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  1. The bottom pic is worrying - fat slob Leonard, and Penny looks exasperated but resigned. Surely he's not hung over?
  2. Well, that's a good criterion, but I think there's some variation in believability. To me Penny is the character I believe in most, because KC has given her an inner life and she seems like a real person with feelings. Leonard likewise seems to have an inner life. I can't imagine anyone but JP as Sheldon, but S is such an extraordinary character that JP's performance shouldn't be compared with those of actors playing more recognisable types. Anyway, JP is brilliant. Less is expected of the other actors, IMO. They're all quite believable as their characters, but the supporting characters don't need to have the same depth as the main 3. I don't get a sense of their inner lives. Which is not to say that they're not excellent supporting actors with first-class skills and in some cases brilliant physical comedy; and of course they might have talents not called upon in TBBT. (I never managed to see Florence Foster Jenkins with SH in a leading role).
  3. All great choices. a couple of alternates alternates: 117 "The cat's alive". For its significance. 418 "Goodbye, Leonard" (when L tells P he can't hang out with her because Priya objects). The saddest line in the whole show, but beautifully done.
  4. Yes - to be clear, I never thought that you thought there was any sexual element to S & P - I think we're fully in agreement on that. It occurs to me to wonder if the reason some people expected the S & P relationship to develop into a sexual one was because that's something of a convention in films - antagonistic pairs of young man and woman either start off married (eg Woman of the year) or end up together (eg It happened one night). Yes, my examples are pretty old, and I don't know if it still holds - anyone else think so?
  5. Yes, totally agree: you've nailed something I've tried to express in the past. They also should never have tried to make Amy into a romantic heroine. Perhaps that change of character is impossible to pull off, and it certainly doesn't work here. When the writers play to MB's strengths - as in 1217 Scheming Amy - it can be very funny. But only KC should be the leading lady.
  6. Yes that was a brilliantly written and acted relationship - and all the more powerful, altho' there was no sexual element, for being between a man and woman - most of the great adverserial partnerships in comedy are 2 men. With all the conflicts, by season 3 at the latest I felt they had come to love each other (in a non-erotic way, I repeat), and the frequent conflicts made their occasional displays of affection (as in the Adhesive Duck Deficiency or the ep where Penny gave Sheldon the napkin his fravourite actor had used) quite touching. It was in fact Peny who first brought out any human feelings in Sheldon.
  7. I always enjoyed Bernadette's ultra-competitive and ruthless side. Loved her in the Scavenger Hunt, and her usual sarcasm. I also enjoy her amoral attitude to drug safety. And remember how she was when she suspected Ruchi of trying to supplant her during maternity leave? And all the stories the boss at the pharma company told about her behaviour? That's the Bernadette I like. I was afraid she was going soft when she sent Penny's team home just because it was after midnight in 1217.
  8. Everybody seems to expect an exciting, upbeat finale. Maybe so (in which case Penny's birthday would be good) but is that the usual arrangement? I realise that I can't remember the final eps of Cheers or Frasier or Friends. On the other hand, some British and Irish sitcoms I do remember. Drop the Dead Donkey was one of the funniest ever, IMO. Set in a TV news company, it ended with the parent company closing it down. The characters as I remember mostly had to take demeaning jobs either outside TV or on low-grade chatshows, while the company's director had a breakdown. Ballykissangel ended with the heroine (played by Dervla Kirwan) electrocuted while trying to fix the power supply in her pub (I gather a show of the same name staggered on with mnone of the main characters). Goodnight Sweetheart ended with the time-travelling hero trapped 50 years in the past. None particularly upbeat.
  9. You sure you've been watching them? L & P (particularly P, IMO) are the deepest characters in the show by far. This is due to the acting more than the writing, I believe. Their story is fairly simple but KC and JG give the smallest incidents depth. Penny is a truly loveable character. Shamy on the other hand have no depth at all. While their story may be complicated, none of it really means anything because Amy, while an excellent supporting character, has no inner life. Sheldon is indeed a great comic creation, but the point of the characters is not whether they are an original type but how the realise that type. Penny is a fully-realised deep and fascinating sex bomb (not so) airheaded blonde. KC's star quality made Penny far more than any cliche. IMO KC is just as much a breakout as JP, and sadly she's been wasted in TBBT for several seasons. Seems the programme makers can't recognise star quality when i9t's staring them in the face.
  10. E4 finally deigned to show this ep to UK Freeview a month after everyone else. I don't believe in Tyrant Penny, and I suspect the writers don't either. Yes we need more KC screentime but we also need a Lenny plot and/or a real Penny story, not this personality transplant. I always enjoyed Bernadette being ruthless, but one's enough. And I thought it was OOC for B to care about the liveware when P kept them after midnight. For the first time in it seems like several seasons, Amy was funny. Scheming to manipulate Sheldon with no lovey-dovey goo. It was a bit OOC for Raj to be smart enough to sus out her game, but never mind. A's look back at R as she followed S out of Howard's sitting room was just right to wrap that theme up, there was absolutely no need for the scene of A & S in bed (there never is) and the frogs joke was on a lower level. Beverley's line "the experiment isn't over" was funny in itself, but doesn't make sense in the context of where they are now - Bev has no way of experimenting on L.
  11. Funny, I never noticed the resemblance to Friends. I loved Friends, but I never cared about Ross and Rachel. Of course, Ross was fairly unlikeable, but IMO the reason I had to care about Lenny and not a bit about R&R is that KC is by far the better actress.
  12. I guess it's a result of the power of KC's acting that many kinds of things make me think of Penny. A friend of mine is in New Zealand and seems to be mainly visiting wineries and drinking Sauvignon Blanc. I immediately thought L & P should have a belated honeymoon there. And if L must have some nerd-friendly stuff, I believe you can visit some LOTR locations.
  13. You could certainly say that Amy's big win is Sheldon. Her main activity from her sexual awakening to the wedding was dreaming and scheming to get her grip on Sheldon by any means possible. Early on she was tricking innocent Sheldon into physical intimacy (the flu business) and on the ep before her wedding she was still deceiving him about her pinkeye to make sure he didn't pull out. Marrying Sheldon was the big win from all her working and manoeuvring. That should have been the end of her story. We really, really don't need a big Shamy plot in the last season. It's different for Sheldon. He didn't need Amy until a very unconvincing change of gear late on in their relationship. He was just as happy on his own. They were a very unsymmetrical couple (not going to attempt a pun on you-know-what). These suggestions are all external. Marriage is not static. Penny and Leonard's marriage has lots of room to progress. Leonard has a lot of emotional growing to do still. And they need to work together on understanding Penny's feelings, about kids and about their life. They could do this because KC has established Penny as a "real" person with an inner life.
  14. Yes. This whole ghastly storyline seems designed to insult scientists and even science. Notice that having utterly rubbished theoretical physicists with Amy writing a theory that "revolutionises physics" in lipstick on a mirror on her wedding day, and the theory being up for the nobel within weeks, they've been careful to also rubbish expirimental physicists (previously looking good as represented by Leonard) by bringing in the cloddish experimentalists from Fermilab, who are shown as not understanding what they were doing. I believr TBBT once had a science consultant - I assume he's long gone.
  15. Yes. I always thought she could have run for elected office, where acting skills would be perhaps even more useful than in sales.
  16. We know that the main-cast actors get paid so much they need never work again if they don't want to, but how about the writers? None of the eps they're writing in the final series is exactly what I believe is known as a "calling card" when looking for another job.
  17. Don't know who Leonard's supposed to be, but that trenchcoat makes me think once again how great it would have been if they'd gone to a fancy-dress party as Bogart and Bacall. Would also have symbolised their being more grown up now.
  18. So glad everyone enjoyed it. Is this really the best they can do in the final season? I thought perhaps the writers had a bet that they could cobble together a new ep entirely out of poorly-recycled jokes from old episodes.
  19. Good to see Sexy Penny back. The seduction scene could have gone on a bit longer. And with her clothes on Penny was at her most beautiful in this ep - there's quite a bit of variation in her wattage from one ep to another. She lit up the screen so much that while watching I could overlook the preposterousness of the sperm donation storyline. I wonder if the writers are deliberately making Leonard a jerk, or are they just not bothered? Penny's behaviour made it clear she didn't want him to donate, but if she didn't actually ask him not to, which she wouldn't because she felt guilty towards him for refusing kids, he was going to go ahead. He knows that will hurt Penny, but seems to think it serves her right for not giving him kids. That sort of tit-for-tat attitude is a pretty good way to destroy a relationship. Leonard has a lot of growing to do. L also messed up in another detail. A disadvantage of life in the Hofstadter home is that Amy and Sheldon keep barging in at any time without asking. Since L & P seem not have mastered locking the door, L needs to tell them not to do it. But now he has entered their home at night to sleep there without even telling them he is no position to object to their behaviour.
  20. I thought he looked as tho he had his eyes shut, so I thought maybe he was supposed to be going thru his breakfast sequence without the aid of sight for some Sheldonian reason, and the audience were getting that. But of course they could see Leonard on the couch. Odd detail: there appear to be as many wine bottles on top of the fridge in 4B as when Penny lived there.
  21. It seemed to me Kaplan was listing the deepest, most fully realised characters. So S, P & L's changes are greater in that there's more to them. I would say that L has changed the least of the 3 and he needs to change more. I like S's changes the least - he seems diminished by becoming less of an outlying personality. Howard, and particularly Amy, are shallower creations so A can completely change her behaviour and it doesn't mean much. But actually all versions of Amy seem to coexist, so that in some fairly recent eps she seems like a throwback compared to other eps. H is written fairly consistently, in that he never reverts to sleazy anymore.
  22. I'd certainly like to see her in a western. Maybe like some of those Barbara Stanwyck was in. Which is kind of neat because originally TBBT had a similar structure to Ball of Fire, starring BS in a different sort of role. Alternatively, I could imagine a TV series with KC as an itinerent rodeo contestant,
  23. And, of course, Oscar winner from If Beale Street Could Talk.
  24. I must say I'm surprised. In all my student and working life in science and engineering in the UK, I never used Imperial units for anything. CGS (now replaced by MKS) was often referred to as scientific units. At least the month should be in the middle.
  25. IMO could be good if done properly. Even the sexiest, funniest most lovable TV sitcom couple ever need to get out of the studio sets after 12 years. I'd love to see them in the great outdoors with Penny doing cowgirl stuff.
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