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  1. Happy Birthday @Carlos! Hope you have a great day with many more to come.
  2. chucky


    I tell you, my neighbors don't understand that fireworks are fired on the holiday. Not the day before or after the holiday. Maybe I'm wrong, but it's ridiculous and annoying. Oh well, hopefully they get it out of their systems.
  3. chucky


    Happy 4th of July to all! We're having a rainy 4th here in Milton, FL. Still having a great day!
  4. Totally agree with your assessment. Shamy got the near perfect wedding and Lenny got Sheldon screwing up both weddings. The first by his childish behavior and the other poking in where he wasn't needed. Everything he said could have waited till after the wedding. Bernadette's line about weird other husband, in my opinion, was uncalled for definitely not needed. Enough of my rant, for now. I really enjoyed reading your post and as I said, I totally agree with you.
  5. Ranting is a great way to release tension. I've ranted a few times and I felt so much better afterwards. I totally agree with your rant. It's as if the writers just threw the Lenny relationship under the bus. I'll reframe from ranting on this subject as you have eloquently expressed your thoughts on the subject. Great Rant!
  6. I don't remember that scene. So it was probably cut.
  7. Most probably not. Although I haven't read anything about Kaley lately, she seems to be busy with her new guy.
  8. I think he's more interested in being with his son and playing guitar with his friends.
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