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  1. So, she's a Chuck Lorre favorite.
  2. chucky

    Penny's Last Name??

    Penny's last name is the closest guarded secret on TV. The reason it's so well of a kept secret is because before she married Leonard to become Penny Hofstadter, she didn't have a last name.
  3. A perfect description of Dr. Cooper. He says what he means and means what he says regardless of the consequences.
  4. Probably bored. You can only play with the animals so many times prior to boredom comes a knocking.
  5. chucky

    A-Z: Girls Names

    Felica - English origin
  6. chucky

    A-Z: Boys Names

    Yahya - Arabic and Turkish means Yahweh is merciful
  7. I personally have no problem with either Sheldon, the character or Jim Parsons, the actor. Jim portrayed Sheldon perfectly, in my opinion. My problem is The Powers That Be transformed TBBT into The Sheldon Cooper Show. The once ensemble show became a one main character show with a cast of supporting actors. As good as an actor Jim is or as interesting a character as Sheldon is, a didn't care for 15 minuets an episode of them. The show was better in the earlier years when it was an ensemble show. The cast blended better and complimented each other better in the earlier seasons. That's my opinion, others may see things or feel differently and that's alright too.
  8. Nice podcast. Thanks for sharing.
  9. chucky

    Episodic Errors

    Maybe, maybe not. God only knows what the writers were thinking and they're not talking.
  10. Love her Cup of Cuoco episodes especially with Karl. He brings out the humor in her all the time. Great episode as usual.
  11. I believe Raj would have been upset about the ding in his car whether the news he received was good or bad. It was when he noticed the old gentleman driving that he simmered down.
  12. chucky

    A-Z: Boys Names

    Woodrow - British meaning row of houses by the woods
  13. chucky

    A-Z: Girls Names

    Daisy - English from he word for the white flower
  14. X-Ray Vision - Clutch
  15. Angry, no. Upset yes. That's why you have automobile insurance. But, I have seen people mad at lesser damage.
  16. True, that was only in the dreams of a particular fan base.
  17. But, thank god it was alive. Otherwise there might have been a shenny tryst. 😉
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