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  1. Another good reason why certain characters should be killed off. I think we first saw Penny looking irresistable in black at Professor Proton's funeral.
  2. Given the premise that the absurd "Super-Asymmetry" Shamy have cooked up gets knocked on the head, it was very badly done. Instead of L doing their s**work (why would he?) and telling them privately, it would have been much better if they'd announced their theory at a seminar at Caltech where Kripke, already aware of the Russian paper, publicly demolished them (which they deserve for not doing a proper literature search beforehand, as well as for being who they are). They could have been so discredited that even Bert wouldn't speak to Amy. This storyline shows how Sheldon has been softened to nothing: classic Sheldon, as soon as the theory was debunked, would have blamed Amy for it, with sarcastic remarks about a life-scientist trying to do physics. Totally unfair, of course, but what's the point of a fair Sheldon? The ep, or L's hair?
  3. I thought this ep was as bad as Leonard's hair, which looked like a really unconvincing wig.
  4. Yes they have great chemistry still but my complaint is that they're not treated as the romantic leads anymore. Instead a couple with zero chemistry is foregrounded.
  5. I wasn't thinking so much of the pester-power of fans, but that in the early seasons maybe the programme-makers had the sense to see what a great thing they had in KC & JG and to run with it. Later they must have lost that sense, of course.
  6. Yes I meant maybe TBBT can let us know they are having sex without having to show them in bed together. Most TV programmes and films can manage that.
  7. Funny, but also OOC for both of them. Mrs F was a bracingly obnoxious character and already they've softened her. And S telling A he wanted to bond with her parents because he loved her was just puke. Uxorious Sheldon is another, far less amusing, character of the same name. Penny has been made unbelievably passive. When L & P were having a fairly intense discussion and Amy barged in with her own complaints, why couldn't P just say "Not now, Amy" as any normal person would? And I don't like that she's so unaware that she doesn't realise that when Raj tried to have sex with her when she was too drunk to consent, that was attempted rape. IMO when Raj phoned her from the hotel she should have reminded him of his premature ejaculation on that occasion. That should have set him up nicely for the night. On the positive side, apparently we're going to know R & Anu are a couple without seeing them in bed together.
  8. I wonder if it was planned like that from the beginning, or if romance wasn't intended to be major in the show but KC's wonderful acting and her and JG's great chemistry convinced the programme makers to make Lenny a major and continuing story. Anyway, they should have kept it in the foreground to the end.
  9. Apparently Valentine's is quite a thing with a certain class of Indians and the Hindu hardliners in charge now don't like it. The Howard and Larry stuff was only funny if you were aware cof Penn and Teller. I don't think TBBT usually mixes the story and RL like that.
  10. True, but it's acting that puts KC in a class of her own. That and sheer charm.
  11. While I think you're right about the actresses' looks, it's actually KC's acting that makes Penny so adorable and the only character who should be the romantic heroine. IMO she is the outstanding comic-light romantic actress not just of TBBT but of any sitcom I've seen (I can't remember what there was before Cheers). She has unique star quality, and considering how she's been wasted for the last few seasons it would have been better if she'd left TBBT and perhaps made films. There are equally beautiful actresses out there but none, I believe, equally talented in that genre. While MB is of course a first-class supporting actress, she just can't play the romantic heroine. A & S have no chemistry whatsoever, and MB seems incapable of projecting any sex appeal. This is a matter of acting, not just looks. (To illustrate what I mean, I don't supppose many have seen both the British TV serial Tutti Frutti starring Robbie Coltrane and EmmaThompson among others, and Peter's Friends, starring Stephen Fry and Emma T. Emma T was very sexy in Tutti Frutti, and frighteningly unattractive in Peter's Friends. This was achieved by acting, not make-up).
  12. Ok they made the 200th ostensibly about Sheldon's birthday, but I for one was delighted that it foregrounded Penny nearly as much as Sheldon (and Amy was kept in her proper place). The most lasting memory of this ep is The Green Dress (which some call the Blue Dress). I was really hopeful after that ep that KC was going to be restored to her proper position of leading lady, with Penny as the sole romantic heroine. But it was not to be.
  13. My Inner Sheldon has raised a question about the sound of the popping cork. Californian wines sold in the UK have screw caps, as do pretty well all New World wines. Do domestic wines come with corks in the US, or does Penny drink French wines?
  14. Nice to see P get turned on by L's decisiveness, but it would have been normal for L to drop what he was doing and for them to get physical right away. Sheldon was excellent with L about the decision, IMO. L did the right thing. Love the crows. Why on earth would P submit to A's impertinent questioning outside her door? and has A regressed? Looks as tho P & B need a place to hide from A. And in fact the playhouse is B's private place, so P has no right to invite A there without B's permission. B told P about it but not A. Now that S has introduced L to the joy of selfishness, L & P should practice it a bit towards A.
  15. It shows how beaten down we old-line fans are that we're grateful for any scrap of Lenny love. Only episode 6 and already you give us a Lenny kiss! You are truly spoiling us, programme-makers. It's a bit ironic that they were discussing their first kiss, as kisses now are as rare for married Lenny as they were before they first became a couple. I remain puzzled by what the writers are doing with Amy. She hogs screentime and is treated as a romantic heroine, yet every so often they remind us what a truly nasty piece of work she is. Howard's dressing up as Sheldon was funny and good-humoured and done at the workplace, but Amy's mockery of Bernadette was malicious, unfunny, and intruded into the party. It doesn't make sense for the others to tolerate Amy. Why on earth do B & P imagine she's their friend? Are they supposed to be idiots in that respect? This ep demonstrated that P does know how to lock the door, so why doesn't she use it to stop A barging in uninvited?
  16. A new show focussed on Lenny in a new setting and without the rest of the gang seems like a wishful dream for Lennies. But consider: when MB joined the cast she apparently brought a personal following who didn't much care for the then setup where Lenny were the only romantic couple and KC was the undisputed leading lady. A setup where Amy was the romantic heroine and Shamy were the romantic focus must then have seemed like a wishful dream to them. And now they've got it.
  17. I agree about the danger of lame Leonard. That's why I said a necessary condition would be that L should successfully learn to ride a horse.
  18. It's true that what has mainly lowered the quality of TBBT is Shamy scenes. But this requires Amy, obvs. Sheldon without Amy is usually fine. Making Shamy a romantic couple has reduced the quality of S as a character IMO. We have seen too much A without S, eg her implausible dating when S & A were broken up, her intrusion in 4A and even scenes with L.
  19. Funnily enough since this ep was shown in the UK there've been at least 2 repeats of old episodes where different characters complained about "4 flights of stairs": the cannabis-reeking pizza delivery guy and pregnant B.
  20. I think if there's to be a Lenny spinoff one essential condition is that Amy should not be part of it. Otherwise how do we know the same thing won't happen to the new show as happened to TBBT?
  21. I don't think "continuing" is the idea. It wouldn't be TBBT without Sheldon, but a new show with a new premise built around, and further developing, the Penny and Leonard characters. It would be kind of perfect if the series finale was the gang seeing P & L off for their new life in Nebraska.
  22. If KC really wants a Lenny spinoff, Lorre and JG owe it to her to give it a go. Without her (perhaps unexpected) brilliant romantic as well as comic acting TBBT would never have been more than a niche show about nerds and a hot girl.
  23. Excellent point. When she took up with L, P had to move into L & S's world and lost all her outside friends. So it's quite right Lernny should move to P's home ground and L should have to fit into her original world. But I still want L to overcome his fear of horses for P's sake. I think pathetic L is played out. This is all probably just a pleasant fantasy, but no reason for us not to indulge in it for the time being.
  24. Sounds good (tho' I've never seen Green Acres).I think there are a few requirements for it to be fully satisfactory. Obvs it would need more outside scenes that TBBT has. L has to learn to ride. I know he's said he's scared of horses but he must do it for P. Maybe then he could suffer a bout of the Samuel Smiles and take preparation H and when they're riding together tell Penny he's "sitting pretty". Altho he'll obviously never be a rodeo rider like P. We should def see P riding in a rodeo. Must have a scene where L takes P to be fitted for western boots, and subsequently see her wearing them with an appropriate skirt. On the other hand, L's own idea of appropriate western wear for himself could be a source of humour, but not too exaggerated - not like in the Cornhusker Vortex.
  25. I don't think so. I meant "Yes, Please can we have a show with Penny as the sole heroine and without the TBBT characters who've been milked dry", not "Please don't let's have any more far-fetched spinoff suggestions". I'd also be up for a completely new show starring KC. But there's still a lot of possiblities in Penny's character.
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