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  1. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 10

    Why? For Amy it would work perfectly. It would only be Sheldon who might have a problem because her ovaries would have latched onto him and never let go again, but perhaps he'd be fine with that, too;-)
  2. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 10

    I might be in the minority here but I would totally love such an off-handed remark like btw, we got married last year during that flag convention, oops haven't we told you?
  3. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 10

    Thank you for sharing the info, and I totally agree!
  4. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 10

    I don't like the idea of a young Sheldon show neither. Just out of curiosity, what was Jim's original idea?
  5. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 10

    Thank you so much 2L344! That was really detailed and I'm thrilled that you took all this time to provide us with spoilers! Just a quick question: Am I the only one who found Sheldon's declaration he would eat Amy last ("and because I love you, you're the dessert") very romantic in his quirky way? Amy, you know what you've got to do next: Put on a nice catwoman suit (after all cosplay is your thing right?), get all covered up in strawberries (or spaghetti with little pieces of hot dogs, I don't care) and tell Sheldon that dessert is served... :-)
  6. [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    Well, he always takes things rather literally. So he won't discuss Lenny's sex life in front of Lenny again (however, idk if he stuck with it in later episodes). Perhaps he is even able to transfer it to other people, so he won't discuss his and Amy's sex life in front of Amy (half-check - apart from comments that it took them hours). But nowhere does it say that it is inappropriate to discuss his and Amy's sex life in front of others. Oh wait, what about that NDA he wrote himself? Perhaps it just ran away together with Lenny's RA (can't blame them)... Anyway, can't trust those eidetic memories anymore, LOL!
  7. [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    Awww the mushroom log, I'm still a huge fan of it:-) Didn't he also once give her the whole set of ST-TNG dvds so that she could learn to appreciate Wesley Crusher? I don't think she was too fond of that, too...
  8. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 10

    This is wonderful! The first thing that came to my mind is: Sheldon really learned from the best, LOL! Isn't it great that that's exactly what Amy did during the break-up, also as a sort of rebellion? Those two really belong together! Now they can go searching for matching ear rings!
  9. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 10

    I'm loving this, but now I have a problem because that was exactly the idea I had for my fanfic - well not exactly, I had started some "research" about other planets with the appropriate rotation period so that it fits Amy's birthday on that planet in episode 10x08 (and I had even asked here what the time between Amy's birthday and 10x08 might approximately be - all for science of course;-)) because in my mind Sheldon would have finally succeeded with his seduction - there hasn't been any indication that they haven't done it already then lol - but I guess I will let it go now (drops imaginary pencil) as I don't really have that much time for writing anyway...
  10. [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    I don't think that would work at all because they wouldn't get his motor running.
  11. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 10

    These Shamy developments sound so awesome, especially with Sheldon having prepared the MRI scans beforehand - perhaps he decided it after the (failed?) seduction attempt in 10x08 that such a scan might be more likely to get her motor running. Idk how easily you can get an appointment for having your brain scanned in the US for no apparent health reason... he must have paid privately for it? Or was it done somewhere in Caltec? And I just loved the kinky cosplay! Don't you think it's much better to have rare events of mind-blowing sex rather than to have frequent mediocre coitus? And btw I'm still not convinced that Sheldon' seduction failed in 10x08. We know they live together now, so there was no escape for Amy, they just needed a short talk like: A: I don't want sex just for science or reproduction or as a present. S: Oh, alright, that works for me, too.
  12. [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    Thank you so much, this is really helpful!:-)
  13. [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    Hi April, you investigated the season's timing in some previous post but I can't find it right now... just out of scientific curiosity (for a post 10x8 fanfic idea), what date did you estimate for ep. 10x08? My idea was just to count the days between Amy's last year's birthday and 10x08 and then find the appropriate planet that coincidentally has exactly this period of rotation around its sun... just for science, lol...
  14. [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    Thanks so much to anyone who provided spoilers! I guess it was in the chat (haven't been there unfortunately) or has anyone actually written a small taping report? I only read in the Shamy thread that Shamy was interrupted during coitus 2.0 but resumed it later (good to hear those closure issues are being put to good use lol), so that was probably due to Bernie's birth (although I really don't understand why anyone else apart from Howard should have to be present there)? Not wanting to sound like needy baby greedy baby but has anyone more details on the whole ep (e.g. the title)?
  15. [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    What a wonderful idea, this would be perfect! --> So I certainly don't think they'll do that;-)