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  1. The apartment flag is still on the fridge in 4A.
  2. I've just noticed something else. The apartment flag is still on the fridge in 4A.
  3. I think at the very least there would have a discussion about putting it back on the table. Clearly he's not thinking straight.
  4. As much as I don't want them to, I think coitus 2.0 is going to in the same episode as Bernie gives birth in 10.11. Possibly when they're at the Flag convention.
  5. I think they're just trying to keep everyone guessing as to when coitus 2.0 will happen. The problem is everyone knows it's coming, so it's not going to be that much of a surprise. In my own mind, I'm wondering if after living with Sheldon for this period of time and adjusting to that, Amy was about ready to start discussing putting coitus back on the table, but bang he suddenly starts talking about making babies. That must have been a hell of a shock and whether he's serious or not, that requires a serious conversation before actually going ahead with it. Episode 11 is usually the last one shown in the year though. So they could have Bernie give birth in that one as the Christmas one, (although obviously it would still be October in the TTBT timeframe) and then they jump ahead to the New Year to catch up in January.
  6. Yes he's turned on by the science and letting his emotions and desires get the better of him. He's clearly not thinking straight which is why I said that hopefully he'll come to his senses before that next time in her cycle. Given that his first attempt is in her lab when they working on this neural network thing, it does reinforce that science turns him on. Although his suggestion of "Let's close the door, drop our pants a little and make a baby...." is a bit ..... what's the word I'm looking for.....
  7. I think Sheldon was being serious at the time. That's why he tries so to hard to seduce her because he knows it's the right time in her cycle. Thankfully Amy is more clearheaded about it and hopefully he'll come to his senses before the next right time.
  8. On the face of it, what Sheldon says to Amy is rude, but then he later defends her, so to me it's ok. It kind of reminds me of relationships I know. Most notably my parents - 57 years of slagging each other off, but woe beyond anyone else who says anything out of order. In fact I can remember several occasions when one of them has said to the other that no else would have them. My sister and brother in law are like that too and they've been married 18 years.
  9. I thought she was asked by Leonard if it was working and she said no, which is not the same. So added with his dance later, I took it that yes he turns her on, but no his attempts to seduce her were not working.
  10. That was my thought... well actually it was oh their cycles have synced!!
  11. the impression I got from the chat was she was turned on but didn't want to have a baby. And now that it's been made clear she was ovulating, that would be why he was trying to seduce her at that time.
  12. I actually think they didn't give much thought to it at the time, other than it just seemed a Sheldon thing to do and was funny. It was only after they thought, oh hell what are we going to do about that? I had a feeling he was being serious, but not why. It's very Sheldon though. He gets an idea and that goes all to try to achieve it. Usually people give in to him, just to shut him up. And Amy's rejection in this is perfectly understandable. But really it's just a ploy to drag it out a big longer
  13. Well they may not do it again until 10x11, but at the moment they are still months behind in their timeframe. So it could still be before the year anniversary. In fact the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that's what they're going to. They would still keep to the once a year thing, but not.
  14. I don't think they can use Soft Kitty anyway, last I heard they were being sued over it.
  15. Now that he's no longer living there, I doubt any proposal with involve his spot. Penny, being a Shamy Shipper, would probably allow it but judging from his reaction to the toothbrushes in the same holder I doubt Leonard would be up for it.
  16. How often has it been said that once Sheldon's in, he's in all the way. Amy will know this. So when he says he wants to have sex to procreate, she has no reason not to think he's being serious. If what he actually wants is sex for pleasure, he needs to say that and then he'll get what he wants.
  17. If he doesn't really want to have a baby then he needs to say so, because at the moment she thinks that is his only intention for wanting sex. After years of him not showing any desire for it, that's understandable. So they both need to be clear on it.
  18. That is all true. Although Sheldon does say about moving to Amy's apartment or somewhere else all together, so maybe he has thought about it a little. I've just got this feeling that this arrangement in the LA is not going to last and the writers are playing with us.
  19. I think they wanted to do with him is what they initially did with Wil Wheaton and he wasn't keen on it.
  20. I think they've asked him a few times haven't they?
  21. I’m not so sure that any of them have thought through the practicalities of this arrangement in the LA. 1. Amy is happy that the living together experiment has been successful and doesn’t care where she lives as long as it’s with Sheldon. 2. Sheldon has sex on the brain and he also doesn’t care where he lives as long as it’s with Amy and he can have sex whenever he wants. 3. Lenny are happy to be shot of Sheldon and his schedules and think they’ll get more privacy for themselves. The reality is 4B will not be big enough for Sheldon and Amy and all their stuff. They’ll probably leave Sheldon’s stuff in 4A and bring Amy’s stuff into 4B. Sheldon will be going across to 4A to get something and if they leave the couch in 4A just so he can sit there. Lenny will eventually get fed up of him barging him in on them whenever he pleases and realise that they’re not getting what they thought they would. Amy will get fed up with Sheldon having to keep going across to 4A for whatever reason. Sheldon will no doubt also get fed up of it as well. And then we're back to square one with the LA.
  22. Groups scenes in 4A definitely won't be until after the birth, not unless the elevator suddenly gets fixed. No way is Bernie going to attempt that many flight of stairs this far into her pregnancy. The couch could end up being moved when Lenny get fed up of Sheldon coming over just because he wants to sit on it.
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