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  1. I'll be really pleased IF we actually see the seduction and IF Leonard is enthusiastically seduced. If he successfully resists her I'll be disgusted.
  2. What?? Now Penny can't get Leonard to have sex with her?? Is there no length the damn writers and showrunners won't go to in ripping up the Lenny canon and spitting in the faces of Lennies just for the sake of it? Did you include the Campus Rape Joke or the scene where Amy dresses as a schoolgirl to try to seduce Sheldon? In contrast, KC has never done anything to be ashamed of.
  3. Wow. I always thought the Amy character was an insult to all women scientists in that we are told she is an accomplished scientist but we see an emtionally and socially repressed individual who has never had any friends because she's so unpleasant. There's nothing wrong with having unpleasant characters in a sitcom, but for a role-model I would have thought Lesley Winkle was preferable in every respect.
  4. Good point. It never struck me until it was brought up here, but B & H somewhat fit a comic stereotype that is much older than that: the hard-working woman who is (necessarily) bossy and controlling towards her feckless and childlike husband. A simple example from the UK is Andy Capp, a newspaper cartoon strip that started in 1957, but the stereotype is much older than that. A certain type of man was supposed to never need to grow up because his wife took over directly fom his mother. But of course this has nothing to do with Lenny. Penny has always escaped being a stereotype because of the power of KC's acting.
  5. Not me. I just keep saying to myself "there is no hope".
  6. When he met Penny he wanted to have kids with her. He never wanted to have kids by any old mother, only Penny.
  7. Well, I would have thought the Campus Rape Joke (Amy's experience recounted in S7 I think) was setting the bar pretty high for offensiveness.
  8. I very much doubt if we'll see him preparing to donate.
  9. I'm well behind with eps (thanks, E4) so this sounds like something to really not look forward to. Leonard really wants kids even if they're not Penny's? The writers and showrunners are really going out of their way to piss all over the Lenny canon.
  10. Glad to know that. I was wondering whether the problem with what B said was my hearing or my TV. Nothing, unless it's Penny's. KC can even act with her hair.
  11. Quite, and Leonard with his smart siblings and parents has a much better chyance of smart kids, unless Sheldon's smartness is due to a benign mutation rather than just genes coming together. BUT what is much more important, if we consider these characters as they have been established and project them into the imaginary future beyond TBBT, there is no doubt at all that Leonard and Penny will love any kids they may have unconditionally and never judge or test them (Howard and Bernadette are the same, of course). With the Sheldon and Amy characters there's no such guarantee. It's quite IC for Sheldon to judge his kids and express his disappointment if they're not super-smart, even reject them, while Amy could quite consistently carry out experiments on their minds - (a sort of degenerated Beverly). Shamy should never be allowed to breed - they're not fit for parenthood.
  12. Well, there was nothing adorable about Amy's awkwardness. But the question of whether they will be smart, even assuming intelligence is a thing that can be inherited, depends on an issue that's never been fully brought out - the origin of Sheldon's intelligence. Sometimes he's talked as tho' he believes he's a mutation, the potential father of a new super-intelligent race; but on others, notably the one when all the other guys were trying to get off with Missy, Sheldon was convinced that Missy had the same genetic potential as himself. In the latter case he equally has the potential to father children who are as dumb as soup.
  13. I never meant to blame Holland more than Molaro - I don't know enough to apportion the blame between them - just Holland was quoted and Molaro wasn't. The rot set in alongside great Lenny stories still happening. 808 The Prom Equivalence has some of the best Lenny scenes, but it's also where the Shamy nonsense that would eventually crowd out Lenny began, when Sheldon said "I love you too". Molaro and Holland are both listed as writers on that ep. I hated most of season 11 because it was all about Shamy and their damn wedding, with occasional scraps of Lenny. I was in a way grateful for 1203 because it at least put Penny and Penny's feelings in the centre. If there'd been a follow up where Leonard tried to get closer and draw out why Penny felt like that I'd have been delighted.
  14. I strongly agree except for the implication that IQ = "Intelligence". Personally I'm pretty much guided by Stephen Jay Gould (The Mismeasure of Man) on this. And I think that's the implied position of TBBT, which has a lot of high-IQ people behaving stupidly. IQ is a good predictor of achievement in fields in which the scientist characters in TBBT have already achieved. There was a very nice scene where Sheldon said he envied Penny's ability to read people's feelings. But it's up to Leonard to draw out her insecurities and reassure her. See, L has high IQ and apparently doesn't realise that. I often feel L is failing relationship 101 (or, to put it vanother way, replicating mistakes I've made, and as Lenny are the only sitcom couple I've ever cared about I don't like that).
  15. How dare Holland be proud of a beautiful thing that he has destroyed with his Shamy obsession. The way L & P evolved was due largely to the 2 great actors KC and JG, and the writers writing for them. Now that's been wasted by making MB play the romantic heroine when there's no sexual 0or emotional chemistry at all between her and JP.
  16. Absolutely. What bothers me is not that P is sometimes snarky or otherwise not very nice to L, but that L never asks her WHY and they never talk it out.
  17. Dunno when I'll get to see this ep as E4 in the UK is still on repeats, but it's already surprised me: Zack met his wife in a book store?
  18. One thing that this reflects is that Penny is the deepest and most complex female character the show has produced - possible the deepest of either gender. This is a combination of excellent writing in previous seasons and KC's brilliant and deeply sympathetic acting. Penny still has unresolved issues because from c Season 8 or so they just dropped Penny and concentrated on Amy - who IMO has no depth, no inner life, no feelings. The writers' talents have been wasted. If the programme makers wanted to end the show with class, they'd drop all this Shamy dreck and concentrate on resolving Penny's issues. That could be great to watch. A scene I'd like to see in the finale is everyone - including Sheldon - acknowledging how much they owe to Penny for making their lives better.
  19. I guess you could call that the "Big Bang" ending. I'd prefer something more cyclic. One that I think I suggested before would be the revelation that the whole series has been the screenplay Penny said she was writing in 101. Another would be that Sheldon realises marrying Amy was a terrible mistake and wants to move back to 4A. Then L & P could subject him to interview and tests like a sort of mirror image of those S gave L when L first arrived at 4A. Including what S has learned about popular culture from P. The last scene could be a domestic evening at 4a with the 3 of them and S saying it's just like the good old days. P's facial expressions in response could be the final image.
  20. I don't think Amy should have become more normal, Take away her oddities and there's nothing left. So long as their relationship was a joke it was a damn funny one. Eg the scene where Amy tried to cure Sheldon of his need for closure. I used to enjoy that sort of thing. Now when a Shamy scene comes up my heart sinks. And I don't think A should have got dating advice. It's quite unbelievable that anyone except Sheldon and Bert would be interested, and much of the point of A was her constantly-frustrated pursuit of S.
  21. Yes, but Leonard got Penny while poor Sheldon fell into Amy's grasp. I never found Sheldson's "love" for Amy believable. So I reckon Leonard's ahead. L & P just need to move to somewhere where Penny can have a career she enjoys.
  22. I always felt something missing that Sheldon didn't come up with this line when Leonard first talked about our kids will be S & B. Presumably the writers know the (apocryphal) story about George Bernard Shaw and Isadora Duncan.
  23. This is how the showrunners and writers have lowered the quality by not putting the effort into Penny. In the classic seasons, Penny wasw the only truly 3-dimensional female character. This was because the writers understood how to use KC's brilliant acting ability, so that Penny was like a real person. Amy, in contrast, is now and always has been 2-D, a character with no inner life. There's only one actress of KC's quality in the cast (can't think of one in any other sitcom now running, come to that). And now her talent is wasted.
  24. KC also brought a depth to the character far beyond what you usually get in sitcom acting.
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