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  1. That's about what I get by the commercials. 😊
  2. Personally, I haven't watched a single episode of Young Sheldon and I don't plan to start. The only part of the show I have seen are the commercials that come on while a show I am watching is on.
  3. Well, it didn't become The Shamy Show for nothing. The writers were in love with Shamy.
  4. Ain't that the truth.
  5. Yeah. I love that story as I do all SRAM's stories.
  6. True. But, that wouldn't have been as funny. At least that's my opinion of what the writers were thinking. I really thought those episodes with the two scientists from Fermilab were ridiculous and not needed.
  7. Maybe so, but she had more than Dr. Cooper!
  8. You're right. The writers gave him a bone with her pregnancy. But, I feel that if Amy gets a Nobel it should be I'm her field. With all the suffering Leonard went through as Sheldon's friend, it would have been nice if he shared the Nobel.
  9. 9 & 10 is when it started. The real knife in the back for Leonard was the writers having Amy get the Nobel with Sheldon. She wasn't even a Physicist.
  10. We'll see. I'm wondering the same thing.
  11. I remember that conversation but couldn't remember the episode.
  12. Sounds familiar. I believe you're right.
  13. So true. At least she's dressed ad a soon to be mother and not wearing something tasteless as you said. Agreed.
  14. Saw pictures from both.
  15. It's good to see the support from his friends. I'm also glad he's happy.
  16. I'm not really sure. I haven't kept up with his personal life. Unlike Kaley, he's more private about his personal life.
  17. Yes it is. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
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