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  1. I ask again, does anyone know whether the writing crew churning out the dreck of the last few seasons are the same people who originally wrote the 3 wonderful characters Penny, Leonard and Sheldon ( I was going to say created, but the creation of P, L and S was a seamless collaboration between actors and writers)? So sad they've degraded what they once had.
  2. I don't think "grew up" is really what has happened to Sheldon. Rather, the brilliant comic creation that was the original Sheldon has been destroyed in order to promote Amy to a ridiculous romantic heroine. These is not character growth but simply a complete redefinition of the character, as tho the uxorious drip we see now is a physical replicant who has taken Sheldon's place. The unique character who was such fun to watch is gone. There is still no reason to think he wants actual children, as opposed to descendents.
  3. Isn't someone going to post a last curse of the year on the showrunners and writers?
  4. There have been very few episodes that wouldn't have been improved by another scene of Penny dancing in her underwear, IMO.
  5. KC should always be in the centre. But none of them looks much like their characters.
  6. Well, even Penny is a fictional character (altho a more fully developed and 3-dimensional one than any others except Leonard and perhaps Sheldon). But IRL I think it's not uncommon for a woman who is perceived as "strong" not to get the protection she'd like from her partner. And we know that Penny liked "take-charge Leonard", so she'd probably like him to take charge of controlling others' access to their home. And as she moved in with Leonard, and Sheldon came with Leonard and Amy is Sheldon's partner, Penny might feel a bit awkward taking the initiative herself. And she seems IMO to suffer from a sort of paralysis when it comes to asserting her own rights.
  7. I don't remember this scene - what's it from? And they appear to be drinking rose - not my image of them. Another reminder that Leonard needs to buy Penny a pair of western boots.
  8. Not true. Consider their situation now. Penny is living in Leonard's world and apparently has no friends outside it. She goes to the job she doesn't particularly like and brings in the larger part of their joint income, then their social life is pretty much what Leonard's always was. L generally refuses to do the sporty sort of things P likes. I thought it was really sad when Penny went with Amy to Bert's get-together for science faculty for want of anything more enjoyable to do. Leonard has got everything his own way, and IMO needs to pay a lot more attention to whether Penny is happy and to what she wants. A small example: is Penny happy with the way Sheldon, and particularly Amy, walk into 4A whenever they feel like it? L should ask her, and if she's not happy, tell both of them to back off. That's where he needs to develop some backbone, not against Penny. Another recent example - why was Penny expected to try to cheer S & A up when their implausible joint paper turned out to be rubbish? It doesn't mean anything to her (and I'd like to see some acknowledgement that she's the one whose right here, as actually it just doesn't mean anything). The way Leonard is written suggests that he thinks that having got Penny to marry him he's home and dry and doesn't need to try any more. Sad.
  9. Yet Amy now has Sheldon exactly where she always wanted.
  10. Well, in the show it appears to mean "i don't know" with the extra implication that there is nothing I can say or there is no possible answer.
  11. I love a woman in uniform - so long as it's Penny.
  12. Penny, and occasionally other characters, says it quite often in the show - "you've got me there". It appears to mean that she can't support what she just said, (which was usually only said to spare someone else's feelings).
  13. If a character were to be dead, Beverley wouldn't be my first or second choice.
  14. I thought I'd got my expectations so low I couldn't be disappointed, but they did it again. How can anyone who ever loved classic TBBT endure the sight of that much Amy in one ep? One scene can stand for the whole: we had a delightful brief moment between Penny and Leonard (who can now cook a Texas delicacy, apparently) and just when it's getting sexy Amy barges in and puts an end to it for the entire ep. And we had the horror of the resurrection of Shamy's ridiculous "theory". When Amy started spouting that nonsense about their theory being valid "at a deeper level", old Sheldon would have dismissed it with a remark that he should never have listened to a biologist (or whatever he calls those in the life sciences). The S who's excited again has as much relation to that Sheldon as a pod person to their model. Was their a single viewer who didn't know the shower curtains would catch fire and the watch would be smashed? I repeat my plaintive question: are these still the same writers who created the show I used to love, or have they all been replaced (perhaps by pod people)?
  15. I don't think there's much point in trying to assess the intelligence of characters in a sitcom in which a lot of the humour has consisted of people with PhDs in the physical sciences behaving very stupidly. In TBBT world, implicitly at least there's no such thing as general intelligence. In terms of stupid behaviour, P, L and B seem to better than the others. And there was an ep, I think it was in S7, where S told P he envied her ability which I think is called "emotional intelligence", altho S didn't use that expression.
  16. There is no symbol to indicate how strongly I agree with this. Conflict and break ups in the Lenny relationship are fine because KC acts Penny's feelings so beautrifully - SO LONG AS the Lenny conflict remains in the foreground until it is resolved. It's sidelining Lenny that upsets me.
  17. Interesting - so the Shamys are actually to blame for the decline in quality - and the producers for pandering to them.
  18. Those who have any capacity for being angry and upset left after the way Lenny have been treated forso many seasons now.
  19. I haven't seen the sperm donor ep, but I wonder if it first occurred to the writers & showrunner as just a nice reference back to the very first scene of the whole series, and then sort of took on a life of its own ?
  20. The level of maths at which physicists like Sheldon is supposed to be operate is just outside a neuroscientist like Amy's comprehension. She would have no reason to learn that stuff and no time to do so and still keep up in her own field. There are those who believe that every field of knowledge can be made mathematical, but they're just wrong.
  21. I'm not sure if this should go here (as it refers to S12) or in non-season 12 (as it also refers to S5). No doubt the moderators will move it if this is wrong. Yet another example of how the show has degenerated struck me. In 512 the Vacation Solution, Sheldon thought he could spend his time off working in Amy's lab doing neuroscience. This was shown as a ridiculous idea, and Amy rightly derided his presumptuousness. Yet now in S12 (actually starting 1124) we have the equally ridiculous idea that Amy can make a contribution to theoretical physics, and this is welcomed by Sheldon and made a storyline. Obviously this is a device to get even more Shamy screentime, but it's a big drop-off in integrity from 512, and accepts the uninformed idea of generic "scientists". Does anyone know how much churn there's been in the writers over the whole series? Surely what we've been getting the last few seasons can't be written by the same team who created the series.
  22. Well, I was thinking of of the more restrained, elegant appeal of Penny in more formal black clothes. But now you mention it, Penny wore one of her most sensational little black dresses to the memorial meeting for Professor Tupperman, whose death created a tenured vacancy. So either way, more deaths please.
  23. It may have been a "hook-up" in TBBT-world (where campus rape was a suitable subject for a joke) but in real-world terms it was attempted rape.
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