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  1. I mentioned this before, but because the purpose of this story arc might be to show that Shamy can't be just platonic friends, what are your opinions of the possibility of Shamy having sex before getting back together? Is it something you really want to see because they're finally able to throw caution to the wind, or do you think it just wouldn't be right for them considering that the development of their relationship has always been baby steps?
  2. Regarding all of the Christmas/New Year's Eve talk, I've wanted to see a New Year's Eve plot since we haven't had one for awhile, and it would be a great opportunity for a group scene. But in TBBT-land, Christmas is for Shamy!
  3. I was thinking about this last night too, and I totally agree. The last line about Sheldon not being able to excel as Amy's boyfriend as part of his rejection would suggest that he's putting Amy first, but I think it's part of his self-defense mechanism. The rest of the episode shows Sheldon being oblivious to the fact that Amy she misses their relationship - or was he? He could have been pretending not to realize what she meant rather than having to open up and actually admit he misses her. That would mean he has to stop ignoring his emotions and actually feel this break-up, and he'd have to
  4. Last night's episode was pretty boring, and I think the fact that episode 7 was taped before it made it seem sort of pointless since you don't really need it to understand what happens in episode 7 except who Amy is kissing. I do like the idea that this story arc will make Amy stronger and stand up to her friends: and her first order of business should be confronting them about pushing Amy to have the break up they think she needed to have, not the one she actually needed. Not once did they ask if Amy was over Sheldon. Not once did they ask if she wanted to get back together with him. Instead,
  5. Here are the problems I have with the most recent episode: 1) Leonard, Penny and Bernadette spy on Amy's date because they want to know what Dave looks like. Um, Bernadette and Penny were there with Howard and Raj when they were choosing someone for Amy from the dating app. And really, what does them spying on her date accomplish anyway? If it had gone well, would they have sabotaged it in order to get Shamy back together? Actually, that would have been funnier, and it least it would have shown their friends being supportive. 2). Instead of focusing on Dave's personality, or what kind of dynam
  6. This entire breakup, I was waiting to see if the writers would give us a scene like Leonard and Penny's looks at each other during their breakup in season 4's "The Justice League Recombination." And last night on the stairwell, Shamy and the writers did exactly that. I rarely have cried over Shamy (which is interesting, since I tend to get very emotional over shows I don't even like as much as BBT), but I found myself surprised at how much pain and regret Shamy had just being 5 feet apart from each other. I love that Sheldon was practically looking at the ground the entire scene - because if h
  7. Is it possible there may be one, or even two more apartments across from the elevator? I don't think we've ever seen that wall. Then that would mean there are 4 floors with 4 apartments each if there are 16 mailboxes.
  8. This connects with something I've been thinking about all day. I re-watched Separation Oscillation earlier today and Bernadette's line to Penny about the fact that it's better that Leonard chooses to be with her because he wants to rather than because he doesn't have any other options struck me. We know the writers like to draw parallels in the couples, and I know I've seen some fans express the sentiment either that Amy is with Sheldon because she can't find anyone else, or that she can do better and move on. I would love to see the writers setting things up that makes it 100% crystal clear t
  9. Since no one (apparently) has said episode 9, I will say that is my answer. Because of what's been taped so far, I still think we need more explanation about why this break-up happened before the reconciliation, and one episode might not be enough to do both. I think either of them could initiate a reconciliation, but I think this really needs to be written as Sheldon and Amy meeting each other halfway, since some fans could argue that Amy 'settled' for Sheldon if he comes crawling back, or would question why she broke up with him in the first place if she's the one to initiate it.
  10. This bolded part is exactly how feel. Fans have been complaining pretty much since season 8 that the writers refuse to change the status quo. They got Lenny engaged, then didn't ever mention them planning their wedding until the end of the season. The living arrangements have been a source of tension several times, and yet they still haven't changed. I don't know why the writers are so afraid to change things up when the audience is sick of seeing the same things over and over. I disliked the jokes about Howard and Raj's relationship in episode 2 because there's a strong sense of 'been there,
  11. You know what, as long as this episode takes place before 9.6, I'm okay with it. If it happens after Penny found out Sheldon was going to propose, that'd be pretty cruel and I'd have to wonder what the writers were smoking. While the episode doesn't sound 'OMG, amazing,' it does have one thing I've been waiting for: for the guys to interact with Amy. Ever since the season opener at H/B's house, Amy's only interactions with the group have been with Penny and Bernadette. It would make me sad if the guys made no effort to still hang out with her and only saw Sheldon during their break-up, so I'm
  12. Since Wil Wheaton is involved in the documentary, what if there is a public screening of it, and the whole gang is in the audience? And Penny or Wil know that Amy is coming, so they keep Sheldon's explanation about the ring in the film. That would be an awesome way for Amy to find out - and for a public proposal, which I've secretly always wanted!
  13. I had a feeling the staircase conversation would lead to Amy dating another guy. However, I wish we knew how Amy met this guy and whether they were actually on a date or not, but that would require showing Amy's side of things, which we know the writers hate doing. Maybe we'll see her go on another date with him and afterward Amy will tell Penny that even after kissing him, she's not into him. I do think the writers are setting up for a huge proposal. I know some people are afraid this reconciliation is going to be dragged out, but now the stakes are so high the resolution has to be somewhere
  14. Although I miss seeing Shamy happy and in love, I definitely liked their interactions last night. Shamy are adorable even when they're upset with each other. I wonder what the three people who watch Fun With Flags were thinking about all of the innuendo - since they've been filming the show for years I would presume people who know they are a couple but don't know them in person would think they've had sex, which makes Sheldon's insults seem much more...well, insulting lol. It'd be funny if the video went viral before Sheldon takes it down. Actually, thinking about, he probably won't take it d
  15. I voted #TeamShamy as well, as I see many others are. I think Shamy will have a grand wedding, and it'd be funny if they make a joke the next day that their wedding was the best among their friends, much like Howard and Bernadette's fist-bump.
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