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  1. Especially being married to Karl as he is a heir to a fortune. I wonder if they both signed pre-nups? 😉
  2. Interesting. She's not hurting financially and probably glad she sold it.
  3. chucky

    A-Z: TV Shows

    Zoo Confidential
  4. chucky

    A-Z: Girls Names

    Perla - Latin meaning pearl.
  5. chucky

    A-Z: Boys Names

    Idris - Welsh mythology meaning Ardent Lord.
  6. Don't forget the dirty sock. Sheldon does nothing without that threat of the dirty sock. Thanks for the Lenny memory.
  7. Atleast you're working. I'm retired or as my wife calls it "Retarded". I look at my phone to know day of the week it is. Old Age, it's a bummer!
  8. Everything's fine here in my humble abode in Milton, Florida.
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