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  1. Yep, hopefully it's a good one!
  2. chucky

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    My wife puts them in fresh lumpia. God, they're so good!! I used to hate Brussel Sprouts. But if cooked properly, they're quite tasty!
  3. I've watched friends and Old Yeller. Haven't a problem with Friends!
  4. chucky

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    We talking Brussel Sprouts or Bean Sprouts?
  5. Okay Dokay, way too much insight! But, that's alright!
  6. What you said is true! But nothing was said about a child! Just putting down the dog.
  7. Who knows, you maybe right! But I really don't care, that was just an amusing thought by me.
  8. True, but there's a possibility, however slight, for a Lenny spin off, but definitely not Shamy! Maybe, maybe not. The end of that story hasn't been written yet!
  9. That's the humanly way to put animals out of their miseries.
  10. Yeah, but in a few months that dream ends except in reruns!
  11. He probably means the current show could not continue without Jim. He's right about that, maybe. A spin off about Lenny wouldn't need Jim/Sheldon at all. He enjoys working with Kaley, so you never know! We know he's wrong there as Kaley has expressed an interest and Chuck Lorre hasn't shot down the idea! I think that was a comment made at the heat of the moment right after learning of the ending of the show. You can never know for sure!
  12. That was just a thought of a reason for them moving from Pasadena! As far as not getting a part there, you never know. No one knows what's in the minds of the writers, not even them!
  13. chucky

    Kaley Cuoco

    Poor Ruby, cast aside by a cute bunny! 😉
  14. chucky

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    Or a new life in New York. Penny getting a part in a Broadway Play!

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