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  1. Yes Sheldon was wrong and he was stupid, but I don't understand how he could have committed a crime let alone a felony when it was worthless fake money. It was no worse then Penny removing all Leonard's collectibles last season and I don't see a clamour for her to be locked up.
  2. Bitcoin did not became legal in California until 2014/2015, so no Sheldon didn't deprive them of real money. They even described it in the flashback as worthless fake money. What he did was stupid and wrong, but not illegal.
  3. Well, he was the one who said they could make it smaller the first time, so maybe he's told them it could be even smaller still or suggested something that the technology could be incorporated into and he's worked out the math for them. If it was they who approached him, I can see why they could pick him. Out of the three, he is the most gullible and easiest to manipulate.
  4. I don't think they'll combine the birth and wedding, not after the stick they must have got last year.
  5. I'm not so sure Sheldon will go for a full on nerd wedding, at least not since finding out he asked Amy's father for permission to marry her. I think the full on nerd bit with be the reception after, but the wedding itself he may go the traditional route. Although I've always said that I wanted Amy to say her vows in Klingon and Sheldon to say his vows in one of Amy's made up languages with Leonard and Penny interpreting for the guests.
  6. On a train. I don't think Amy will care too much about the type of wedding as she just wants to be married to Sheldon. He on the other hand, will either want her to have the whole traditional white wedding thing or he'll want to a theme he likes but either way he will be precise and picky. So I definitely see him being a groomzilla.
  7. I think he'll be playing himself again. Perhaps he'll interview Amy about her research project in Princeton?
  8. So could be any of the following - 1. He went back Pasadena after a few days and stayed until Amy came home. 2. He went back to Pasadena, got some clothes and his laptop, and returned to Princeton, but came back a few days earlier than Amy. 3. He could have come stayed in Princeton, but again came back a few days earlier than Amy.
  9. If he comes home after a few days, is Sheldon seen interacting with anyone else or is it just mentioned that he's back?
  10. I wasn't too keen on the Amy thanking Ramona part either, but having thought about it three months have passed since she found out Ramona kissed Sheldon. That's more than enough time for any anger to pass. Also she's spent the three months living happily with her fiancé in Princeton.
  11. I would expect them having dinner with Shamy where some wedding planning is done.
  12. Of all the ways I thought Amy would react to seeing Ramona, that was not one of them.
  13. I think he had planned to propose before the Princeton thing came up but decided to put it on hold until she got back. Ramona kissing him made him realise that there was no point waiting.
  14. Maybe Penny suggested that Sheldon have it back while Amy was away?
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