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  1. Fanart/wallpaper i made... I am 15 btw, i made this on photoshop! http://bit.ly/1uf7Lxo
  2. I might write some of these as Specs....
  3. Hello! This is my first time writing on the forums, but I have been watching the show for years now... I Especially fell in love when I had the opportunity to visit the set last year at Burbank in California! Anyway... My name is Lewis, I am 15... I love graphics design and I was looking for a bit of feedback about a fan-art/wallpaper design I made!!! Feel free to leave feedback and some of the things you have made too! [For Security Reasons, I have added a watermark to the wallpaper!] Bazinga. -Lewis. - Wallpaper: [watermarked]: http://bit.ly/1uf7Lxo
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