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  1. So sad! The building can be rebuilt, but it won't be the same.
  2. It's a different down South or in tornado alley. But then again I've seen dumb people taking videos of tornadoes as they are approaching them. That's idiotic!
  3. As a veteran of countless tornadoes and hurricanes, that's a mistake. You're told to take shelter for a reason, tornadoes can be unpredictable and can change directions easily.
  4. Yeah, me too. Probably everybody else in the world as well.
  5. Okay. I'm always thinking of the guys talking about Sheldon's hearing.
  6. I know, that was a joke on my part.
  7. It didn't bother Howard as he showed her the proper way to buff her feet. Something he learned buffing his mom's feet!
  8. Agreed! Everyone should know my opinion on those writers by now!
  9. True, so true. I still want my portion of the rain though for the grass and plants. Somehow I feel cheated. LOL I guess I won't be saying this when a TS or Hurricane heads this way.
  10. I haven't had to water the plants for three days due to the rain. Now Louisiana is getting all that rain and we aren't getting our share. It's not fair. ☺️
  11. What the heck! I feel cheated out of rain. Now I have to water the ol' lady's plants if we don't get any rain tomorrow. πŸ˜„
  12. Yeah, we're expecting a lot of rain today and this weekend from Barry. Gonna be a long, wet weekend.
  13. Not to bad so far. It's off and on in the rain department. It's headed for the West of New Orleans. The farther West, the better for us.
  14. My condolences. Weather is tricky.
  15. Weather is most definitely weird!
  16. Still has those facial expressions!
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