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  1. Could be, so she can be near the stables,
  2. We have WTBS out of Hotlanta, GA. They give us, Friends, TBBT and Broolklyn Nine Nine. They also give us an assortment of animated shows.
  3. I can't think of a better use for them. Well, maybe wad them up as starter for the fire in the barbecue pit.
  4. There are some folks on that list who could do it. 😊
  5. I hope they paid him extra to wear that in the episode!
  6. Totally true! All my friends with birds in cages, uses it to line the bottom! It's definitely not worth reading!
  7. That's why I don't believe changes to the Constitution will occur. The votes in Congress and the ratification by the states is a daunting task. A change is possible, but in my opinion, not probable. As for the Women's Equal Rights Amendment, 42 years is a long time.
  8. Me as well. 2 of my favorite episodes are 10/9 The Geology Elevation and 11/18 The Gates Excitation. Sheldon hurts himself in one and gets fooled in the other one.
  9. Also throw in Season 11 as well. I believe Season's 8, 11 and some of 12 were a complete waste of time. That's my humble opinion.
  10. Yeah, that happened in the past, but I don't see that happening these days. neither party can muster up the votes for that action. The voters would have to demand the overturning of a Constitutional amendment before that happened. I believed that is what caused the repealing of prohibition.
  11. Yeah it's over, but there are times it's the only thing worth watching on TV. But then, there are several Season 8 Episodes that I will not watch for any reason whatsoever!
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