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  1. What? You lost me. Don't hand me a bill, I won't pay. 😉
  2. It's hard to tell unless she informs us.
  3. Still love her facial expressions!
  4. Was it? When it comes to TBBT, I have no love or respect for the writers.
  5. Totally agree. Don't worry about a broken record, what you said was true. Season's 11 and 12 were Shamy specific and most were not needed.
  6. No, they didn't know better, they were firmly in Shamyland and didn't care about the other cast members.
  7. I would have too, but the writers mindset was totally on the Nobel mess with just a tad of time sprinkled on the others. Those episodes featuring those other scientists trying for the same Nobel were not needed. That time could have been used on the other cast members.
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