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  1. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Veterans Day. Being a retired sailor with many military veterans in my family, this holiday is especially important to me. So again, Happy Veterans Day!!!!
  2. Nice that they won, but sad that none of the cast could be there.
  3. It has been. I got some nice presents from the grand kids! I also discovered that your never too old to receive presents either at Christmas or your birthday. Birthdays are best when shared with the wife and grand kids!
  4. I try. But at 64, I'm not as agile as I used to be.
  5. Thank all of you for the wonderful birthday wishes!
  6. I find that I was wrong. But then it's been a while since I've seen that episode.
  7. Agreed! I believe she has the best facial expressions!
  8. Getting the cast set!
  9. Looks like happiness with hubby!
  10. No snow here in the Pensacola area. Just cold weather with a bitterly cold breeze. The trick or treaters that braved that breeze, definitely earned their candy!
  11. It's great to see her happy! ☺️
  12. Well, last night and this morning was our first cold day of the year. It was in the 30's with a very brisk wind. I want to commend those determined trick or treater's with their parents for going out on such a night. The good news is it wasn't raining!
  13. Yes, Happy Birthday @vonmar! Hoping you have a nice enjoyable day with many more to come.
  14. Yeah, they're alluring and beautiful.
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