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  1. No, Penny should not "reconnect with Amy. Here are few reasons: Amy is not a good friend for anyone. I guess many of us have an acquaintance who is not a bad person, but who makes the heart sink when they show up. That's Amy (except I'm not sure she's not a bad person). I can't imagine why the writers created such a depressing character. She was OK as long as she was as unemotional as Sheldon, but started to go bad in 4/8. For her to become friends with Penny and Bernadette required some very improbable behaviour. I don't believe even sweet, patient Penny would put up with Amy's repulsive nee
  2. Penny is right to be scared. She's put her whole life in Leonard's hands and he's letting her down. He always fails to protect her from the Shamy monster. If Leonard's a jerk it effects the whole show, not just Penny. A founding premise of TBBT was that Leonard was basically the good guy. We laugh at him a lot, but if we despise him it's not TBBT any more. In this episode L had no business agreeing to the double date - that was never going to be pleasant for Penny. But given that he had, I was thinking how it might have developed if Leonard had stepped up. It would have changed probably the w
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