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  1. chucky

    Kaley Cuoco

    I can't either. She does look very happy!
  2. chucky

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    You do make a valid point. Writers make or break a show. The casts does a marvelous job, but are hindered and limited by the material they are given to work from.
  3. chucky

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Yep, you got that so right.
  4. chucky

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Yeah, loved the bazooka. Maybe you thought it was glorious, I saw it as infuriating.
  5. chucky

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    We'll find out one way or another in due time.
  6. chucky

    Kaley Cuoco

    I hope for continued success in the future.
  7. chucky

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    We've known this for a couple of years. 😄
  8. chucky

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    No truer words have ever been said. Holland, the writers and TPTB can say all they want, actions speak louder than words.
  9. chucky

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    As Paul Harvey would say, "Now we know the rest of the story". Lenny is not the writers/show runners favorite, Shamy has that distinction. So of course Sheldon got to interfere with both Lenny weddings, while his came off without a hitch.
  10. chucky

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    It's nice without the bazingas.
  11. chucky

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    They aren't as prevalent as before. Maybe Dr. Cooper has matured. We dob't see the guys playing video or board games as much either. That in itself should please Penny and her posse. 😏
  12. chucky

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 11

    Gooooooood morning my fellow Lennies. hope you all have a wonderful day!
  13. chucky

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Good morning folks. What a beautiful morning after a night of thunderstorms. Here's hoping that storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico fizzles out before reaching shore.
  14. chucky

    [Spoilers] The "Dark" Lenny Thread: Season 11

    I tend to agree and disagree. Although the snarkiness is down and the showing of affection is trending upward, I feel the affection is not enough. All you see now us a hug, kiss on the cheek and smiles. There is more to affection than that. As for Holland, the more he changes, the more he stays the same. To him, the writers, and TPTB, it's still The Sheldon/Shamy Snow.
  15. chucky

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 11

    I absolutely find no fault with your post. YESSSSSSSSS!