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  1. Wyatt had no drinking problem. So he drinks a beer or two. The hard work he puts in on the farm each day, says he deserves a beer or 2 or 3. George Sr. Sheldon's dad, had the drinking problem. Beverly wrote about her parenting skills and the results of said skills.
  2. I don't know either. He's probably just an attention hound trying to stir up trouble.
  3. Penny will make a great mother. All she needs is to read Beverly's books on child rearing, to know what not to do when bringing up a child. Her drinking has been reduced. Her brother did not have a drinking or a drug problem. Just a manufacturing and a getting caught manufacturing problem. So what that she waffled on having children or not. Women, men and couples do that all the time. Cinnamon, well that was one time. Howard and Bernadette are great parents and they lost Cinnamon when they were watching her. That business with Cinnamon matters not when raising a child. Yes, she can be trusted with a child. Again Howard and Bernadette did trust her with Halley. Zack, don't get me started on him.
  4. Thanks for the clarification. I was confused as well.
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