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  1. I had no hope for this episode, and I was right. It seemed intended as a deliberate insult to the fans of the original TBBT setup, where Penny was the undisputed romantic heroine. Bed scenes for B&H and A&S, nothing for the really sensual couple. Another step in the destruction of every worthwhile aspect of the show, one thing about A was that she was always funny in her lab - eg her monologues to brains she was dissecting, lab animals etc. This time the lab scene with the sensory deprivation subject was utterly unamusing. Her interaction with S in her lab long ago when he tried to be her lab assistant in lieu of vacation was pretty funny, this time A & S in her lab was rubbish. Incidentally, I left physics back in the last millenium, but I'm pretty sure "Super Asymmetry" is a meaningless expression. On the other hand, symmetry breaking effects have been important ever since unitary symmetry became a thing. I seem to remeber that the reason the fundamental particles have masses is due to such an effect? So nothing new there. And generally physics and the life sciences are pretty distinct, and the premise that S needs a for his work is quite implausible.
  2. Penny has a lot of boots. I like the ones without laces best.
  3. I thought it would have been more IC for L to say "al dente". For Penny's first "I love you" she was wearing the rather unbecoming Cheesecake Factory uniform. For their first kiss she had her nose painted black and black whiskers painted on her face. For the Lime Kiss she was wearing a baseball cap back-to-front. When she accepted L's proposal she had gorilla hair stuck to her hands and feet. There may be more examples of how KC can be enchanting in any costume.
  4. This is a minor example of Two nations divided by a common language.
  5. Damn good thing that was deleted. It shows how crap the writers have become about Penny. In one of the lovely Lenny scenes back when TBBT really was TBBT, Penny remembered going to a bookshop with L and how much he wanted the first edition of The Hitch-hikers Guide he saw there. She forgot that he actually bought it on the spot, but the story showed she wasn't bored doing what L liked. It seems the writers and showrunners now delight in revisiting the best old Lenny scenes and trashing them. As for the period when Raj was living in 4A, I really hate that because that's where Raj tried to rape Penny when she was too drunk to give or withold consent. Do the writers intend to indicate there's something wrong with L, or do they just not bother?
  6. This thread was 39 pages, now it's 38? How did that happen?
  7. Well Amy shouldn't say that because nobody but Sheldon would ever want her (I didn't believe the giant wurzel guy she dated just before S proposed), whereas S has had several credible alternatives including Raj's first arranged date and Ramona. But what is never said but is obviously true is that A wore S down. LIterally wore down in fact - S is diminished as a character since he has been supposed to "love" A.
  8. That's my policy. I began to hope a little with 1203 because whether you like the story or not it's about Lenny and concentrates on Penny's feelings for once and there's no Shamy. Could have been the start of a Lenny story arc. Normal disservice was resumed with 1204, of course. I must not get my hopes up. As an old-line Lennynist, I'd be quite happy with that, SO LONG AS Leonard's attempt to win Penny back was the main season-long story arc and prioritised over any Shamy rubbish. In fact I think a third Lenny wedding would be a most appropriate series finale.
  9. I hadn't thought of that. What a truly hideous idea.
  10. Right. Before seeing the ep I was wondering how a silly scottish hat could cause turbulence.
  11. Last week I foolishly allowed myself a glimmer of hope, what with focus on Penny's feelings for once (even tho it annoyingly infantilised L). This ep taught me not to hope, once again. The "how does P really feel about children" theme has been dropped as tho it had never been. The Tam story was utterly, utterly pointless and utterly unamusing. The idea of P & B going to check out Anu and instead getting drunk and telling her some of the things wrong with Raj was a good one, but rather perfunctorily done. But they're good together: I'd like to see more scenes with those 3, preferably with more dirt-dishing. Overall I thought this ep accomplished next to nothing, and strengthened my expectation that TBBT is going out with a whimper.
  12. Anu is the woman Raj deserves. Bossy, unsentimental, won't take his nonsense. I'd like to see this arranged marriage involve a reverse dowry where Raj's father pays Anu to take Raj of his hands. We really don't need to see the wedding, but maybe a scene from their married life where if Raj gives her any crap Anu skypes Raj's father for advice and backup. As for Raj "deserves better", the creep doesn't deserve anything except to die alone. Altho it would be rather sad poor little Cinnamon having to eat him all by herself.
  13. Well, I liked it. For the first time in a long time, after watching this ep I didn't have a vague sense of depression. Then I realised why - no Shamy scenes! And the main story was actually about Penny's feelings. Are the programme makers finally realising that she's the heroine they should focus on? It wasn't all there - the natural and proper place for P&L to discuss these things is in bed; and they need to get their sensuality back. The batmobile ending was a bit silly; and I fear the writers consider that wrapped up the P&L wanting children issue. But let me imagine for a bit that this was the start of a continuing Lenny storyline. I always thought that there should be a Lenny crisis early in the season to be resolved in an extended story. P's attitude to children should be more comples than just not wanting them, and bring out her insecurity and vulnerability as in her struggle to commit to L. Maybe she does want children but is secretly afraid of failing as a mother. Or maybe she's not sure L is really ready for fatherhood - the way he was in the Batmobile could symbolise that. So the story should be that instead of just taking what P says at face value L actually makes an effort to understand her feelings; and maybe they should end up with a deeper understanding that they do both want kids eventually, if L can ease P's insecurities. Or alternatively that L's desire for S&B kids was superficial, and he's been living too much in the future and should concentrate on doing stuff in the present - will I ever get to see P&L go horseback trekking together? (OK, no). I don't want to see P pregnant - that should be in the future or off-screen with a time jump, if at all. (and of course I really, really don't want to see A pregnant). B owns pregnancy. She has done and said everything that's needed ever wrt pregnancy. I hate it when one character's storyline is rerun with another character.
  14. Neither of them needs to worry about the odd million dollars. IMO KC could have been as big a movie star as eg Goldie Hawn.
  15. I thought ep 1 was bad but they topped it. They might as well just rename it The Shamy Show. I wish JG and KC had walked out long ago. It's painful to see them wasted like this and relegated to support for a couple with no romance or chemistry. It says something that the only hopeful part of the ep was Stuart and Denise. I hope their romance blossoms and is followed through. I like it that Stuart has a chance with a girl and Raj doesn't.
  16. After watching 1202, I wondered if it would be noticeably different if JG and KC had left. I wish they had, rather than put up with this treatment.
  17. The show couldn't possibly have continued without JG or KC. Or rather it obviously could have been made but it wouldn't have been worth watching for the original TBBT fans. Raj could be lost with advantage IMO, and the time advantageously filled with a bit more Stuart. Howard and Bernadette would be sadly missed, but the show could survive. The only absolutely essential cast members are KC, JG and JP - the triangle on which the show was built. If MB had left they could have written Amy out quite easily any time up to and including 1124 - eg Sheldon realising that marriage wasn't for him. That would have thrown the structure back to more like what it was in earlier seasons, with Sheldon as the weird third wheel to Leonard and Penny. As it is I think the Shamy marriage meant the show couldn't go on long anyway, because it depends on their all living in each other's pockets to an extent that becomes less believable as each couple marries. It was already fairly unbelievable that P & L allowed the others to treat their home like a common lounge they could hang out in whenever they felt vlike it.
  18. I thought I had lowered my expectations so far that I couldn't be disappointed, but I underestimated the programme makers. I thought that after most of S11 was wasted on the lead-up to the Shamy wedding we'd at least be shot of that now they're married, but no - we had to see their boring togetherness in NYC. The makers could surely have given it a rest and limited Shamy to skyping in briefly. The Quality Reduction Programme that began when they started to make Shamy the romantic couple took another step by retaining Amy's parents for another ep. Such crude and witless humour. Just compare them with Beverley and Alfred to see how far they lower the standard. For the first time ever, I felt there was no chemistry between Leonard and Penny. Maybe JG and KC have finally decided that if the writers and showrunner don't bother, why should they. Or just got fed up with wasting their great talents on the dross they're given. Overall, I got the feeling that the characters in this ep weren't the ones we know. It was as though it had been written by a new team who'd been given a single paragraph on each character but had never watched the show.
  19. It was my highlight of more than just a single episode. I think that's maybe my favourite Penny costume ever. But I call it green.
  20. Jane Austen. This came up in an ep where Sheldon seemed odd. After Amy pointed out a big plot hole in Raiders OTLA, Sheldon was reading P & P for the first time because it was her favourite novel and he wanted to find fault with it to get back at her. S is supposed to be very intelligent and to love A. But his not having had the curiosity to read her favourite novel before suggests either he's dully incurious or doesn't really love her. Also he couldn't find anything wrong with P&P. Fair enough as a novel, but his criticisms of LHOTP were based mostly on knowledge of the period. Someone who was really trying could have made something of JA's "don't mention the war" rule. Or of the fact that Elizabeth begins to change her mind about Darcy after seeing Pemberly: size (of country house) matters. Not valid criticism, perhasps, but if S is so smart he could have had a go.
  21. Don't entirely agree: Penny/KC is in a class of her own for facial acting, no-one is close enough to measure against her. Like it's a 0-1 varaiable (with Penny the only 1).
  22. Why can't we have scenes like the last pic these days? Is that really too much to ask?
  23. Altho Penny was said to "go all Nebraska" and similar, in fact she has put up with far too much disgusting behaviour from other characters without lashing out. Only Howard ever got the deserved treatment. I would have liked to see her GAN on Raj and on Amy on various occasions. It's a part of KC's range we should see more of.
  24. KC was brilliant in this ep. Penny's joy lit up the screen. I can't think of a scene of romantic happiness I've ever seen, and I don't mean just in sitcoms, to top that. She really has star quality.
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