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  1. Yes, Stuart has aged far more than any other character. Sort of plausible as he's had more aging experiences.
  2. They think this message is news? That's a worthless explanation as it's never questioned that it's fine for a couple not to have children: it's just not right for Lenny. What makes this explanation especially despicable is that they destroyed another message that isn't so obvious: not everybody needs a romantic relationship to be fulfilled, and not every man wants sex. That was Sheldon in Seasons 1 - 7, and very nicely expressed (eg Sheldon's speech at B & H's wedding). They destroyed that when S had to express his unconvincing love for Amy, and then S was turned into an uxorious travesty of his former self. The promotion of Shamy degraded TBBT in more than one way.
  3. An adequately amusing ep if they had all the time in the world, but writers there are 10 episodes left and you've got to sort out Penny's children issues and knock that Super Asymmetry nonsense on the head. Get on with it.
  4. Far too much Shamy, and the Super Asymmetry storyline is utter, utter rubbish. Apart from that waste-of-space, fairly good. The writers seem to be hitting the sweet spot with Bernadette's lines just now. Visually the B & P scenes were a treat. I really like the decor of Bernadette's office. And the meeting room scene was excellent visually. I've never been one to prefer blondes IRL, but the cornucopia of blonde hair with B & P heads close together was delightful. Penny's hair is on top form just now. And Penny in the long coat she was wearing when B was waiting for her on the stairs -just defines elegance and style.
  5. Well, I enjoyed this episode (that I just now managed to watch) apart from the Raj & Anu scenes, since I don't find Raj a character I can care about. This was the first ep since I can't remember when that was free from Shamy, and what sweet relief that was. The ladies' night (I'm glad they're calling it that now) dialogue was pretty funny, and the writers seem to have remembered how to write Bernadette. I saw the main story as Penny struggling with her feelings over the proposed sperm donation. Not for the first time, she hasn't been able to sort out how she feels and tell Leonard. P was obviously tense as hell from the first suggestion. KC acts that brilliantly - I don't want P to be always cheerful, I like to see the depth KC can give her. Just so long as the sich gets resolved right in due course.
  6. Not only a love story but the only real love story in the whole show.
  7. What galls me is that horrible Amy never gets her comeuppance.
  8. Something I posted has been assigned by the Quote system to Chucky, who disagreed. Must do better.
  9. I always particularly liked WW and KC together because they both have charisma.
  10. Penny of course. She lights up the screen, and has feelings and an inner life.
  11. This pic suggests that if the writers and showrunners had been worthy of KC & JG, they could have made an ep where Leonard and Penny go to a fancy-dress as Bogart and Bacall, then when they get home they started acting out a scene and the picture switched to B&W for a few minutes. They seem to have forgotten that Penny was an actress.
  12. It looks as tho the programme-makers want to end the series with the Worst Season Ever: challenging, but on this form they can do it. Their main weapon is Amy: she's just so boring to watch, and in this ep she's on screen for more than half the time. Normally scenes are cut quite short, but Shamy scenes are left at least a minute after they should have been cut. And the Super Asymmetry story line is one of the worst ever. Utter nonsense, and a deliberate insult to anyone with the slightest interest in physics. I read long ago that TBBT had a physics consultant to make sure things like the equations on whiteboards made sense. He must have quit long ago. And the very idea that a couple of lines scrawled in lipstick on a mirror by a neuroscientist on her wedding day could "revolutionise physics" is grotesque. And smug Amy lapping it up is just horrible. Apart from that: Paintball? Again? What happened to poor old Stuart? The guy who could once date Penny?
  13. Yes, it was in the same shed that Howard first had sex with Leslie W. - I take it that's what you're referring to? I found the repetion rather tedious. God, yes.
  14. I wonder if KC and JG would work in a retro B&W film noir together?
  15. Yes indeed. I'd like to see some outside-filmed scenes where penny and Leonard were both on horseback - the wimpy Leonard joke needs to be finally knocked on the head. Maybe Penny takes part in some event at a rodeo. Or maybe as a professor's wife she could become some sort of patron of the U of N Rodeo Association. Have I mentioned before that I want to see Penny in western boots?
  16. I gather Wyatt gets involved in the discussion in an ep I haven't seen yet, but notice who apparently doesn't - Beverley. We've been told she loves Penny, she knows how to deal with Leonard, or thinks she does, and scenes with her are nearly always fun. How about an ep where Beverley finally comes good and gets L & P to get to the bottom of their issues.
  17. Sheldon? Except insofar as he can have the department to himself. But would Sheldon know the last time Congress met on Christmas Day? As he apparently thought the Constitution was agreed between the 13 Colonies (sic), maybe not. If Lincoln's birthday were still celebrated as such, Sheldon could arrange a celebration of Darwin's Birthday (also Feb 12 1809).
  18. Sounds like a brilliant idea. So much better than the Game of Thrones party the characters had.
  19. It was for Sheldon, who appeared to be leaving his old groove. So for all the big 3. Personally I wouldn't have minded a spinoff called "Sheldon's Travels", in which S left the various train stations and met people in different parts of America. He could also have met people on the trains, obvs. A different mini-adventure every week. With real scenery.
  20. I strongly agree. The scene in 724 where newly-engaged Leonard and Penny part from Sheldon at the train station, they to their new life together and S to sort himself out thru travel. was a natural finale. An early sign things were going wrong was in 801 when S, who set off in search of understanding and should have "grown" or "found himself" or whatever, came back exactly the same. I don't think it's IC for L to be a guy who decides he wants children and he'll decide on the mother later. He fell in love with Penny and wanted children with her as part of their love. I'm not saying he should just flip a switch wrt his desire for parenthood, but that he needs to deepen his understanding of Penny so that they're together on this. And it's not a quiestion of whose responsibility anything between them is. They're both on the same side. A relationship is not a zero-sum game.
  21. Occasionally I comment on cast members' acting ability. Of course, this refers only to comedy and romance, watching TBBT tells us nothing about what they could do in other modes. I mention this because I just saw If Beale Street could talk, and I really hope Regina King (Mrs Davis) wins the Oscar she's in for.
  22. Pretty much exactly what I think. I thought I was on my own on this one.
  23. Am I the only Lenny who thinks it will be fine if Penny doesn't change her mind so long as Leonard stops moping and makes the effort to really understand Penny's feelings and they end up on the same page?
  24. Regardless of spinoffs, the glaring loose end is still the Lenny children question. Some comments that are probably from Lennies consider that the only satisfactory outcome is Penny changes her mind, and otherwise it's poor Leonard denied fatherhood and he will be sad about it forever. As a keen Lenny myself, I don't entirely agree. What matters is that Leonard should make a step change in their relationship by finding out what Penny's reason is. There is no other storyline that matters, so clear the decks for Lenny for once. Then if Leonard understands what Penny feels about children, as opposed to just respecting her right not to want them, maybe he can mature to a level where he doesn't feel a sense of loss about children because he truly shares Penny's feelings.
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