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  1. Agreed. She has grown up and as you said, matured. Johnny is the one good constant in her life, especially with the loss of her Norman.
  2. Zipporah - Hebrew meaning bird.
  3. Emil - Finnish meaning of Sainy Ludmila; eager.
  4. Xuxa - Latin meaning lily.
  5. Enjoyed reading your story. That will probably be an interesting trip.
  6. Vida - Spanish meaning life.
  7. That's because she played Leonard's mother so well!
  8. I guess you need a little age to know them actors. Judd Hirsh and Christopher Lloyd, in my opinion, made Taxi the great show it was.
  9. Norman was her life. She had him for comfort when she divorced Ryan. She didn't have him for this one. Sure, she has her other animals. But Norman was special to her.
  10. Our friend Tensor is a wealth of knowledge.
  11. Teresa - Mexican - meaning late summer.
  12. Yeah, that confused me as well. It seemed the writers were trying to make her more slutty in the early seasons. I never thought of it like that. It's almost as if her dates with Stuart were sort of a dry run for her dates with Leonard. I do agree that see would have invited him in for coffee had the dated ended better. I mean they were in bed together when Beverly first visited.
  13. That's a good question. Personally, I believe that they are in contact. They have been close friends for years. They have been there for each other for support. I'm thinking more in behind the scenes.
  14. Which led to two dates with Stuart. Which caused Penny to realize she had feelings for Leonard.
  15. hokie3457, I've enjoyed reading your stories as well. I'd put your writing right up there with Tensor. There are so many writers who's stories I enjoy reading. Some are Shamy writers. But I draw the line at shenny stories.
  16. Tensor is one of the great story writers. I've read everything he's posted numerous times. He and other writers keep me content with their stories. He even finds the time to do a great job keeping us straight here.
  17. Rylie - Irish meaning rye clearing.
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