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  1. My story is so much like yours. And I'm 74. The show has been so comforting. Especially Jim Parsons. I so hope I will be able to see him in other things. I don't want him to disappear. Welcome to this group.
  2. Thanks so much for saying this. I think he is taking so much blame, when others on the cast may have quietly agreed with him. He has such a good reputation, and I hate to see him vilified for being greedy, when he is being quite the opposite. Some things matter more than money.
  3. What a wonderfully detailed summary. I really appreciate it. Did the whole group seem relaxed with one another? I've been worried that there would be a different mood on set after so much news coverage this week, especially of Jim. Your summary makes me think they were relaxed.....
  4. I haven't been here in a long time--too much animosity, but came back when I heard the news, to see if some of the kind people I met here were still around. This show is a safe place for me, a joyful place, in a complex and difficult time. I appreciate it so much for that, and will miss laughing on Thursday nights. Now, to look for warm places on the forum. Ginny
  5. I agree, April. And I think he must be exhausted, with no break at all between closing night of his play and getting back to L.A. for BBT. Probably needs breathing room.
  6. Jim seemed not to smile in the bows at the end, perhaps he was moved, still in character, tired? Just wondered if you noticed. I'm jealous, but so glad you saw it!!!!!
  7. I don't think it was Jim's home. Much too modern. Jim is so private, I imagine he asked a neighbor to let him use their house. I did enjoy him, but it was too short.
  8. Actually, the announcement said the award was for a specific show, either season 10 or 11. I'll have to look.
  9. Thank you so much. I am very new to this, and want the film to do well--just because.
  10. What a marvel of a review. I've been waiting all day, but so far, just Hollywood Reporter and, now, Vulture. Does anybody know if there should be more by now? But more important, thank you so much, Vonmar.
  11. Thank you for this, Tensor. I read three or four versions of the same article, and realized it was.....dare I say....fake news. I appreciate your clarifying this. GInny
  12. Do you know how much longer they will be filming? And thank you for this information.....
  13. Wow. It will be hard to watch, but important to watch as well. Such courage. I'm glad that Jim and Todd and their production company were able to make this documentary, for everyone concerned.
  14. I thank you, also. But each time I go to Jim's IG during the broadcast, there is no circle. Darn!!!!!
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