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  1. NICE! Thanks for sharing!
  2. I think it's more for health than beauty,
  3. I live in Florida, so I know it's a verrrry long season. Florida and hurricanes go hand in hand! Just saying so far so good! 😕
  4. Well now, it's hurricane season and no hurricanes yet!! Can't make a better statement than that!
  5. Right now, it's 90, fair and feels like 102. Yes, it's hotter than Hades!!!! ☚ī¸
  6. Goooood morning everyone! It's such a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning!!! At least it is here in the Panhandle of Florida!
  7. Yes and no. The only thing I liked was the Lenny closeness and Penny's pregnancy!
  8. Sorry, but if you reread my post, you'll see that I never said anything about Penny's pregnancy, just Bernadette's second. The creative part was covering her pregnancy by having her skype with the gang when she was on maybe a work trip. I was happy about Penny's pregnancy. I just wish they showed her telling Leonard she was pregnant in 12X22.
  9. That's intriguing, but not enough for me to buy Season 12.
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