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  1. Main Part 1: Charactor Main Part 2: Actor Main Part 3: Character Main Part 4: Charactor And in that order too. (me neither...) ;-)
  2. I think they're more like Lucy and Ricky, er... just without the Baba-lou(s).
  3. I cast my vote for The Maternal Capacitance where Leonard's mother, played by Christine Baransky, is introduced and psychologically dissects most of the cast, with such subtle gems as, e.g., "Oh, you're a hand shaker. Interesting," etc. etc.! And the singing with her and Sheldon at the end - WAY over the top. For me, she (and the writers) brought that show to a whole new level of funny. Uh, not that the earlier levels needed much boosting. :-)
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