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  1. I've no idea how many they've done. My first thought was 500, but thought that was too high. Now you've said they were at 232 in S8 it could very well be the 500th.
  2. Perhaps the number of episodes they've done. Like the 100th or something.
  3. They did it with Howard and Kristy as well.
  4. Wonder if he'll overdo the caffeine again. This is a little something I did last week and posted someplace else, but I thought you guys might like to see it as well.
  5. We don't know for sure he is sick. He could be just worn out.
  6. I'm thinking that they go there to eat and he's so tired, he falls asleep.
  7. Well she didn't have any trouble playing twister with the girls.
  8. Can't find anything that resembles it on the internet, but I think it's more likely to be a musical instrument than a medicine dispenser.
  9. Could be. I think Jim will be ok though. He's better at organizing his work life than Sheldon will ever be. I was thinking that perhaps this is a set up for Sheldon seeing the benefits of taking a proper vacation with his girlfriend.
  10. I suspect the writers will overlook any inconsistencies in favour of keeping all three working together on the military project.
  11. It would be the most sensible thing to and would be a win-win for everyone, however there’s probably more comedy (at least to the writers) in having an exhausted and stressed out Sheldon trying to do both.
  12. Well, Howard did say he would teach him some stuff about the mechanical side of things. At which point Leonard chipped in and said that instead of standing around watching them, he could help them build it. So that's why he still there.
  13. She'd always wanted to be maid of honor and because of what happened previously, she went a bit crazy. That doesn't mean she wants a big fairy-tale traditional wedding for herself. Also she never had friends before she met the gang, so her opportunities of being part of something like wedding ceremony had been restricted.
  14. I've never been convinced that Amy would want a big traditional wedding. I think she'd be happy just getting married and won't really care. If she does go for the full traditional wedding it will likely be more for her family than herself. Of the two, Sheldon tends to be go with the more traditional route, so he may want it. What I would like to see is Amy saying her vows in Klingon and Sheldon saying his vows in Amy's made up language.
  15. Well unless TBBT's year is different to a earth year I don't see how taking out the summer hiatus would work better.
  16. As I can't see Kripke keeping what Sheldon told him about their non-existent sex life to himself, I'm surprised there hasn't been gossip going around Cal-tec for years, but as Bert didn't mention it I have to assume that didn't happen. Anyway, they could have still connected it all up by having one of their friends (Penny?) suggesting to Sheldon that he should correct what he had told Kripke and Sheldon being Sheldon told the truth and also told a few other people that didn't need to know as well. Personally, I think he told her the least 'naughtiest' secret he had.....
  17. Sheldon making a budget for Raj is in the next episode, which is when the comic con thing comes up.
  18. Have I missed something? I don't remember seeing anything that confirmed whether Amy said she was or wasn't going to Comic-con.
  19. It's never been said where Sheldon got his PhD. He's also got two.
  20. I don't think Leonard bought most of the furniture in 4a when he moved in. The furniture in his bedroom, yes but it was only the couch, which he got cheap and possible the coffee table in the living room. Everything else was already there.
  21. Bernie's parents are still married aren't they? Or did I miss something?
  22. It may have been her intention to just calm him down for the flight, but it’s Sheldon and things tend to have a bigger effect on him. I mean, look how caffeine affects him. I wonder what happened on the return flight. It might have been an idea to have mentioned that.
  23. Bernie drugging Howard was the parking spot episode. You're absolutely right, tricking someone into taking a psychotropic substance is a big NO-NO in the real world, but these fictional characters have all done things to each that are horrible and would not be tolerated in real life. I mean you can't get much worse then when the guys kidnapped Sheldon to go on a belated bachelor party for Leonard. They tied him up, gagged him and forcibly carried him out to the van.
  24. Given that it's not the first time a character has 'drugged' another in the show, I am a little surprised at the reaction on here. I mean Howard used to drug his mother all the time and I don't remember anyone saying anything about it. And we've had Bernie drugging Howard to shut him up. Howard's drugged Sheldon to shut him up as well. I lost count of the times Penny tricked Sheldon into drinking alcohol. We've even had Sheldon saying once he should have given Amy 'sleepy tea'. So it's been done loads of times before. Maybe it's because it was Amy who did it this time that is the reason for the reaction to it.
  25. I don't understand why everyone is assuming Amy spiked Sheldon's drink. All he said was that it was weird tasting juice and to me that doesn't mean she spiked his drink. Given their fondness for herbal tea, she could have given him a natural remedy for any anxiety he was feeling, such as Tart Cherry juice or even one of those neuro-sleep drinks.
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