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  1. And Bernadette has a squeaky little voice like Gracie Allen!
  2. I rented the video of A KID LIKE JAKE yesterday and agree that Jim's performance is amazing (along with Claire Dane's). Since watching it, I have been pondering why the ratings have been a bit low. My theory is that as it was originally a play where probably the "Jake" character never appeared on stage due to his age, that when it was rewritten for film, they simply added some visuals with a young boy but never really expanded his role. I felt at the end that I wanted to have seen more and found out more about "Jake" as he was the title character. I would have loved some scenes with dialogue between Jake and his mother and between Jake and his father. I understand how difficult something like that would be to do on stage, but it seems that a clever film maker could possibly improvise such scenes, and I'm sure Jim and Claire would be able to elicit believable performances from the very young actor without "scarring" him. Just my thoughts. Even so, it's a lovely movie and no matter what your position is on the issues involved, it is very moving and thought-provoking.
  3. I should think it would be obvious--Sheldon's engagement ring to Amy!!
  4. PatsyR

    Series Final

    I love the idea of Leonard and Sheldon receiving a joint Nobel, particularly if Leonard's name goes first on the plaque. You know they would fight about that throughout eternity. Maybe we see them living together as two old men, still fighting about their billing, and in the background there's a TV monitor with a reporter interviewing a glamorous Penny--we don't know why.
  5. I thought they all were tenure-track or has something changed?
  6. My understanding is that scholars typically do NOT work at the same institution where they receive their doctorate, although could be different in physics. Maybe the one from Cal Tech is an honorary one?
  7. Stephen Hawking, I assume you know right off the top of your head, in which episode is Sheldon's alma mater mentioned? And thanks to all who provided the schools of the other guys. I knew but had forgotten Princeton and Cambridge.
  8. Top-notch physicists at Cal Tech who have government grants would make plenty of money. Maybe not as much as sit-com actors but surely more than pharmaceutical reps. And, by the way, Howard is MIT, Leonard is Cornell? Where did Sheldon get his PhD? And Raj? Do we know?
  9. Stephen, Yes, but with her glasses, please.
  10. I think Amy would look adorable as Wonder Woman AND I think eventually the couples will switch back apartments because obviously the first couple to get pregnant will need the extra room, and I'm pretty sure it will be Shamy.
  11. And how sweet Howard is to Bernie. He has really improved over his pre-baby behavior.
  12. To me, this episode highlighted the outstanding acting skills of the entire group, which justifies their recent nomination for ensemble acting at the Screen Actors' Guild awards.
  13. Just saw Jim interviewed on the red carpet for the Critics' Choice Awards. Interviewer mentioned rumor that this might be last season of TBBT and he seemed to defuse this rumor.
  14. Regarding the discussion on Kaley and Mayim as actresses, I would like to add that we also have to consider the difficulty of the part they are asked to portray. Truthfully, I believe Kaley is a "better" actress than Mayim due to her abilities with facial expression, timing, line readings, etc. However, I also think the part of Penny is an easier (more "normal") part to play. The part of Amy is so strange that I believe any actress would have a difficult time bringing her to life (although I think Kaley would probably handle the task well). I think what we see on screen regarding the differences between the two actresses' skills is only part acting ability, but also a large part the nature of the characters they are required to play. Indeed, if you think back, one of the main reasons Jim has received so many kudos for his portrayal of Sheldon is because of the character's strangeness. I often wonder how the other actors on the show might handle the Sheldon character. Surely, Simon is versatile enough to give him a go. I may be wrong but I recall reading once that Johnny was originally asked to play Sheldon but he chose instead to play Leonard. Just imagine what might have happened if he had agreed to that original casting?
  15. I really can see another three seasons playing out with substantial plot lines for Lenny with the LA remaining as they are now. A major plot line in the first episode ("our babies will be smart and beautiful"), established this as one of Leonard's main goals, so it seems the writers should use the final three seasons to be sure that Lenny produce "babies" and that it is clear that they are smart and beautiful. Lots of tales left to tell for them, I think.
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