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  1. No other reason. Thanks for the advice. Will keep trying for guaranteed tickets.
  2. We have two standby tickets to the Aug 28th taping, however after reading the previous posts I am not feeling good about traveling 1200 miles to get there and be shut out, particularly in view of this being the last season and I suspect there will be a lot of VIP's attending. Thoughts?
  3. We were of the same mind at the taping we attended in November. It was our first time attending and my wife and I did not want to take a chance of not getting in (holding two standby tickets), coming from Spokane, WA. I convinced my wife we needed to be there by 0700, and yes we were the first in line. 0800 three folks showed up, by eleven I think there were 15 or so in line. The line continued to build and I think at the time they led us into the parking garage (after the Ellen Show audience was moved out and into her studio), there were 41 in line. As it turned out there were not a lot of VIP's so all of the standby's were let in. MichyGeary, the author of this thread, is really the expert on this topic and has provided great info on attending, just read back in the previous pages.
  4. We won't be able to get to the taping on Feb 18th but I am willing to help try for a guarantee, just let me know!
  5. We were there for the December 9th taping. Monday afternoon we did the VIP tour of the Warner Bros. studio. $51 but well worth the money (lasted about 3 hours). We also got tickets on line (free) to see the taping of Jeopardy (in Sony Studio located in Culver City about an hour from Warner Bros depending on traffic) on Wednesday. They are a lot easier to get than TBBT. In between tapings (they do 5 shows in a day twice a week), Alex Trebek takes questions from the audience on whatever you want to talk about. It was definitely worth the drive. We also visited the Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood Walk of Fame (saw Kaley Cuoco's newly place star) and visited Grauman's Chinese Theater and viewed all the celebrity cement footprints/handprints. We could have spent a week but just did not have the time. Lots to do. You will enjoy it.
  6. I guess I need to broaden my forum reading, thanks!
  7. Just read CBS is airing a special Friday Nite, Dec 26, entitled "Now That's Funny", a behind the scenes look at the most popular comedies. They interview Chuck Lorrie and J Parsons.
  8. We are happy to make your acquaintance as well Trinabeana! Ref Suzi, the gift shop is located where you catch the VIP tours, just follow the signs. It maybe a 1/4 mile or so from Gate 3 (entrance for BBT). Getting a signed photo is a long story. In short, Mark Sweet (the warm up man) and I have a link from some 50 years ago!
  9. Thank you for all the info! We made it into the taping. I believe everyone in the standby line made it in. We had great seats, directly in front of Sheldon's apt where the opening scene took place. I won't be a spoiler, but will tell you the name of the episode, "The Space Probe Disintegration"! Thanks again!!
  10. Made it to Burbank, 5 people in line at 8 am, 9 inline at 11:00!
  11. Thanks again for the info, stop by and say hey if you get a chance!!
  12. That would be awesome. I installed Grub Hub on my iphone in anticipation of an "in line - on line" order. I seem to recall a previous post that made mention of a Thai/Chinese restaurant but failed to commit it to memory. Having my recollection refreshed would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your assistance. We are keeping our fingers crossed for good weather. We have been in the teens here most of the week, shoveled snow this morning!
  13. Yes, my wife and I have standby tickets for Dec 9th. Flying down from Spokane on Monday and heading to the "line-up" first thing Tuesday morning. Our first time to a taping!!
  14. Wow, what an experience and a truly awesome account of the evening!! Thank you and have a safe trip home.
  15. I would also like to thank MichyGeary for the post on audience stats. As I related in my first post, my wife and I are coming from Spokane, WA for the December 9 taping, holding standby tickets. We plan on doing the WB tour Monday afternoon and lining up as early as possible on Tuesday morning. We will be prepared to stand in line all day. I realize cell phones and cameras are not allowed but is there anyone you can check them in with before you enter...assuming we get in! (Not sure if we can go a whole day without!!)
  16. Ditto...let's see if I passed the test for getting my first three posts accepted!!
  17. Well Trinabeana, I am actually from Colville (north of Spokane), but nobody knows where Colville is. We have also booked our hotel & flight on Southwest, flying out the morning of the 8th and returning the afternoon of the 10th. Super excited here as well!!
  18. Thank you Sheldorslady for the advice. In that we are making the flight to Burbank for the sole purpose of attending the taping, which has been on my wife's and my bucket list since retiring and celebrating our 45 wedding anniversary, I want to make sure we maximize our chances of getting in. (I think I am responding to your post.....will see.)
  19. Newbie here from Spokane, WA. Never joined a forum before and making my first post. Landed standby tickets to the Dec 9 taping and just trying to learn what we can/may expect on our first venture to a TV taping!
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