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  1. She looks very comfortable!
  2. Sounds as it will be a remembered night indeed!
  3. Yeah and she appears to be enjoying it as well.
  4. Yeah, I know. That's why he's not the official bag carrier this trip!
  5. Raj is not alone, he has Cinnamon. He lost his chance at relationship when Howard met Bernadette. 😊
  6. At least Karl's not her porter this time.😉
  7. chucky

    Sheldon's Kids

    100 per cent correct! Have to agree with all tour comments.
  8. chucky

    Sheldon's Kids

    That's OK, it's you're decision. It is what it is as I am moving on. Good day.
  9. She's happy to be in Italy.
  10. chucky

    Sheldon's Kids

    All those things were planned even if it happened off screen. Sheldon Cooper, has to plan everything including what he eats each meal each day. Their is no spontaneity.
  11. chucky

    Sheldon's Kids

    Sheldon doesn't do spontaneity. He plans everything.
  12. chucky

    Sheldon's Kids

    I see you remember the nice and fun moments in Sheldon's time. You've seem to have over looked the mean, condescending, inconsiderate moments. He even called himself a baby in the dining room table episode.
  13. chucky

    Sheldon's Kids

    Be that as it may, the "Contracts" signed by both Leonard and Amy were slanted in Sheldon's favor so he always gets his way. The "Fun" was what Sheldon thought was fun. Which in reality wasn't fun. Everything was carefully planned out by Sheldon. No spontaneity whatsoever. Leonard's life was, in my opinion, boring until he started dating Penny.
  14. chucky

    Sheldon's Kids

    As I am stating my opinion.
  15. chucky

    Sheldon's Kids

    If you say so, but, I do disagree.
  16. That's one large coat! ☺️
  17. Yep, very lucky dude!
  18. Well, our opinions are identical. I haven't seen a dress that didn't amazing on her.
  19. chucky

    Penny's Last Name??

    I don't think so. Penny's last name was and is a closely guarded secret. I believe her father's name is either Robert Wyatt as a first and second name or Wyatt Robert. The last name is never revealed. That would account for him to be called Bob and Wyatt. My father's name was James Charles. Some called him Jim, others JC and still others Charlie. Not to worry as now her last name is Hofstadter. ☺️
  20. She's always been an animal lover and supporter.
  21. She always enjoys being with her posse.
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