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  1. If veejay doesn't, I most assuredly do love rum.
  2. Great that he's with his best friend. Also, that his son is his best friend!
  3. Happy Birthday veejay. Hope you have a great day with many more to come!
  4. Agreed. Johnny should know, he is a smart man.
  5. Different talents. Both very talented. Kaley's the better actress, Briana is the better singer. Their interests are pretty much different, Kaley's into horses and Briana's into dancing.
  6. Agreed. Unless she plans a quiet birthday with just family.
  7. Hudson - British meaning Son of Hugh
  8. Xylia - Greek meaning Woodland or Wood Dweller.
  9. Donavon - Irish meaning Dark Brown-haired Chieftain.
  10. Violetta, Latin meaning purple.
  11. To be truthful, I've lost interest in that post,
  12. Well, seems like Old Man Winter is finally showing up. It's gonna be on the thirties for the next few days. God, I love it!
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