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  1. Johnny is a private person. Loved Kaley's response. It's nice that they're still close friends and still call each other "Mooks".
  2. I try to avoid the commercials. Sometimes I'm trapped.
  3. No wonder I never heard of Paige. She's from YS and I've never watched that show, just forced to watch a commercial or two.
  4. Agreed. Talking about the show on here is loads of fun. With no new episodes, I find that I get myself in less trouble these days. There's not as many heated discussions, just peaceful co-existence and that's good for my blood pressure.😉
  5. Come to think of it, that was her name. I think she was in one episode, so it's easy to forget her.
  6. I got to say "Thank goodness Hurricane season is officially over"! The season is over in name only. There has been a storm or two that has formed in December in the past, hopefully not this year. With that said, dang, it's cold this morning. I had to wear long pants for the first time all year. It feels strange with long pants on. 😊
  7. I most certainly do miss your timely and accurate posts.
  8. Happy 35th Birthday to Kaley. Hope she enjoys this special day!
  9. No, he has to make do with what he has.
  10. We can only hope that happens. She and Johnny were snubbed by the Emmy selection committee.
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