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  1. Penny is a dreamer. She could be convincing herself into liking stability and still crave that dream. It's a dichotomy and she, I would think have difficulty committing to either or. I always thought it would be funny for her to get a big break for a part in a movie like Star Trek and all the guys are pestering her to visit on set. They do things on set to get close to their celebrities and jeopardize her standing in the movie. I would like to see her still connected to acting somehow. Maybe she could teach all the Star Wars fans how to act whenever there is part posted for SciFi fans. She was so funny teaching Sheldon how to improv lol
  2. The first meeting, Amy said, "I share your aversion to soiled hosiery." Raj blackmailed Sheldon into meeting Amy by telling him he a dirty sock from the roof somewhere in the apartment! Soooo funny!
  3. Welcome, I am new too. My 14 year old nephew loves the show too and I bought him a Bazinga Snuggy for Christmas!
  4. Awwwww, I'm new to the forum and just want to say thank you for sharing your personal story, you are truly inspiring. Laughter relieves so much tension and stress - I guess that's why I like comedy shows/movies mostly. I wish you endless laughter and total wellness - hugs to you!
  5. Welcome, I am new too. I did not get hooked on the show until the 4th season when I actually watched the 3rd season on DVD :-)
  6. I'm a huge fan and watch the show on a continuous loop. I just challenged myself to figure out my top 3 fav episodes for each season and it took a long time. I am going to try and figure out my top 3 Favorite "bits" and cold opens for each season. For now, my top 3 favorite "bits" that had me in tears laughing: Penny driving Sheldon to work on Euclid Avenue in Season 2 Raj giving Howard a light saber belt buckle in season 7 Sheldon giving his "speech" to accept award in "pants alternative" Okay, I can't limit self to three, these other moments are top contenders: Bernadette morphing into Howard's mother giving Howard breakfast in bed Howard imitating his mother to avoid talking to Sheldon on the phone "why are you calling at this ungodly hour? .... Call your own mother!" Raj Howard and Sheldon in closet looking for cricket and the 3 of them can't get out at the same time Sheldon and Penny w Long Island Iced tea Leonard and Bernadette in the scavenger hunt - the dynamic was hilarious! Amy and Howard on the scavenger hunt bonding over Neil Diamond Howard at space camp reporting to Bernadette Amy dressing like a celebrity bc she wears same orthopedic shoes as Professor Proton Sheldon's mom in church with the gang There are too many to even try and make a top 3 favorite bits - jeesh, anyone want to try?
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