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  1. Quite. I think that the makers did some very good work on Leonard's other sexual encounters (all with women who first came on to him), because during each one Penny's reaction suggested she was actually already somewhat interested in L, or still interested after they were broken up. Or you could interpret Penny's "good. For. Leonard." when she knew he was having sex with Leslie as her taking L more seriously as possible partner knowing he was sexually active. Developing L's character in that respect is fine. What bothers me is when they change the past. When Leonard first met Penny he seemed to be sexually inexperienced, and had certainly never had a sexual relationship with a woman as alluring as Penny. But when Priya was introduced she was shown as resuming a previous relationship with L. So suddenly it turns out that when we first met Leonard he had already had a relationship with a very attractive, confident and charming woman. I'm a bit surprised no-one else was bothered by this inconsistency, as people on this forum seem more concerned about consistency than most viewers are (or the writers, apparently).
  2. I think it's been rather well established that 4a has central heating.
  3. Also the hobby of the TBBT watcher. I'm in 2 minds about Sheldon's contempt for geology. It's OK S being stupid, it's a continuous implication of the show that there's no general intelligence and a person can be highly intelligent in some ways and stupid in others. But S has a very wide culture and would surely appreciate the historical role of geology as the first science to challenge the authority of Christianity. Still, it's always nice to see Bert - I don't think he's ever failed to improve an ep he was in. I felt that another established feature of the Sheldon character was forgotten: when cricket was mentioned he could have given a lecture on the Indian Premier League and its leading personalities, without ever having seen a game. When Howard and Raj and Ruchi were watching cricket in the bar, it would have been a nice little addition if the British prof whose group Raj almost joined until a woman came in and he had to get drunk had shown up, to Raj's embarrassment. Ruchi seems like a potentially good character, but there's an aspect of the way the story always works that I don't like: Ruchi wil only join their social group if she becomes Raj's SO. She is Bernadette's friend and why shouldn't she join B & Penny regardless of Raj? Likewise B was P's friend but she only joined the group as Howard's SO. Conversely, P & B had to accept Amy when she became Sheldon's SO.
  4. Or be just about to blow his top when his mother quells him with a look. Obvs S hasn't really returned to Jesus, but the celebrant assumes he has because he's in church.
  5. Absolutely. Incidentally Bernadette has described herself as vengeful - will she take revenge for Amy's hijacking her wedding? The obvious person to plan S & A's wedding is Raj - it's what he does. As we presumably have to see this damn wedding, I think an acceptable way to handle it would be: Sheldon is overwhelmed by the elaborate preparations and flees to his mother's house in Texas. Amy follows him there and Mary C. forces them to marry in her church, in a very simple, presumably more-or-less-fundamentalist Protestant ceremony. Maybe the service could include thanks that Sheldon has returned to Jesus.
  6. An easy way it could have been better would have been to have left Bernadette in doubt as to whether the voice saying "Mama" was really Halley or Penny putting on the voice.
  7. Very disappointing. Howard and Bernadette bed-bound together, with Penny looking after them - that's got to be hilarious, hasn't it? No actually - the writers can spoil anything. And Will Wheaton is always charismatic and a pleasure to watch - but not this time. It seems the writers don't know what they've got: for example, SH's brilliant physical comedy depends on fluidity and contortion, so his zombie-like post-vasectomy walk wasn't particularly funny. Yes, IMO that few seconds was on a better level than all the rest of the episode.
  8. Not me. I like that Penny has been about as sexy as TBBT could contain without a hint of sleaze.
  9. There was, of course, David Underhill. What a great episode that was - they don't write them like that any more. But after DH turned out to be married, Penny had no more relationships with guys as you describe. It was kind of glaring that Penny never met such a guy at her acting class. So L never had a viable rival. Penny never had a Priya-equivalent. Unfair!
  10. Penny is very pretty, but what made her enchanting and irresistable was KC's acting. Up to ep 5 she hasn't had a chance to do any of that. Laid-back, detached Penny is a pleasure to look at but uninvolving.
  11. Last week I predicted " it will be as tho the Penny-Beverly bonding never happened. " It gives me no pleasure to be right. This week Penny was given a reasonable amount of screen time but nothing much to do with it. Penny used to be passionate and volatile, now she's preternaturally calm. Like her total lack of reaction to Leonard's snarky remark about her reading a book. She could at least have said something like, "sweetie, you do know those comics you read aren't real books?". Or better gone off on one and L have to make it up to her in some extravagant way. And treating Sheldon as a child never gets old (sarcasm). Spot on. Sheldon was brilliant as a stand-alone character, commenting on and interfering in Leonard's romances. He never needed a romance of his own, and it doesn't work. I detest The Taming Of The Sheldon. You choose your words well, sir.
  12. OK, programme makers, I see what you're up to; trying to get my hopes up to crush them more effectively next week. Great to see so much Beverly. I like everything about her. Her diction is a joy. And the character seems to be finally getting a bit more depth. I love her as a character - even when she's being really horrible it's always upfront and in your face - never sly and deceitful like some horrible characters. The writers seem to enjoy writing her - when she told Leonard she admired Penny for not complaining about him to her - how delightfully insulting. What I'd like to see next - Penny calmly informs L that she's invited B to stay in the spare room in 4A for several weeks as she seemed lonely. Then keep P, L and B in the foreground while they finally resolve L's mommy issues, P's career issues, and L & P's marriage issues, plus what B does with her life now. Not smoothly and rationally, but with tears, rows and plenty of make-up sex (P and L, of course). What I expect to see next - normal Shamy will be resumed next week, and it will be as tho the Penny-Beverly bonding never happened. Well, they couldn't avoid some crap, and this ep it all seemed to be on Leonard. "I married you to hurt her" - what an astonishingly hateful thing for anyone to say, let alone the decent, near-normal little guy male viewers are invited to identify with. And L was just insane to go and consult Amy about P & B. Even tho he doesn't know everything she's done, he must realise how manipulative and deep-down resentful of Penny she is. And why talk to her anyway - L & A have always had zero connection. And even if none of that were true he would have no business discussing intimate family matters with any outsider.
  13. It's looking to me as tho the humour-mine is exhausted. Just nothing works any more. Not sure why. Sheldon's misadventures as a result of wearing flipflops was a classic type of funny story that nearly always works. It had some good ideas like Sheldon's describing every horrible thing he encountered as something else. JP is a brilliant comic actor. But it didn't make me laugh. The writers can still come up with good lines: for example, when Penny gives Sheldon a clear and straightforward insight into his personality, and he says "you mean" and then gives an absurdly theoretical elaboration of what she implied, and Penny says "In layman's terms, yes". That was clever writing. So what's gone wrong? in the great days the characters were fresher - maybe the humorous possibilities are about played out. One thing I notice from the old episodes is that altho Penny didn't actually get the lion's share of the screentime, when she was onscreen she always made the scene - she was the radiant centre. And as well as usually excellent jokes each week there was the genuine romance of Penny and Leonard's slow-growing relationship giving a continuing story. Now Penny seems to have dwindled into a wife. I think the only way to revive the show would be to get in some writers who can write Penny-centric plots and give KC something to work with. Otherwise just kill it. Should have quit while they were ahead.
  14. Glad to have Mrs Davis back. I thought her scene with L was the best. I thought Penny should have got in there more when Leonard went all deflated.
  15. That's another issue, that previous references to Amy's past always implied she was brought up by her mother alone, but it would still be as absurd if father Fowler had been part of A's backstory.
  16. So here we are again, another season opener, fresh disappointments to look forward to. I thought I'd got my expectations down to about zero this time so I couldn't be disappointed. Most of the episode given over to dreary Shamy stuff - just as I expected. The most romantic couple, Penny and Leonard, reduced to spectators of the other 2 couples' developments - just as I expected. Sheldon given such mawkish dialogue that even the great JP can't give it conviction - just as I expected. Ramona, an accomplished scientist, an athlete, attractive and confident, reduced to lonely misery because she didn't get Sheldon, and patronised by Amy - I didn't see that coming but within my general expectations. But they still managed to be worse than I could have imagined within the first couple of minutes. All the characters agree that a man wishing to marry a 40-year-old woman, who lived independently for many years before moving in with him, needs to get her father's permission before proposing? W. T. A. F. ???????
  17. We talk about "the writers" but I for one know little about them. Does anyone know how much change of writing personnel there is over the years? I find it hard to believe that the present show is written by the same people who gave us the classic seasons when Penny and Leonard's romance was the long-term story arc. Or is it all down the the showrunner, and the writers just fill in the plots they're told to? Should those of us who hate the replacement of The Big Bang Theory we enjoyed by The Shamy Show just blame Molaro? There has of course been a resulting change in the audience. It seems that the programme makers guessed or found that foregrounding Amy brought in a new lot of viewers who were not fans of the original TBBT. They have increasingly pandered to this new fanbase, evidently judging that it's worthwhile to lose some of the original fans in the process. I think we old-line TBBT fans are justified in feeling betrayed. A couple of episodes provide evidence of long-term planning to go that way. Before Amy's first appearance, there was an episode where Leonard said something to the effect that "that chick who played Blossom has a science PhD". This otherwise random and pointless line indicates that the makers were planning to try to bring in old fans of Blossom by hiring MB. And in 623 The Love Spell Potential Amy complains to Sheldon that "people think our relationship is a joke", to which S replies that it's very intimate by his standards. The "people" referred to IMO are really the viewers: A & S's relationship was a joke, and this is an early warning that in later seasons the makers would try to transform it into a real romance, which they presumably thought was what the newer fanbase wanted. That this was done at the expense of the real romance they already had, Penny and Leonard, shows that they don't care about the old fans.
  18. The current situation is that Shamy scenes are hogging the screentime. A pre-requisite for fixing Lenny is screentime to do it in, so Shamy have to be moved aside. Letting them live happily in the background sounds reasonable, but I don't think the programme makers can be trusted to keep them there. That's why I believe Amy should go - to be safe. And Sheldon could go back to his first love - his own mind. I certainly don't believe that wonderful Lenny will automatically expand into the space vacated by Shamy, and I don't think anyone else said so. You are quite right that the writing of L & P needs fixing. I would guess they need to change some of the writing team and maybe the showrunner, but I don't claim to know how brilliant Lenny writing is to be achieved. But they had it for many seasons (still a majority of past seasons) so it can be done. And really they only need to give KC half a chance to show what she can do. Personally I wouldn't mind Sheldon third-wheeling Lenny if it was done well. Lots of sitcom households are eccentric in some way, so why not the Hofstatders and their Sheldon? Plus Sheldon could provide conflict and problems for L&P to confront - we can't have them just being lovey-dovey all the time.
  19. I meant to say that whereas in Penny's story Leonard's peeing himself had a reason and fitted into the story, (which remember was Penny's response to Leonard's boasting he could have "picked her up" at the CF), in Leonard's Penny and Zack peeing themselves was arbitrarily tacked on without justification. The magic beans bit was good, though.
  20. The c711 example was a bit different in that Leonard'[s story was rather nastier (and cruder) than Penny's.
  21. Most couple's physical relationships are not watched by anyone else. There is no need to show a couple getting -physical in a TV show unless it's enjoyable to watch, as Penny and Leonard are. There are plenty of TV couples, some of them romantic leads, who have never been shown in bed together.
  22. JohnPhD


    We could speculate about what's supposed to have caused Stuart's deterioration, but I nguess the writers just thought he'd be funnier as a loser. I don't think this is a change in Penny, just Stuart's different now.
  23. I hate to see Amy in Penny's place. Shamy scenes are like an insulting parody of Lenny scenes. Amy should move back to her own apartment. What was the earliest occurrence of really unpleasant comments between L&P when they bere a couple? I just noticed that in 711 the Cooper Extraction the stories P & L told about what the other's life would have been without Sheldon were really quite nasty. A warning of things to come?
  24. JG, JP and KC created the show (with some assistance from SH and KN). When MB was brought in she was luggage (although she may have a personal following who wouldn't have liked TBBT without her). The erotic spark between Leonard and Penny is unmistakeable. The love of L&P has been so beautifully acted as to captivate even an old cynic like me who usually despises love stories in sitcoms. In contrast, there has never been the slightest chemistry between JP and MB. MB was brought in to play Amy as an obnoxious woman with no sex-appeal obsessed with a man indifferent to sex, whose belief that Sheldon was her "boyfriend" was a joke. She played this role perfectly well. She has utterly failed to convert Amy into a woman that Sheldon could actually love and want to have sex with. Perhaps the character transformation was too drastic and nobody could have done it. Anyway, MB couldn't. Sheldon's declarations of love have been completely unbelievable because no-one could love Amy. The lack of any erotic spark between them makes the spectacle of their getting physical even to the extent of a kiss quite creepy to watch
  25. I always thought KC should be playing the sort of roles GH did at her age. And GH's career somewhat contradicts her character's remark: her only real star performance in her 20s, IMO, was in There's a Girl in My Soup, where she played a very Penny-like character. Her other comedy/romantic heroine successes started in her 30s - slightly older than Penny is now. It's been noticed that the "classic" TBBT setup of Penny and the nerds has a similar setup to Ball of Fire, made when Barbara Stanwyck was 34. There are plenty of other examples of actresses older than Penny not only playing romantic heroines, but getting their first breakthrough success when older than Penny.
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