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  1. Xenon - a heavy, colorless, chemically inactive gas monatomic gaseous element. Yes I looked up the definition. 😉
  2. Hopefully they got some support for a TBBT Reunion. ☺️
  3. That'll probably worked out in the discussions and negotiations.
  4. Alannah - German meaning precious.
  5. Yasser - Arabic meaning well to do.
  6. Deadwood, Black Hills, South Dakota
  7. Waylan - British meaning land by the road
  8. Yoshie - Japanese meaning good or respectful.
  9. I forgot all about the horses. They are valuable and quite expensive.
  10. Yeah, and I read that both have made that statement on their divorce applications.
  11. A very good question. Maybe the toll on their being apart so much changed their ability to continue to make it work. Who knows, we won't unless they tell us.
  12. It does make you wonder.
  13. Jacksonville, Florida, USA
  14. Udell - British meaning yew-tree valley.
  15. Winefred - Welsh meaning holy or blessed.
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