't have ones they could have eg Sheldon could learn Middle English without much difficulty and share Amy's interest in Chaucer, but there are presumably no laughs there.
  14. In Memory of The Leonard and Penny Saga.

    It's not Sheldon that's displaced Lenny, it's Shamy. As you say, Sheldon was always there, and Penny and Leonard have built their relationship more or less in front of him. He was present at their first meeting and many other key moments, and he's always been a part of their situation that they've had to deal with. That's often brought them closer. In fact, when posters ask what activities apart from sex have Lenny had in common, the answer is staring us in the face: dealing with Sheldon.
  15. In Memory of The Leonard and Penny Saga.

    The point wasn't so much to be about "what good SF is" as to have Penny culturally one-up on Leonard for once. But SF seems convenient because it's already frequently mentioned and L has so far always been the one to tell P. It should gradually dawn on L that P now knows more than he does about something he introduced her to. Thinking about it a bit more, Penny getting deeply into SF would go nicely in a story with Leonard practising some sport or outdoor activity and surprising Penny with how good he is. Which sadly reminds me what a long time it is since we've seen Leonard striving to improve his performance at a (usually) indoor physical activity.
  16. [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    I've been watching sitcoms for a very long time, but I never knew the expression to ship until I came across this forum. Not very long ago a young relative studying Wuthering Heights told me that she really shipped Cathcliff and I knew what she meant, so that's good. I've never shipped another sitcom couple before and generally I'm an anti-shipper. But the way Penny fell in love with Leonard won me over. KC made me a shipper against my will.
  17. Season 10-11 Hiatus Thread

    If we assume a minimal consistency will be maintained, Sheldon is not going to be pulled away from Amy by another woman who's more attractive and more charming. It's a necessary condition of Sheldon's being with Amy that he doesn't care about those things. So can Amy be confident that she's got Sheldon in her grip forever? Not necessarily IMO. There are a couple of past incidents that suggest what could happen, altho' I don't think they were intended to do that. In one ep Raj fell inlove with Siri, the voice of his smartphone. In another Amy said something like "Some people consider the brain the sexiest organ". Suppose Sheldon encounters a smarter-than-human artificial intelligence that's been given a feminine interface? It would be consistent with what we know about Sheldon for him to drop Amy and renew and redouble his efforts to cyberize (cyberfy?) himself in order to unite with this superior intelligence. For Sheldon to go to another woman would be OOC. For him to fall for a cyber-being would be a return to his true self.
  18. In Memory of The Leonard and Penny Saga.

    I've thought for a long time that it would be rather neat if Penny were to get into SF and move on to some rather more grown-up stuff than the space opera that appears to be all Leonard likes, and try to raise Leonard's taste a bit. I mean stuff like Brave New World, A Clockwork Orange and the astonishingly prophetic The Space Merchants by Pohl and Kornbluth. And of course there's that dystopian story by that Canadian woman that's been dramatised as a serial and is showing in the UK on the main channel of the company that shows TBBT on one of its secondary channels. I'd like to see Penny trying to explain to Leonard why there's more to SF than Star Trek/Wars But then I'd like to see Penny doing almost anything beyond what she gets these days.
  19. In Memory of The Leonard and Penny Saga.

    That's very true. The only other character who could possibly be considered a mature adult is Bernadette. What you point out raises the question of would Lenny having a baby of their own look like a substitute for Sheldon who's finally left the nest? I never meant to suggest they couldn't be parents, just that I don't see it as the right storyline for them. I can well imagine KC paying a slightly ditzy and harrassed new young mother, but not as Penny.
  20. In Memory of The Leonard and Penny Saga.

    Or due to the wonderful acting of KC and JG.
  21. In Memory of The Leonard and Penny Saga.

    Well, we seem to have learnt that it's not just Molaro to blame for the destruction of the beauty that was Lenny, Lorre himself is to blame. I don't think they need a baby, in fact that would be another example of the writers ruining the show by forgetting that they created the 3 couples quite differently in the first place. Lenny were created as the only truly romantic couple, and Penny is the only possible romantic heroine. By trying to put Shamy/Amy in those roles at this stage they have created a grotesque parody of what they first created. Similarly Bernadette and Howard are the only truly domestic couple and fully satisfy the requirement for a parenthood story. Copying it with P & L would just look silly. If the writers can't think of anything for Lenny to do after marriage except have children the whole series should haver terminated when the got married, or even when they got engaged. Obviously a couple like Lenny can be expected to have children eventually but we don't need to see it. TBBT isn't going to be a multi-generational saga that will outlive us all, is it?
  22. Chit Chat: Season 11

    So you're over here too. I was going to ask what beer you had in mind, but then I realised that could get seriously OT.
  23. [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    Me too. I used to love Friends but I never gave a damn about R&R as a couple.
  24. Season 10-11 Hiatus Thread

    This mentions at least 2 examples of what seems to be the usual thing in TBBT - characters don't tell other characters things they need to know. So far as we know, Amy doesn't know that when S & A were broken up Sheldon rejected a woman rather more attractive than Ramona who liked to translate from Klingon into Sanskrit. That should give her confidence if she knew. Amy "scent-marking" Sheldon's office was utterly filthy - licking objects and rubbing others in her armpit. Penny saw this but didn't tell anyone. Sheldon had a right to know so that he could at least have his office cleaned. Penny knew how fastidious Sheldon is. And why should Alex have to work in such a polluted environment? Penny also didn't tell Leonard. If he had known he would presumably never have left Amy alone in 4A where she might get up to her filthy tricks. It also didn't make sense that Penny would ever allow Amy in 4B again after Amy told her she'd done the same thing there.
  25. Season 10-11 Hiatus Thread

    Blame is not conserved. Sheldon was to blame for imposing the sweater, and Leonard was to blame for going along with it. L's blame is not to be subtracted from S's. We have some freedom in interpreting Sheldon (as Zack would say "there's no one right answer"). I think he manipulates people mainly to confirm that he's much smarter than they are.