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  1. Hi from me too:-) I'm also from Germany, but I generally don't like TV. So I've never watched the show in German, only on DVD in English, and I watch all the pieces of season 8 on youtube I can find... and of course the taping reports here. So nice to meet you, and I hope you'll have fun here!
  2. Oh that episode will be so great:-) Your "ready to explode" just reminded me of my review to that great fanfic "Treading Waters" of YlvaBorealis, because it would be so funny to think of Queen's "Don't stop me now" when they're finally 'doing the deed', the lyrics fit really well;-) Hoo... thank you that was so great! With Sheldon you really have to look between the lines, I just love the references with him not denying it:-)))
  3. really no clue?;-) jelly shelly neck massage dominorgasm butt and lips check-out all that talk: Everything is just sex with you... You just lost sex tonight... Who has time for this constant sexting? ... oh that's fun, I should check further, that's just what came to my mind instantly... Has anyone already made such a list?;-) oh and of course I forgot the Penny talk in 8x08 about him having urges!!!
  4. Just saying... there are positions where you don't need to go beyond 22 degrees... Sheldon should do some research - in that book ge got perhaps;-)
  5. Yes, bring on jelly Shelly, then there will be some acceleration;-)
  6. Hi I just wanted to tell you that I decided to write a sequel, because I got so many wonderful reviews, so it's more of a two-shot now... However, no car confusion this time, just Shamy fluff:-) I hope you like it (with kind of a spoiler for ep. 8x13, the anxiety optimization)... https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10967828/2/The-vehicle-delocalization-endeavor
  7. You're really killing me here! And I thought yesterday was crazy with naked Sheldon, and here I am wondering again if it's just a joke...:-)
  8. This is so great, you are killing me here! I first thought that would be just a joke! Can't wait to see that episode, I really hope this will indicate other things just like Amy in the zone followed later by the SIK! Best season ever for Shamy:-)
  9. I also like the second cardigan:-) And I agree, after the last time at the end of season 7 she won't mention it again, this time he has to come up with it. But I liked the idea a lot, it seems realistic that she would stay longer and more often... pleeaase make it come true!
  10. Yes, and in this other episode where he wants to learn more about humor, after yelling 'brain lesions!', he also stripped in front of her. I find it cute that he is not embarrassed and that he seems to feel comfortable when he does it on his own free will, but perhaps in the FWF episode Amy really stared a long time at him and he did not feel in control about it as during the other times when he initiated it. On the whole, I hope all of this shows that he is really getting more comfortable with getting more physical... I noticed at least in season 7 he also used the word 'sex' more often instead of the more clinical 'coitus', so let's hope things are heating up:-)
  11. I'm sorry for the confusion, I have now replaced 'clutch' by 'gear shift'. I'm from Germany, so I wasn't aware that most US cars are automatic. I think in Europe the majority is still manual, and the gear shift I meant is situated between the two front seats, so it's easy to hold hands on top of it:-) I only looked up the DMV stuff because I thought he had to renew his permit, but naively I thought that cars are the same everywhere. Please don't be annoyed at my ignorance! That video from Stephen Hawking really looks extremely complicated with the manual transmission, thanks a lot for the helpful information! What I had in mind was a picture like this: http://www.autotest.de/images/audi-tt-4a573bef91bea3.78577028.preview.jpg (sorry I didn't manage to post the image, jpg or gif were not allowed, so I hope it's ok to post a link here?)
  12. Thank you very much for your nice answers, I'm really relieved, because I was rather nervous to post it... it took me about a week to write it (I'm not the fastest, although I had some time during the holidays), and then another week to gather my courage and read it again and again to find errors and finaly publish it:-) I also chicked out about the M rating (at least for my first fanfic...), so I kept it at T, hoping to get them not too much out of character;-) With M fanfic I always have in mind that their first time should be kind of awkward, but I don't want it to be awkward, so I'm not sure how to write it... I've also never been to Pasadena so I don't know the lot where the buses park at night, but I was always wondering what Sheldon meant by it in ep. 7x05, and in my mind it had to be some romantic place;-) And the Star Trek episode I had Sheldon quote was always one of my favorite ones with an OOC Spock who fell in love, I always wanted to put that rainbow line into a story, so now I managed:-) But thanks a lot for your support, it really encourages me to try wrtiting again! I'm so sorry if I got it wrong! I still have some problems with english vocabuary, so is column lever the same as gear shift? Then it would be a manual, right? I just assumed it in my fic because I drive a manual myself and thought it would be funnier because it's a bit more complicated than an automatic...
  13. Hi, I just wanted to post here that I was finally brave enough to publish my first story. It's about Amy teaching Sheldon to drive. I hope you like it a bit and would be happy about any feedback:-) https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10967828/1/The-vehicle-delocalization-endeavor
  14. That's so funny, I loved these stories:-) But it's so many years ago that I've read them, I hadn't thought that anyone else remembered... And then I hadn't read fanfic for a long time after x-files stopped, and I just recently started again with tbbt fanfic. But on the other hand, Mulder and Scully were also some kind of nerds, so it's similar to like them too:-) At the moment, I'm struggling with the first story of my own, I will try to gather the courage to post it in soon I hope. I'm still so new at writing, I don't think I can participate in the challenge here. But I would really love to see what you're up to, I like your challenge!
  15. That was a beautiful description tallin, it just perfectly fits his character! His emotional state at the beginning of the show resembled more to a child, but I think he's the one that has grown most in the show, he still has his unique squirks and all, but everyone sort of has, more or less. And by the way, "without diagnosis" means his mother had him tested and he is not crazy, but if I remember correctly, they didn't follow up with a specialist;-)
  16. There are so many great quotes... I like this here for example: 7x16, Sheldon: "You’ve opened my eyes to the truth. Amy has made me a more affectionate, open-minded person. And that stops now." or 6x14, Leonard: "That is Sheldon’s “I’m unhappy and about to destroy the planet” music. Come on, let’s just go to your place." Penny: "Well, wait, if he’s unhappy,shouldn’t we talk to him?" Leonard: "Shouldn’t we talk to him? Have you learned nothing in six years?" and at the end of this episode: Kripke: "You guys ever use any toys?" Sheldon: "Toys? I do have a model rocket next to my bed." Kripke: "A wocket? You’we a fweak! I wove it!"
  17. That would be so great, and also realistic I think, I hope you're right!:-) Yes I also think this season will be restricted to kissing, but I really like the unexpected idea, that's always the best:-) I would also like Sheldon to dream about more than just dandruffs;-)
  18. Yes indeed I was also wondering a lot about Valentine's day, they must soon come up with something, and not just the kiss from last Valentine's, I mean there must be some progress? I think this time Sheldon has to come up with a nice idea and not only Amy like in season 6 or 7:-)
  19. You're probably right about it being not perfect at the beginning, but nevertheless I still hope the opposite, because even if it might be weird, they don't know better and it still would be perfect for them - after all, Sheldon excels at so many things, haven't you tasted his sourdough bread?:-) I like it a lot that Sheldon actually uses the word "sex" (ep. 7x10, 7x22, 8x05) and not the more clinical term "coitus", so for me that means he's not so detached from the whole concept anymore and clearly gives it a lot of thought, even when it doesn't fit to the context (I mean come on, the idea to go for a walk or Amy wishing him a good day?). I somehow like to imagine it that he has finally made up his mind (like the handholding and kissing which he started somehow) but then Amy by whom he felt pressured before is then overwhelmed and backs off and then they have to get through that... Oh I really like your avatar with Mr Perfect, so funny!:-)
  20. I thought about this too, because I always found it weird that Sheldon is such a genius but doesn't make real progress in science and even makes stupid mistakes like confusing cm with m. I wouldn't fixate too much on the Nobel price, often they get it decades after the real achievement. But perhaps some other price or upgrade from junior to senior professor, and then everyone wants to congratulate but Amy gets to his office first and he can't keep his hands off her, and then the others enter and it might get funny and embarassing;-)
  21. it's a bit late for my post, but I'm new to this forum and just read the article posted on 28 june 14, it really reminded me a lot of Shamy, and I also had some thoughts about Asperger's syndrome, but I think it was never officially stated that Sheldon has it, he might show some peculiarities, but concerning autism I think you cannot compare anyone, it's all different.
  22. Hi, I'm a big fan of big bang theory for some years now, and I like the show even more now since the Shamy started:-) I'm from Germany, so according to Sheldon in ep. 7x12 I'm one of the tough crowd:-) I'm also a physicist (one of the few females), therefore a bit nerdy (only a bit I hope), but no genius (that's for sure I'm afraid), and I believe I have some similarities with Amy. I like it that they really make efforts to get the physics right in the show and of course how they make these geeks just so adorable, and I know a lot of people in real life with similar quirks and all... Some years ago I was a huge fan of the x files and Mulder/Scully fanfic, but I've never done something of my own. I've been reading Shamy fanfiction for a while now (abandoning my family and staying up late at night;-)) and I hope I will be able some day to write a story of my own. Up to now I only have vague ideas that only sound good in my head, and english isn't my mother tongue... I would be very happy to get some inspiration from you guys here. I don't like alternate realities in storys - only exception is Shamy doing the whopee (which just has to come up in the show sooner or later, pleeeaaase), but keeping them as much in character as possible:-) Sheldon is obviously very passionate about science, and I would so love to have this passion directed to Amy some day. But I know he always needs to take tiny steps to try to preserve homeostasis, so as Raj told Amy, we just have to be patient... I really loved his first self-initiated kiss in the show, starting out of anger and then realising he liked it (it made it to his top 3 list of wonderful things that happened that day!), it was just perfect! Perhaps more intimate things could also be initiated in such a way, he just seems to need a small push in the right direction? I just would not like it to happen because he was drunk or drugged, that would be too simple, it must really come from himself. I haven't really checked if there is already a topic about this, but it just recently came to my mind that Sheldon actually uses the word "sex" and not only the more clinical term "coitus", I really was shocked that he used this word when he told Amy in ep. 7x22, "If we were in a physical relationship, you just lost sex tonight." Then I remembered he used it before in ep. 7x10 when Amy proposed to take a walk: "Everything is just sex with you, isn’t it?", and then in ep. 8x05 when she just wrote him a nice hello text message: "Who has time for this constant sexting?" These are all instances I remembered, or are there more occasions? Has it occured to you too, that It might indicate that he thinks quite a lot about it, even more so when it's not appropriate at all, as this surely wasn't Amy's intention with just a walk or just a nice text message? Just hearing him say the word I found really intimate, it might mean that (although he feels pressured a lot) he is perhaps feeling less detached from the whole concept - I hope so:-) Sorry I'm afraid that was quite long now as an introduction, thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to discussions with you!:-)
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