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  1. Hey all! I just couldn't stay away! This is my little Christmas present and thank you to my loyal readers. Having left his Christmas shopping until the last possible moment, Sheldon must suffer the consequences. It is rated M. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12733426/1/Ho-Ho-OH This is the first of what is going to be a 2 (possibly 3) chapter story at most. The other chapter(s) is not written yet and that most definitely will NOT be happening this weekend since I am one of the poor unfortunate souls that have to work at the crack of dawn Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Happy Thanksgiving Y'all! Enjoy!
  2. The painting is called "The Good Life" by Corey Steffen. I'm not sure if I can post a link to the website where I found it, but a quick Google search should bring it up. It's retailing for $174.99 on the website I found it on.
  3. I'm spoiler free this season so quickly ducking in and out of here trying to not read anything. Even though Shamy had, what I felt, to be the B plot this episode, it was incredibly sweet. I was not expecting the "I love you." How soft Amy's voice got when she said it was perfect. Jim's acting during the dream sequences was fantastic. I don't know how he and Mayim manage to keep straight faces and get through filming. Oh, to be a fly on the wall during rehearsals.... The writers totally read fanfic. They stole my Amy goes to Stanford (except made it Princeton) storyline from Ten Dates and now they totally ripped off @hazelra7 and Six Sheldon's tonight. Yo writers, how about ripping off any number of the Shamy bedroom scenes? I'm sure CBS would jump at "Big Bang after Dark" over on Showtime!
  4. First solid episode of the season. Hubby and I laughed the entire episode. Bernadette's "I like drinking cranberry juice from a wine glass and watching people freak out"," (or something close to that) and Stuart's "the fungus is under the toenail!" had us in stitches. I liked Bernadette's new co-worker. Would love to see her become a recurring character. Next week looks cute too! It's very nice to see a nice balanced rotation of the A plot amongst the cast throughout the first four episodes. Have to wonder if that's the new show runner's influence?
  5. This episode was boring. The only time my husband and I laughed was during the tag when Mrs. Davis was reading Leonard's drunk e-mail. For the second episode of the season, this seriously had a "mid-season filler episode" feeling. I'm wondering if it's a recycled script from last year with just a few tweaks.
  6. The second time (that I count at least) was in Spock Rennosance when he took the ring and saw Amy kissing Dave Gibbs.
  7. I'm 100% spoiler free this season, so I didn't know that Amy was going to say yes. I have to say I was extremely disappointed that we didn't get to actually see it. The Howardette storyline was cute and so well acted! I was wondering if they were going to work in Melissa's r/l pregnancy. Amy hugging Dr. Slutbunny at the end of the episode made me groan. Sheldon only proposed because someone threatened their relationship? Seriously, WTH? It's been established that he was going to propose twice previously. There was no need for Ramona to even be in the episode, other than to establish the time jump. A pretty meh season opener. Hopefully, it gets better next week.
  8. I'm also on the fence as to whether I will continue to watch Young Sheldon. I laughed a few times at a few of the jokes Sheldon made but as the show ended I felt sad for Sheldon and I don't want to watch a show that makes me feel that way. The casting (with the exception of George Senior) is brilliant. When Mary called for Sheldon, I thought I was listening to Laurie, rather than Zoey. I'll watch one more episode because pilots typically have a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time to set up the premise, but I'm thinking, at this point, that I'm out.
  9. Mayim and Kunal's episode of Drop the Mic will air on TBS October 26th. I can't wait for this! https://www.tvtime.com/en/show/332509/episode/6226519
  10. Carlos and Tensor, glad to hear you and your respective families are okay. Homes can be rebuilt, although the insurance and FEMA paperwork is a nightmare. I'm in South Carolina but luckily we escaped any major flooding here.
  11. I've submitted my top 10s for both Shamy and Lenny, and, oddly, I found the Lenny list to be much easier to put together... makes me feel sorry for the Lennies. My Shamy top 10 is as follows: 1. Proposal 2. Prom (I love yous) 3. “Oh, it's a tiara!” 4. “We can find out together”/ first coitus 5. Sheldon realizing the song was about Amy/ she's the dryer sheet of my heart 6. D&D game continued in Sheldon's bedroom 7. the kiss on the train 8. Buridan's donkey 9. “We got a turtle!” announcement to Lenny 10. Sheldon reaching for Amy's hand when Howard is launched into space
  12. YMMV, but, ON was definitely the better written of the two episodes, IMO. I can't get over Bernie's elephant gestation just to satisfy some one-liner joke that only Molaro found funny. SO glad that joke is (by all appearances) dead.
  13. Guys, we might not get an answer on 8/15. The past two season premieres have seen episodes taped out of order and secret scenes not taped in front of the audience. Sorry to harsh the buzz... hope I'm wrong. #LowExpectations
  14. I don't think Analyn d'Ettore is on the forum, but I recently started reading her story and am completely blown away by her talent. This has quickly climbed into my top five favorite stories of all time. The Inefficiency Postulate
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