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    Alright, I really went overboard with the "Penny's last name" thing after Kaley Cuoco revealed that it wasn't going to be revealed at all on the TBBT series finale. Since then, I've had people get on my case about this and question the importance of such a "revelation". I didn't want TBBT to feel like one of those classic pre-1980s shows that only never got to explain certain mysteries because they were cancelled before they got the chance to do so. I acted like the people that got on my case were going to have one stupid "mystery" would ruin my enjoyment of TBBT (and its series finale). Maybe
  2. Opinions like this imply that such a reveal would be stupid. All this questioning about what the "big deal" is and whether it matters or not will make the whole issue about Penny's surname, for lack of a more polite term, stupid.
  3. What if I said that I'm not going to deal with it? Anyway, you know what? We should have gone to the old Penny character/surname threads and discussed it right there. If it makes you feel any better, I don't understand why the show's writers created such a mystery in the first place. I wish Kaley had waited until after the finale to make the comments about this non-revelation. If you do not want to discuss this any further, I'm sorry I ever thought about Penny's maiden surname and what it could possibly be, I'm sorry I ever hoped for its eventual revelation, and I'm sorry I ever commented
  4. How about they just confirm that Penny (and the rest of her family) don't have a real surname at all, and be done with it? It's like people from certain Asian countries who are monomymous (like Sukarno and Suharto, the first two presidents of Indonesia), even those who only have patronymics and have to be referred to by their first/given names.
  5. This is starting to feel like something I could get in trouble over: a question that will remain unsolved literally forever. Truth is, I was hoping that Penny's maiden-surname will indeed be revealed in the last episode, but boy, was I wrong. I guess a revelation like this will have to wait until a Will & Grace-style revival of TBBT airs down the line. Does this mean the finale will be open-ended?
  6. As much as I want to flip-out and say "No, it is not fine, it can't be fine or alright", I was hoping that Penny's last/maiden name would be resolved in the series finale, and it would be nothing but a letdown if it isn't. Is Penny like a character on According to Jim? The last name of the family on that show was never revealed during its run. I would hate to be the longest-running series on primetime TV and still leave unanswered questions by the time of its (proper) conclusion.
  7. How heavy has the focus been on that Sheldon and Amy Nobel Prize storyline this season? I'm getting worried that some of TBBT's other major plot-points, like Howard's dad and Penny's (maiden) last name, will be left without any resolution because of it.
  8. On TBS, the guide on my TV would mix up the episodes "The Misinterpretation Agitation" and "The Prom Equivalency". This means that while one of these episodes is being telecast, the guide will display the info/description for the other episode when one presses "INFO" on the remote, and vice versa.
  9. This isn't an episode idea, per se, but I would like to see a cartoon voice actor (male or female) guest-star on The Big Bang Theory. It can be on any episode, provided that they appear on-camera. It would be better if said voice actor had only done cartoons throughout his career and has never done any live-action acting work.
  10. I noticed that anytime TBBT airs an original episode against the NFL Draft, that episode's demo rating and viewership is usually lower than those of the original TBBT episodes that aired on the preceding week and the following week.
  11. Will & Grace is a sitcom that ran on NBC for eight seasons, from the fall of 1998 to the spring of 2006. It is about a gay lawyer (Will Truman) and a straight interior designer (Grace Adler). Also, there's Karen, an alcoholic socialite, and Jack, a flamboyantly gay actor. How many in this forum watched Will & Grace at least once, and how many are fans of W&G?
  12. I wanted to ask this after Episode 22 ("The Cognition Regeneration") aired: How come The Big Bang Theory (and several other broadcast-networks' programs) have to air new episodes against the NFL Draft if their ratings are going to end up being lower than usual?
  13. The Great Indoors is a new sitcom for the 2016-17 TV season that airs in the timeslot following The Big Bang Theory. It features Joel McHale from the NBC/Yahoo sitcom Community (TBBT's former timeslot competitor). The show explores a multigenerational workforce and the generation gap among the tech-savvy Millennial online team for the Outdoor Limits magazine (Clark, Emma, and Mason), their Generation X supervisor (Jack Gordon, played by Mr. McHale), and the Outdoor Limits magazine's baby-boomer publisher (Roland, played by Stephen Fry). How many of this forum's members
  14. With this "Young Sheldon Cooper" prequel being ordered to series for the 2017-18 season, I don't think CBS can afford to lose a comedy hour to a drama at this point. With TBBT, Mom, 2 Broke Girls, Life in Pieces, Superior Donuts, Kevin Can Wait, and Man with a Plan, there is not going to be enough room for other new sitcoms on the CBS primetime schedule for 2017-18, especially if the network's comedy schedule is going to be reduced from a total of four hours to three hours. Some commenters at TVByTheNumbers.com are suggesting an extra hour of drama to replace a comedy hour on CBS's primet
  15. I'm not sure if I would want this "Young Sheldon" prequel getting a series order for next season. A TBBT spinoff I'd rather see would focus on Bernadette, and probably Amy.
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