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  1. On 9/30/2019 at 4:54 AM, Tensor said:

    It's a combination of things.   You have to remember that early cable was mostly local over the air channels, a few superstations, and premium cable.  As more and more different channels were started, in the 90s, viewers had more and more choices as far as what to watch.   With so many different choices, there was bound to be something, besides broadcast that someone might wish to watch.     

    You also have to factor in the internet.  As the internet matured and people connected to it, people were finding their entertainment on the internet, instead of on TV.   I am not talking about streaming here.    Using me as an example, at the height of this forum, and before I was even a mod,  I was spending 2-3 hours a night here, and 2-3 hours a night at a science forum, time I wasn't watching television.  Others have similar stories, but probably for different things.  On-line gaming also took away from people watching TV. 

    Now, you have the cord-cutters who don't have cable, or antenna's, and get their TV through their streaming service, on their computer (my daughter is like this).   I have my streaming services, and some cable channels that I get from the streaming service, and I have an antenna).  But most of the cord cutters, don't have broadcast.

    And then you have those that continue to watch  TV the way God intended, over the air, through an antenna, and on a television.  My neighbor falls into that category.  Most of these are elderly, and their numbers get fewer and fewer every year.  

    So, here is the simplified reasons:

    1. You have those who chose to watch various channels, (like TBS, TCM, BBC, HBO, ESPN, etc), through their cable system, rather than watching broadcast channels.

    2.  You have those who are spending time on the internet, rather than watching broadcast networks.

    3. You have the cord cutters, who don't watch or even have access to the broadcast networks (and if they do, they are probably streaming from the network archive), or are watching their streaming services.  

    4. Finally, yo have those who actually watch the networks, but as these tend to be older, their numbers are getting smaller.  

    Hope this makes sense.  



    And there was I thinking I was normal. I watch only Freeview TV, but never live. If there's something I might want to watch I record it to the HD and watch it later, FF-ing over the ads. Then if it's something I might want to watch again (like TBBT) I copy it to DVD. Then I erase it. This pattern isn't one of those you mention.

  2. So still no plans for KC to appear in a horse opera? Apart from her being a natural, it would have a pleasing resonance for those of us who thought the classic TBBT sich of Penny and the Nerds was an echo of Ball of Fire, where Barbara Stanwyck played Sugarpuss O'Neil. Later in her career BS starred in several westerns, of which The Violent Men is probably the best overall, altho she didn't ride in that one. Anyway, there are lots of girl-on-a-horse-in-the-wild-west roles that KC would adorn.

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  3. The finale was the final insult. Penny's pregnancy  should have been the climax of the series. Instead it was crowded out by the preposterous Nobel story, and got less screentime than Amy's haircut. It's incredible that we never got to see Penny telling Leonard she's pregnant. That should have been 10 minutes screentime in itself. And the very last scene should have been the whole gang gathered in 4A to congratulate Penny. Sheldon could have made his suddenly-human speech there.

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  4. The finale seemed badly rushed, which is ridiculously incompetent considering all the totally unnecessary dross we've been given this season. The final outrage was that we never saw Penny tell Leonard she was preganant! Maybe the writers realised that KC and JG would do such a star-quality emotional job on that scene that it would put their golden couple Shamy in the shade.  Amy's damn haircut got more screentime than Penny's pregnancy!

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  5. I thought this was very badly-structured. They should have concentrated on B, L and P in 4A.  I don't care about Raj, I first thought Denise was fun but now I find her just boring, and it's TOO LATE to sort out either Raj or S&D.

    I thought Beverley was really going to get into things with L & P and the No Kids issue would be explored, but no. When P went to the bedroom L didn't follow her to talk, instead he went across to S & A. What a ridiculous couple to consult about anything . And couldn't we for once have a real Lenny ep, without bringing in Amy?

    A lot of the action and dialogue seemed more or less random, like it was written by interns.

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  6. On 5/11/2019 at 4:06 AM, joyceraye said:


    Or the message is wrong. She was seeing a gynaecologist years ago when she was about 28. They'd know by now if she was infertile.


    The unwanted personal info that Amy forced on Penny and Bernadette included her not being able to open her legs more that 22 degrees, which hasn't been a problem for Shamy, so I guess that's all the dead past.

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  7. I've seen up to episode 21 The plagiarism thing, and I can't imagine what's still to come could change how I feel about the current state of the show - angry, sad and baffled.

    Angry that the programme makers seem to have deliberately crashed the quality of the show by treating Amy as the heroine. Some people have complained that it's become the Sheldon Show, but I think foregrounding Amy is the problem. Just consider how inherently ridiculous it was to make that character part of Sheldon's Nobel bid. If S was to be in for a Nobel, obviously Leonard should have been his co-nominee. It could have worked well with Penny being supportive and Amy being a pain. Apart from that, Amy's emotional "life" is just not interesting, because MB can't do that sort of thing. She could be very funny but she can't do loveable. Some very successful sitcoms have no characters one particularly cares about, but TBBT had Lenny.

    Sad that we don't get the emotional resolution that Penny and Leonard need and deserve. They went far beyond comedy to give us a truly touching relationship, that A & S couldn't. And angry that the wonderful comic and romantic actress KC has been sidelined while lesser talents take the spotlight.

    Baffled that the programme makers destroyed a great show. Without Penny/KC they'd have had just another ho-hum funny-nerd sitcom worth a couple of seasons. But even such a show would have been better than what we've got now, focussed on the empty character of Amy, who has lost everthing that made her funny. And Sheldon has also been stripped of his once-hilarious peculiarities to dwindle into a husband.

    As an example of the deterioration, consider 2 scenes where Sheldon sang Soft Kitty. When he sang it to Penny who was spaced out on painkillers after S took her to get her dislocated shoulder fixed, it was quite hilarious and also rather touching. When he sang it Amy after her outburst, it was just mawkish and very boring. The only redemming feature was that Amy looked like a cat being fondled against its will, and I don't suppose that was intentional.

    There are other storylines that could be cut to make wroom for Lenny's resolution, of course - does anyone really care what happens to Raj?

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  8. Over the 12 seasons a lot of episodes have been described as Worst Episode Ever, but I think we have a clear winner with this one. Utterly ridiculous to focus on Amy's moral dilemma. She can be very funny but she has been given no inner life and when she's not funny she's boring. And she wasn't funny.

    I can hardly believe that with just 3 more eps to go they would focus on Amy.

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  9. Several Lennies have praised 1220 The Decision Reverberation as a Lenny ep at last. To me there was something off about it, it didn't have that old Lenny feeling. Maybe the writers have forgotten how to write Lenny. And consider some of what happened - Leonard had a violently upset stomach during a cinema trip, which makes Penny wiping his fevered brow a bit less romantic. Then, apparently, he went to a cycling class with Penny where, hilariously wimpish, he did his leg in, so Penny abandoned him on the stairs. Remember when he shot himself in the foot (or grazed his foot with a bullet) taking Penny pistol shooting, she got him all the way upstairs. Not my idea of a cute Lenny ep.

    Needless to say, there was far too much Amy.

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  10. 52 minutes ago, Itwasdestined said:


    No for me, it was a moment of realisation that Leonard couldn’t let go and Penny recognised what she was missing. Took them too long to act on it. Loved that bit. Emotional yes but not sad.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    I loved it too. There's nothing wrong with sad if it's as beautifully acted as KC did here. Less is more.


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  11. On 4/29/2019 at 7:30 AM, 3ku11 said:

    Seeing as the show is nearing its finalie. I Thought I Would share almost a storybook of all of Lennys moments they were making out, or showed intimacy. Season 3 had the most content lol. Slim pickings after Season 6. 




    Season 4:




    Maybe my memory's going, but isn't the shot from season 4 part of the saddest scene in the whole series - "Goodbye, Leonard"?

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  12. I guess the planning of this ep was something like:" Suppose we'd better give those sad old Lenny fans one more Lenny ep then we can get on with the build up to the glorious Shamy finale. Anyone remember how to write Lenny? No? Never mind. Just so long as we remind the audience that Leonard is still basically a wimp. Like have him get sick in the cinema just from eating dinner. Maybe Penny should dump him on the stairs".

    (Actually I wasn't clear whether when L did his leg in he was with Penny or practising whatever-it-was by himself. But the worse option for Lenny is usually correct).

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  13. Utter waste of an episode. Yet another Amy-centric episode and she just isn't worth it. This Shamy Nobel nonsense is the monster that ate TBBT, what was left of it after the Shamy wedding. It's just perverse to sideline the star actress, KC, and keep utterly uninteresting Amy in the spotlight. I hated the last scene, where Mrs Davis softened on Amy. Should have just reiterated the instruction to keep her trap shut and told her to leave. And the way L & P have become S & A's dogsbodies is just an insult to all long-term fans.

    I didn't like the way H & B seem to have regressed, either.

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  14. 9 hours ago, SRAM said:

    Penny and Leonard on a the horse ranch/farm would be great, Penny managing the horse while Leonard works at a university in Omaha, maybe as the Physics Department Dean.  It would allow them to have Penny having her old farm community friends and Leonard to still be in a university environment with the eccentric PhD’s and students.  I bet they could easily come up with a high maintenance faculty member to drive Leonard nuts and Penny could have someone who is her best friend.  All the parts are there for a sitcom and with a know chemistry between Johnny and Kaley, it seems like a safe risk for a new show.

    Sounds perfect. Should not be studio-bound, more outdoor filming. I don't see any reason not to use KC's known skills, so IMO it would be good if Penny took part in competitive horse riding, either in rodeos or may be show-jumping, which would plausibly allow for some humour about snobbery. They could also have a darker storyline where Penny's brother's involvement in crystal meth brings some dangerous characters round. The only problem with all this is that it presumably precludes KC's becoming the new Goldie Hawn.

    On 4/12/2019 at 8:20 PM, Zephon75 said:

    So i was thinking of all the dialogue throughout the years on the show and trying to decide which were my favorites ,and here are my probable favourite per season.

    S1: Ep6 the conversation on the couch in 4A when Penny kisses Leonard for the first time.

    S2: Ep23  after shutting the door Penny says " It means i wish you weren't going".

    S3: Ep23 the conversation on the roof with Zack about  the laser.

    S4: Ep11 The conversation between the guys and Zack in 4A .

    S5 E19 The conversation between Leonard & Penny were she pretends to be upset that she won't see Leonard the whole weekend.

    S6 Ep8 This season has so many , but i decided on the first time Penny says i love you to Leonard.

    S7 Ep23 The proposal conversation.

    S8 Ep8 The conversation on the roof during the fake prom.

    S9 Ep1 There wedding vows.

    S10 Ep7 The guys and girls talking in different languages

    S11 Ep9  The conversation at Zacks in the video and after watching the video.

    S12 Ep6 The conversation after their Halloween party .

    These are just off the top of my head, if i gave it some more thought some might be different.

    So what are you guys favourite dialogue per season?


    Strictly this doesn't qualify as it's reported speech, but how about when Stuart told Leonard that Penny said "Oh Leonard" when she was making out with Stuart?  And L's wordless dance outside the comic book store.

  15. 11 hours ago, Nogravitasatall said:

    See Casablanca, Romeo and Juliet etc

    Not all great love stories end happily. But like The Roommate Transmogrification it’d be memorable. Versus the Sheldon fantasy finish. Pap.

    True, but Romcom love stories generally do. P & L breaking up finally would be almost heartbreaking. We've had all the sweet sadness we need in their previous breakups. Casablanca was considerably less plausible than TBBT, and the pretext for separating Rick and Lisa, that the great resistance leader had to get to then-neutral (when the film was set)  America, was pure BS. I'd like to see KC and JG in a film based on the B&W classics: JG in the Bogart role would be fine, I see KC as more Bacall than Beregmann. But who knows what they could do given the chance.

    I'm particularly displeased by the degradation of Lenny because they're the only sitcom couple I've ever been invested in. I loved Cheers and Friends without caring about Sam and Diane's or Ross and Rachel's relationships. It would be a pity if H & B broke up, but not the same level of sadness as P & L. I'd be delighted if S & A broke up, and I don't give a damn about Raj.

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  16. 18 hours ago, SRAM said:

    I would just like to see Johnny and Kaley do something again together, the great chemistry between them needs to be exploited again in another show or movie.  The writers on TBBT really have done something stupid by not flushing out their  characters’ story more and focusing on a one trick pony like Parsons, IMO.   I’m really surprised that some ad company hasn’t picked up the both of them to do commercials, they would just be as entertaining as Marietta Hartley and James Garner were doing those Kodak commercials years ago.

    Yes indeed to the bold bit. Commercials would be no use to me, they're country-specific and anyway I usually record TV shows and FF over the commercials. Also, they have more depth than that.

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  17. 15 hours ago, SRAM said:

    It has to be better than the boring filler episode we got tonight, I’m so sick of this Shamy Nobel plot, it just drones on and on this whole season.  The writers seem to want to destroy everything that was good about TBBT in season 12, the whole season feels like a piano was dropped on it.

    Yes, this ridiculous Shamy Nobel plot is destroying what was left of TBBT. I always hope it's going to be put out of our misery, and every ep it seems another possibility of ending it is cut off. When I saw there was going to be an ep with several real Nobel Laureates, I thought surely they were going to say Super Asymmetry was nonsense. But no, that didn't happen. The hope I'm clinging to from where we are now after 1218 is that there's an upcoming episode called "The Plagiarism Schism". Can it be that the writers have done the right thing there, and it turns out that a paper published before S&A's by Lesley Winkle already implied Super Asymmetry, so she shares the Nobel withe 2 experimentalists and S & A are reviled as plagiarists? No, I don't really expect it, but it's all I can think of to hope for.

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  18. 22 hours ago, Mario D. said:

    I know it seems a longshot at this time but I sincerely hope they change their minds and have Penny just say she is pregnant. Just to see Leonard's face and excitement would probably be enough satisfaction.

    Not for me. What upsets me is not Penny's not wanting kids, but that L & P just leave it at that. Leonard has to respect Penny's decision, obvs, but he should try to get to the bottom of her feeling of not wanting kids. It would be IC for P not to fully understand her own feelings here. If they really got to understand P's feelings that in itself would be a big thing, growth in their relationship. If this led to P wanting kids after all, so much the better, but the main thing IMO is that the Lenny relationship shouldn't be  static.

    It's happened before, that something important comes up in Lenny's life and the story drops it and cuts to another couple with zero chemistry whose "love" has never been made believable. Eg the ep in the cabin in the woods where P told L she hated her job.

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  19. Good on 1 level, bad on another, IMO. (Apart from Lenny just being enablers, which is bad on both levels) . I thought the dialogue was unusually good this ep, with a lot of lines I laughed at. I enjoyed the bit where Amy lost it for several reasons. It's always seemed peculiar to me that the Amy character is so immature compared with the other characters (except Raj, of course) but is the grown-up in Shamy, telling Sheldon what to do. Here she reverted to the uncontrolled, infantile Amy who broke Penny's nose and, unforgiveably, got away with it. I hope this outburst has some bad consequences for her. I thought MB acted that scene very well. The writers gave her the perfect lines and she delivered. I believed in out-of-control Raging Amy.

    While the details were good, I think the writers and directors rejected an opportunity to make better use of the occasion for longer term. When I read they'd assembled some real Nobel laureates, I assumed they were going to knock this Super Asymmetry nonsense on the head once and for all. Sure the writers are the professionals, they know what they're doing etc, but they sure make some peculiar choices. An obvious way to play it would be for one of the laureates to ask all the characters what they thought of SA. Penny would have said honestly that it didn't mean anything to her, all the others would have been more or less positive. Then the laureate could have said something to the effect that Mrs Hofstadter must be the smartest of you all because she's right: it doesn't mean anything. Drs Cooper and Fowler, we're not saying your theory is wrong: what you have written doesn't amount to a theory with the property of being right or wrong, it's meaningless.

    Doing it this way has the advantage of allowing for another development. While Penny was only mentioned to emphasise the nonsensical nature of SA, President Seibert, who seems not to be the smartest of university presidents, could have taken it literally and appointed Penny to some Caltech council (I've no idea if university presidents can do this, but we're long past that level of implausibility), which would mean that on formal university occasions Sheldon, Amy and Raju would have to defer to her. That would have been enjoyable.

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