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  1. Bravo! A perfectly honest, accurate and true post! Positively agree!
  2. Yes, discontent. Jim did it so well.
  3. Yeah, I'm always looking find where the siren sound is coming from.
  4. Thank you. She said weeping angel, but my 63 year old mind couldn't remember the weeping part!
  5. I've been corrected by my granddaughter. She was dressed as a, I think, a creepy angel from Dr Who. It was some kind of angel. Scary as hell.
  6. Thanks. Since I'm Dr Who illiterate, I don't know the correct name or spelling. But your right, if you're unprepared for seeing a Dalek, it will scare the crap out of you! Been there, had that happen!
  7. My granddaughter is a junior in high school. Not a little girl any more. She once went trick or treating as a "Daling" or something like that from Dr Who. I know she scared the crap out of the other kids. I didn't even recognize her. To tell the truth, she scared me too. I had no warning whatsoever. For a couple of minutes I thought one of the Grim Reaper's henchmen was there to get me. ☺️
  8. That is a very good question. Maybe exasperation on the parents part.
  9. Looking great as usual! Looking great as usual! Million dollar smile and eyes!
  10. She started outside work fun with Raj that included paintball, which ended badly, and The Vomit Comet. That was clearly not enough though!
  11. Maybe Christmas time. Don't want to give her ideas right now. ☺️
  12. She wasn't afraid to tell him as well.
  13. Norman looks cute and comfy in the suit case.
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