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  1. Seems to me you're looking at Sheldon thru rose colored glasses. That's alright, he's your favorite.
  2. Sheldon paints himself in an ugly picture with his actions. He needs no help in that regard.
  3. I guess it's no surprise we disagree. There is considerable evidence to that fact. In the end, we're two people with different opinions.
  4. Yeah, after viewing again, I can definitely say that shirt still fits Penny and has faded!
  5. Most definitely!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. They do have a lot of fun together and at each other's expense!
  7. That's a big assumption. I have always been told never assume!
  8. I, for one, don't see if it really matters. If it was important to the show, it would have came out.
  9. Your comparing apples and oranges. This is a tv show, not real life. I really could care less if Wil is married or not. That info is not needed for the scripts. William Shatner has always been refered to as Capt Kirk, not the dude from Priceline.Com.
  10. As usual, just perfect! Thanks so much for sharing with us!
  11. Penny is not his "Priceline" daughter! Kaley is that daughter!
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