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  1. She does take a lot of selfies with fans, which of course is a wonderful thing for her to do.
  2. I have to agree. The song doesn't do anything for me, but, I have no problem with trying to get info on the song.
  3. She looks very comfortable!
  4. Sounds as it will be a remembered night indeed!
  5. Yeah and she appears to be enjoying it as well.
  6. Yeah, I know. That's why he's not the official bag carrier this trip!
  7. Raj is not alone, he has Cinnamon. He lost his chance at relationship when Howard met Bernadette. 😊
  8. At least Karl's not her porter this time.😉
  9. chucky

    Sheldon's Kids

    100 per cent correct! Have to agree with all tour comments.
  10. chucky

    Sheldon's Kids

    That's OK, it's you're decision. It is what it is as I am moving on. Good day.
  11. She's happy to be in Italy.
  12. chucky

    Sheldon's Kids

    All those things were planned even if it happened off screen. Sheldon Cooper, has to plan everything including what he eats each meal each day. Their is no spontaneity.
  13. chucky

    Sheldon's Kids

    Sheldon doesn't do spontaneity. He plans everything.
  14. chucky

    Sheldon's Kids

    I see you remember the nice and fun moments in Sheldon's time. You've seem to have over looked the mean, condescending, inconsiderate moments. He even called himself a baby in the dining room table episode.
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