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  1. I believe that the extra long hug showed him that she had feelings for him.
  2. I;m not that good at doing that, so, I'll just kick back and enjoy what comes out of this!
  3. chucky

    Episodic Errors

    Your opinion, not mine! If you want to see a slut bunny, check out Sheldon's friend Dr Plimpton from the episode in Season 3 after Leonard broke up with Penny!
  4. Agreed! Penny also would never forgive him either!
  5. I feel that he is right and wrong. In the situation he's discussing, he's right. As far as the most changed characters, that's easily Sheldon, Amy and Howard. Stewart is right behind them! Zack has aged, but remains unchanged!
  6. chucky

    Episodic Errors

    First, Amy kissed Penny and that was unsuspected nor wanted. That was all Amy. Second, Penny did not kiss Sheldon on the lips, just the cheeks and nose. Amy, his girlfriend, was kissing him as well. Leonard, her boyfriend, was there as well. Apparently it wasn't a big deal. They were just having fun with Sheldon! She is not a slut bunny, in my humble opinion! Dr Plimpton was most definitely a slut bunny!
  7. We all have ideas of when she fell in love with Leonard! We all have our reasons for those ideas. When did she fall in love, I don't know for sure. I just have my suspicions. Maybe it was love at first sight for her as it was for Leonard. Then again it could have been at the end of Season 2 when he left for the North Pole. Who knows when, all that matters is she does love Leonard and they are happily married!
  8. They seem to be getting along very well!
  9. Sheldon gave Kripke as much as kripke gave him. Leslie won every encounter with Sheldon!
  10. That's why I said probably! I really wasn't sure. I think she was to scared to admit it! Very well could be!
  11. I think it could have been as early as that, but she didn't realize until he left for three months to the North Pole! She still didn't tell him for 3 more years!
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