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  1. Jim Parsons

    I don't think it was Jim's home. Much too modern. Jim is so private, I imagine he asked a neighbor to let him use their house. I did enjoy him, but it was too short.
  2. Cast, Crew, And Bbt News

    Actually, the announcement said the award was for a specific show, either season 10 or 11. I'll have to look.
  3. Jim Parsons

    Thank you so much. I am very new to this, and want the film to do well--just because.
  4. Jim Parsons

    What a marvel of a review. I've been waiting all day, but so far, just Hollywood Reporter and, now, Vulture. Does anybody know if there should be more by now? But more important, thank you so much, Vonmar.
  5. Jim Parsons

    Thanks so much for posting this.
  6. TBBT article

    Thank you for this, Tensor. I read three or four versions of the same article, and realized it was.....dare I say....fake news. I appreciate your clarifying this. GInny
  7. Jim Parsons

    Do you know how much longer they will be filming? And thank you for this information.....
  8. Jim Parsons

    Wow. It will be hard to watch, but important to watch as well. Such courage. I'm glad that Jim and Todd and their production company were able to make this documentary, for everyone concerned.
  9. Jim Parsons

    I thank you, also. But each time I go to Jim's IG during the broadcast, there is no circle. Darn!!!!!
  10. Jim Parsons

    I'm confused. He "bought a house to Pattinson?"
  11. Jim Parsons

    Thanks, Andy. I just thought how great that he and Todd made a place to get back to Rome!! GInny
  12. Jim Parsons

    May I ask where you saw this on instagram? I know he's said he would love to go to Italy.
  13. Cast, Crew, And Bbt News

    The voice of reason was heard in the land. Thanks Jonny.
  14. Jim Parsons

    Simon? I'll go look! You are good, Andy.
  15. Jim Parsons

    I wasn't sure if that was Melissa. Jim officiated at her wedding. Do you think she did the same for him? Wonderful photograph.....