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  1. Could be possible. The agreements between couples sometimes need to be readdressed due to changes in their lives.
  2. Most couples normally do have those discussions.
  3. Ohhhh Yeahhh! ☺️
  4. Davina - Scottish meaning beloved.
  5. Oren = Irish meaning pine tree, fair, pale.
  6. Zayda - Arabic meaning prosperous, fortunate.
  7. Quite possibly so. We'll see if anything happens. Kaley can be secretive when she wants to be.
  8. Jets, Namath, Maynard and Sauer. One of the best Quarterback and receiver combos in pro football history.
  9. That's interesting. Wonder what's going on in her mind.
  10. Isa - Hebrew meaning Salvation of God.
  11. Xeenia - Greek meaning guest, stranger
  12. Valeria - Latin, meaning healthy
  13. Ellis - Welsh meaning kind, benevolent.
  14. Tessa - Greek meaning 4th child.
  15. Norah - Latin meaning Honor.
  16. Yule - British meaning Winter Solstice
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