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  1. As noted by Beatles Song, "Yes It Is ".
  2. Oh what a beautiful Monday morning.😊
  3. Thanks, I couldn't think of the complete title. I knew it was something of Cuoco. Maybe she's too busy now. So sad.
  4. Yes, I agree. Here's hoping she has a special day with Tom and her daughter. I miss Kaley's show she did from home during the Covid mess. Guess she doesn't have time anymore.
  5. To all, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I know that I am late. It's better late than never. Also to all of you who partook in the Black Friday sales, my heartfelt congratulations on a job well done. I could never stand the long lines and upset shoppers. 😊
  6. I did and it was funny. 😂 To be truthful, I think that Sheldon is still clueless about that "Chew Toy".😂
  7. I don't either. I hope it wasn't a sex joke.
  8. Good to hear in both the stage play and the release of her movie.
  9. I just wanted to say "Welcome to the 68 club, Tensor ". Or should I just "Happy Birthday "?
  10. It truly was a great day. I was a lazy bum yesterday. Really enjoyed it.
  11. Well, I just celebrated my 68th birthday yesterday. Who would have thought I'd reach 68? I know someone else who is turning 68 soon. 😊
  12. Have to agree with you. It's great seeing you post again. We've missed you. Hope all is well with you.
  13. Thanks. If he has quit, as we think, that's the only reason I could of for him to have one in his mouth.
  14. Thought so too. Maybe he likes an unlit cigarette in his mouth. My cousin quit, but he still likes the feel of an unlit one in his mouth.
  15. Interesting. Thanks for sharing. 😊
  16. Y, Sheldon got jealous and Amy thought Leonard fell in love with her.
  17. Yeah, I read the chapter and as usual found it Entertaining. Son-goku5 is an amazing writer.
  18. Yeah, I remember that as well. I think that was the O-grade train set.
  19. I really have to agree with you on this. They are a happy family.
  20. Who knows what will happen in the future. She has stated she didn't want to get married again, but with a baby, that may change.
  21. They were good together and looked happy. Something, god only knows what, drove them apart. I'm not sure if she's still friends with Ryan or not. I've never seen her happier than now.
  22. Thanks, then I didn't just read it in a fanfiction story. 😊
  23. I thought that they said UCLA. Maybe that's just where she got her doctorate. Maybe I just read it in a fanfiction story. Who knows? Maybe Sir Tensor can enlightenment us?😊
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