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  1. 4A is more practical for the gang to have their take out dinners and I also agree group meals are iconic. The writers are doing a good job of showing how much Sheldon has but showing how he’s still Sheldon. If the reason they had the group meals in 4A is because Sheldon insisted on having them at HIS place, he’ll probably want them in the 4B for the same reason. I don't think it is the end of the living arrangements just yet. Sheldon, who we all know is a stickler for contracts, rents out his old bedroom to the Christopher Lloyd character. He would never do that if his name wasn't still on the lease, which means it is still on there. I get the feeling that writers have got a little twist coming in the second half of the season.
  2. The bathroom schedule was always going to go once they started living together, whether it was in 4A, 4B, Amy's apartment or somewhere else. So I never really saw it as key to where they ended up living.
  3. I have to admit I'm one of those who is not entirely happy with Shamy in 4B, but it's not so bad now they've started to move things and make it their own. There's still too much of Penny in the apartment for my liking though and I would prefer if they got rid of all her furniture and have theirs in there instead. Anyway, something else has occurred to me. Everyone has taken for granted that the gang's take-out dinners will still be in 4A, but I remember Sheldon not wanting to go to Raj's apartment for take-out with the gang, although he did go in the end. But was that because it was a change, which we all know he doesn't or didn't like, or because it wasn't at HIS place where as 'host' he would have more control as it would his home and his rules? If it's the latter, wouldn't he now want the take-out dinners to be at 4B?
  4. Twenty miles? She told Dave that she moved to her apartment to be nearer to Sheldon so she can drive him away, so I think she was a lot nearer than twenty miles. It's good that they're decorating 4B to suit Shamy more, but I wish they hadn't kept Penny's bed. It will be interesting to see what they do with te main area of apartment. Hopefully they'll get rid of Penny's couch, because it's not really them but I don't think they'd have Amy's couch as that was bigger. Also won't they need at least one desk? Is there enough room for a desk? And where's Amy harp going to go?
  5. I don't she'd be too bothered about them living together or even sinning, but I suspect she would be bothered if they had a baby out of wedlock. Speaking of mothers, I wonder what Amy's mother thinks about them living together. Somehow I think she'd be the one that is bothered about them living together. Maybe the next time Mary visits, we can have an appearance from Mrs Fowler as well.
  6. If he had succeeded in seducing her and they had made a baby, how was he going to explain that when he's told her they're sleeping in bunk beds? BTW I don't really understand why he has told her they're sleeping in bunk beds. She knows they've had sex, she was there when he said that Amy said that his genitals were a sight to behold.
  7. Having never seen any Harry Potter films or read any of the books, I have no idea what these houses are about.
  8. I think I might join you in writing an email, or at the very least a tweet.
  9. Perhaps they could use it as their ‘phrase’ of doing it. Like ‘Do you want your birthday gift tonight?’ or ‘You can give me another birthday gift now.’ or ‘Let’s celebrate my birthday again!”
  10. The only way that would sense to me, is that they're interrupted by Lenny banging on the door. Sheldon goes, half-dressed, to the door. Lenny says they hope they weren't interrupting anything. Sheldon says they were as he was about to give Amy her birthday gift. Lenny point out that it's not her birthday for another two months, Sheldon says he's giving it to her early because he couldn't wait any longer. Lenny say he has to wait as Bernie's gone into labour and then one of them yells out "Amy get dressed, Bernie's in labour!". Then we hear the sound of someone falling out of bed as she scrambles to get dressed. But I don't think they'll do that.
  11. Right from the moment we found out she was pregnant, I thought it will be a girl and they'll name her Deborah Carol and I'm sticking with that.
  12. He posted it today, but isn't that from last night because I thought they only did the table read today.
  13. Assuming that he did finally make a decision, at least one of the gaming systems is Sheldon's. I've a sneaking suspicion they could all be Sheldon's though because he did say he only had one slot available in his media centre.
  14. There's potential for bickering from all four. Between Amy and Sheldon about whose bed is moved into 4B for instance. Penny trying to get rid of more of Leonard’s stuff by giving it to Sheldon who is told by Amy to give it back because there’s not enough room for it. Amy trying to give the painting back to Penny who doesn’t want it etc, etc. There's lots they could do.
  15. If it was what on the box, it was there when they did FwF and I'm not so sure it was the afghan from the couch.
  16. The options Sheldon had, were living with Amy or living with Leonard. He chooses to live with Amy. I don’t know why, but the general consensus seems to me, that means them living in 4B. Now if that’s the case, so be it. Sheldon at least made the effort to discuss the options with her after he had decided he wanted to live with her, but neither of Penny or Leonard asked her where she wanted to live - they just wanted Sheldon out.
  17. Actually, I do have a problem with Amy just going along with it. I thought we got past doormat Amy. They’re in a relationship and she has just as much a say in things as Sheldon does, or should. It’s one of the reasons I don’t like the way they’ve ended up in 4B. I understood the significance of the hallway scene with Sheldon choosing to live with Amy and I know she would be happy living with him anywhere, but she was never asked WHERE she wanted to live.
  18. I don't see Sheldon giving up his career to be a house husband, although I can see him holding the baby and doing the complex maths on the board. We're not likely to see them with a baby anyway, but if and when they do have a family I can see them taking it at turns to stay at home. Part of the week Sheldon works from home while Amy goes into work and then they switch for the rest of the week.
  19. I don't think they're going to do Amy's birthday this year. And I also think they around September in TBBT time frame. My guess is as follows - 10.10 baby shower (Sept/Oct) 10.11 flag con/coitus and Bernie giving birth. (Oct, but aniversary taping wise). Then a time jump to 10.12 which would likely be during the first week or so of the new year, so close enough for them to do a New Year's ep. Sent from my GT-I9195 using Tapatalk
  20. Obviously they've done it this way to keep 4A the centre of the show. Most of Sheldon's stuff is still in 4A, so he's got a ready made excuse to go in whenever he feels like it. And any work he does at home, will mostly likely be done there as well.
  21. That is an option for Sheldon and he will likely do that. But Leonard and Penny have no need for it and have never had any interest in flags, so why is it still there?
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