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  1. I have been a fan of BBT ever since it has aired and consider myself somewhat intellectual. I have a Masters Degree in Physics & Engineering and am currently working on my P.h.D. I don't plan to stop there and hope to one day have a Doctorate in Computing as well. I have been tested on various occasions and I usually score in the above average range among other candidates and students in classes participating in a school program. I have gotten the nickname "prodigy" although I do not consider myself one. If anyone here is struggling with discovering the answers to any problems they hav
  2. http://www.bernadettemaryannrosenkowskiwolowitz.com/ Howard DIDN'T take care of it.
  3. Yes, they cut out Sheldon's "We spent the day masturbating for money." joke after the sperm bank scene. I was upset about that too. I have them on my DVR and was going back to episode 1 with a friend to show that joke specifically only to find out it wasn't there, along with the entire beginning of the episode.
  4. Blame the show, not me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiUhwFdLWlU
  5. Yes. Three of them. Have you ever thought about committing murder? If so, who were you thinking about getting rid of and how were you going to do it? Please use full names with precise detailed locations and clear examples.
  6. It would be like a celebration of all things Big Bang in one location. I'd love to have a fan gathering like an expo or convention that other outlets have (such as video games, anime, board games, etc.) My initial reccommendation for the location is Milwaukee, WI.
  7. WELCOME BIG BANG THEORY FANS! TO THE FIRST ANNUAL BIG BANG THEORY TOURNAMENT!!!! In this tournament, we will have challenges based on different categories and have the winner decided by popular vote! Once the people have spoken, that character will be the winner of that round! Each category will be separated into rounds (Starting, Semi-final, Final Round) in a single-elimination torunament style! For our first category, we have a traditional fighting round. The matchups are as follows: Leonard Vs. - Leonard Howard Penny - Vs. Raj - Bernadette - Vs. Am
  8. Howard's mom is so big you need a forklift to dump her.
  9.     I hate this about the show. It actually made me stop watching it for awhile. It's completely unbelievable and ridiculous.
  10. I would make love to Bernadette. Passionate, never-ending, pure love.
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