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  1. 1 hour ago, Mario D. said:

    Have read this morning that Johnny and Alaina have split up.  Sad news and no details given

    Johnny is a private person. Loved Kaley's response. It's nice that they're still close friends and still call each other "Mooks".

  2. 3 hours ago, joyceraye said:

    It's too early to tell how YS  Paige will turn out. She's eleven and judged by this week's promo is not kind to Sheldon. He holds on to grudges for decades. So far she's a lot less robotic than Sheldon and is getting closer to Missy. Amy's similarity to Sheldon was what drew them together in the first place. Amy softened before Sheldon did but they still had a lot in common and we know their marriage lasted. 

    No wonder I never heard of Paige. She's from YS and I've never watched that show, just forced to watch a commercial or two.

  3. 3 minutes ago, Swedish Chef said:

    That's nice and to be honest, I don't miss the show so much but I miss talking about the show on this forum. 

    Agreed. Talking about the show on here is loads of fun. With no new episodes, I find that I get myself in less trouble these days. There's not as many heated discussions, just peaceful co-existence and that's good for my blood pressure.😉

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  4. 20 hours ago, BARBARIC MONKEY said:

    Ehe you come to think of it .......amy is kinda egoistic and evil she hides things from Sheldon from time to time...and just leaves Sheldon to his quirky behaviour without even attempting to fix it. Whereas Paige's often rebellious attitude would push Sheldon to become more mature like what Bernadette did to Howard..........and a plus is that Paige is 3x smarter than amy

    Paige? Never heard of Paige.

  5. I got to say "Thank goodness Hurricane season is officially over"! The season is over in name only. There has been a storm or two that has formed in December in the past, hopefully not this year. With that said, dang, it's cold this morning. I had to wear long pants for the first time all year. It feels strange with long pants on.  😊

  6. 7 hours ago, Polly said:

    Hi all , 

    That's a very interesting idea ! 

    There is something I still don't understand to this day. It's a minor thing regarding Leonard but it still pisses me off. In the " Scavenger Vortex" , why did Howard suddenly felt the need to take the piss out of Leonard for going to Princeton? It was so random. He had  never done it before and never did it again after that . It was really out of the blue and didn't make any sense ?! Princeton for god's sake. Is there some kind of rivalry between MIT and Princeton? Or was it just another opportunity to mock Leonard ? I thought it was totally uncalled for especially when Leonard never mocked Howard for " only having a master's in Engineering from MIT". 


    Another thing that annoyed me is when the military confisacted the guys' project. We got to see the impact on Sheldon and Howard and yet again Leonard's feelings were ignored. It would have been nice to see how the whole thing affected him and see how Penny would try to help him deal with it. 


    Have a good day ! 

    Some good points.

  7. On 11/27/2020 at 9:27 AM, Mario D. said:

    Additionally, many critics agree that this was one of her best performances and may lead to an even bigger career.

    We can only hope that happens. She and Johnny were snubbed by the Emmy selection committee. 

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