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  1. Still having the best facial expressions!
  2. Yeah, on my birthday last week, my wife woke me up with " When I'm 64" by the Beatles. I laughed my butt off.
  3. Thanks, I could not for the life of me remember where in California she was born.
  4. I've heard it both ways a lot over the years. Some people either don't know the difference or don't care. I believe if you're going to mention something, you should try to get it right. But then again, I've been wrong myself numerous times over the years.
  5. Greetings @Tensor!! Happy Birthday to you, someone that's been around as long as I have. I hope you have a great day with many, many more to come.
  6. That in itself was hilarious, but then the whole thing was hilarious.
  7. Maybe then we'll see those smart and beautiful kids!
  8. Absolutely is hilarious!!!!!!
  9. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Veterans Day. Being a retired sailor with many military veterans in my family, this holiday is especially important to me. So again, Happy Veterans Day!!!!
  10. Nice that they won, but sad that none of the cast could be there.
  11. Dang, she's beautiful!!!
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