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  1. Ahh, thankyou - I'll see if they are suitable.
  2. I'm unsure if this is the correct place to put this, but, errm... I have noticed that, for every fanfiction thingy I have clicked on, it is linked to another site; does fanfiction have to be posted on another site, or can it just be posted on here in spoiler tags or some such? Thankyou in advance!
  3. Everyone's art is so cool/amazing! I'm not sure if this counts, but I made a Shamy wallpaper-y thing; it's linked instead of shown because of potential spoilers for The Prom Equivalency: http://i.imgur.com/roxqdUCl.jpg
  4. I'm just going to butt in here to say The episode was amazing! For me, the highlight was the ILYT, because it shows just how much Sheldon has grown emotionally; I'm not even a shipper, but I was applauding and laughing with joy. Because people can change. They can become something even more beautiful than they were before; all they need is a catalyst. Like the caterpillar becoming the butterfly, like atoms joining and becoming something entirely new, greater than the sum of their parts, like a supernova becoming part of a dozen new stars... OK, I'll stop now.
  5. Ooh, ok. Thankyou to you both. *Goes off to check the fanfiction section*
  6. Hello, everyone! :D I'm just a fan of TBBT, and a want-to-be fanfiction writer. Any tips on that topic? I have many similarities to Sheldon, most likely due to my Aspergers, I have no ships, and the most recent episode I have seen is The Prom Equivalency. That's all I can think of to say. So... yeah.
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