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    Movie Game

    West Side Story
  2. I, myself, am bi-lingual. I speak English and Southern Red-neck. ☺️
  3. As Penny would say, "That looks like Jibber Jabber to me".
  4. I wouldn't have tried. Just like I don't try to pronounce the names of some of my medicines. 😊
  5. East coast of Florida, as well as Ga, SC, NC and probably points North, better watch out for Hurricane Isaias.
  6. Well, as usual this time of year, something is brewing in the Atlantic Ocean. All Floridians should be keeping track thru The Weather Channel. I don't mean to watch it 24/7, but at least check from time to time so there are no surprises.
  7. Operator - Jim Croce
  8. chucky

    Word Ties

    Media Outlets
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