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  1. They should kill off one or two of the less likeable characters so we can see Penny looking great in formal black again.
  2. I'm hoping there is arguing and that the arguments are followed through and the issues resolved so their relationship ends up even better and they end up in bed and we see it all on screen.,ved
  3. KC's facial expressions (or facial acting, as I call it) are wonderful and they're not just funny faces, often they say more than words, and most importantly they convey Penny's feelings and inner life. All sitcom actors need to be able to pull funny faces, but few (maybe none) are real facial actors like KC - many sitcom characters have no apparent inner life. Lenny are the first sitcom couple I've ever shipped ( I can remember not really caring about Sam and Diane and rather disliking Ross and Rachel, can't remember who there was before Cheers) and it's entirely due to KC's acting. She's made Penny such a loveable and sassy-yet-vulnerable character. I would have liked to see Penny's issues resolved before series end.
  4. I really can't see that. The way Amy has been treating Sheldon, telling him to go and sit on the stairs or put his hand up before speaking, I think he'll be mentally abused.
  5. More interesting than what? I found Penny's relationship with Sheldon a lot more interesting than Amy's. Why couldn't Sheldon have been kept as one young man on TV who didn't have a "romantic" relationship at the centre of his life. I thoroughly enjoyed Penny's crushing of Howard. We should have seen her do the same thing to creepy Raj, and never try to make him feel better. The horror! That was a scene to make the blood run cold.
  6. Another beautiful relationship that was superior to S/A, but has been destroyed by making Shamy a romantic couple, was Sheldon with Himself.
  7. Presumably there'd be some sort of physical test that they'd both fail. That could be pretty funny. Remember how Shamy used to be funny before the programme-makers tried to make them romantic?
  8. The way I see it, Penny's taking sides on the RA was open in L's presence and constituted defiance but not disloyalty. And since the very existence of the RA is down to L, not P, he can't complain how she uses it. Whereas L listened to Amy's stories about P behind P's back. The way I read it, Amy admitted she was jealous of P & S's friendship implying L should also be jealous, and sneaked on P to L because she was jealous. L should not have entertained A's malice towards P. Of course, Penny is an idiot to confide in Amy.
  9. Penny is L's wife. Anything she gets added to the RA isn't going to harm L. Penny will never harm L. Poison Amy was trying to make trouble in P's marriage, and it doesn't make any difference if what she said was true. L should have been loyal to P and thrown A out of the apartment.
  10. It's precisely because P didn't understand the need of an RA and why L would sign it that she's entitled to make what use of it she pleases when it is in place against her wishes. L should not have listened to wormtongue Amy trying to make triouble for P.
  11. I think that's too simplistic. Remember, Sheldon was Leonard's problem, not Penny's. Penny developed her own very real friendship with Sheldon, but the reason Sheldon lives with them at this stage is because of his connection to Leonard. Penny accepts this basically because she loves L as he is, but she sees how strange it is, and she's entitled to get a little harmless fun out of it at L's expense, IMO.
  12. Over on the Dark Lenny thread we got a bit OT and started discussing RAs in general, with particular reference to Shamy's, obvs. I pointed out that marriage is always a contract, with each legal system effectively specifying a minimum contract. Thinking afterwards about some of the rarer cases that have occurred under English law, I wondered if under California law Amy could sue Sheldon on the ground that once a year does not meet her Conjugal Rights? If so I think Howard would be the one to put her up to it.
  13. Yes indeed. Always fascinated to see what you select. Lovely reminders of the golden age of Lenny, and often pointing out great bits of acting by KC that I for one may have missed.
  14. Actually marriage is a contract. There's a default version in each legal system that most couples implicitly accept. It used to be quite common for people of property to have bespoke marriage contracts - in England at any rate.
  15. Yes, I call us "old line" TBBT fans. I wonder what proportion of the original fanbase have given up since every ep was dominated by you-know-who. I suppose the net figures for viewership are gathered, but not the "churn" ie how many old viewers dropped out and were replaced by new ones who liked a different sort of show.
  16. We've been celebrating how Penny shows her love by the way she looks at and touches Leonard when they're not directly engaged in romantic activity. That comes to a sudden stop with S8. There's some lovely Lenny action such as their dance on the roof in the Ep With Penny's Prom Dress, but no incidental signs of affection. Any ideas why? This was before the show was totally degraded by Shamification, which began to take hold in S9.
  17. I think the break-ups, conflicts and "issues" were essential. And KC was always beautiful to watch as troubled Penny. I don't want plain sailing for Lenny, I want conflicts that are resolved and then lead to scenes of them in bed together.
  18. I've no idea what most of this refers to, but it's a real pity JE7 has left. He did his bit to counteract the "overall shamy centric flavor".
  19. I should think Penny is the only sitcom character whose feelings have ever been analyzed so intensively. That shows the power of KC's acting, combined with what the writers could do for her when they wanted to.
  20. Interesting interpretation. My take on that "good for Leonard" was that she was realising that L was to be taken seriously in the sex game, or perhaps more of a catch than she'd thought. But your version works too, IMO.
  21. Such wonderful acting by KC. She makes those 2 words quite heartbreaking. The showrunners and writers who've sidelined her should be twirling signs outside going-out-of-business sales.
  22. That was true from the start of Shamy - one thing Sheldon liked about Amy was that she was a human doormat for him. That was quite IC for the Sheldon that had been established. But since Amy became sure of Sheldon there's been a qualitative change. While S says lovey-dovey slush to A that even the great JP can't make convincing, A has become pretty nasty to S, in public: "Play with your phone!"; "Go and sit on the stairs!"; "Put your hand up before speaking!". Not like a wife/lover - more like a particularly harsh mother. Which is somewhat sick. Who'd be Sheldon.
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