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  1. No, Penny should not "reconnect with Amy. Here are few reasons: Amy is not a good friend for anyone. I guess many of us have an acquaintance who is not a bad person, but who makes the heart sink when they show up. That's Amy (except I'm not sure she's not a bad person). I can't imagine why the writers created such a depressing character. She was OK as long as she was as unemotional as Sheldon, but started to go bad in 4/8. For her to become friends with Penny and Bernadette required some very improbable behaviour. I don't believe even sweet, patient Penny would put up with Amy's repulsive neediness and emotional leeching for so long, and as for the rather fierce Bernadette letting Amy hijack her wedding preparations, come on! Are the guys some weird sect whose wives and girlfriends are only allowed to have other members WAGs for friends? Penny and Bernadette should both have other girlfriends: they don't need to be in the cast, like we never saw Penny's girlfriends with whom she took Sheldon to Disneyland. Amy has hit Penny in the face with a cushion and a handbag and sexually assaulted her in her own bedroom. In 8/2 she was trying to turn Bernadette against Penny. She also attacked Penny's fiancé in 7/24. Actually I would have expected Penny to come to Leonard's defence there and slap Amy - she needs it.
  2. Penny is right to be scared. She's put her whole life in Leonard's hands and he's letting her down. He always fails to protect her from the Shamy monster. If Leonard's a jerk it effects the whole show, not just Penny. A founding premise of TBBT was that Leonard was basically the good guy. We laugh at him a lot, but if we despise him it's not TBBT any more. In this episode L had no business agreeing to the double date - that was never going to be pleasant for Penny. But given that he had, I was thinking how it might have developed if Leonard had stepped up. It would have changed probably the whole season. When Sheldon started insulting Penny on the stairs, Leonard could have said something to the effect of "Penny and I can't come on this date after all, because I'm moving in with Penny right away, and we need to move my stuff to her apartment this evening". Then it would be up to Leonard - not Penny - to tell Amy that she can't come to Penny's apartment unless invited. It would then be quite plausible for Amy to impose herself in Sheldon's home - she's good at that (sleeping in Leonard's old room, of course). Then there should have been some comedy in Sheldon sneaking across to 4B to seek nurture from his friends, or refuge from Amy's unwanted sexual advances. This of course breaks S & L's odd-couple relationship that the show was based on. The writers will have to be pretty clever to preserve that and Leonard's good guy character. The business with the quantification of relationships showed the show's creators don't fully know their stuff: Physicists have an utter contempt for supposedly quantitative methods in the social "sciences".
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