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  1. Laughed so hard, I peed in my pants.
  2. I also wished that she would have slapped or hit him in the throat. Then walked out and made him walk home. It's ridiculous the crap Sheldon pulled and got away with.
  3. Jealous to small of a description of Sheldon's reaction.
  4. I'm wondering if he got arrested for stealing the Indiana Jones movie in Season 4? That had to be one the dumbest ideas Sheldon ever had. I mean Will Wheaton knew who he and the guys were. Through Stewart, the police would know where to find him.
  5. True. We know he gave them tickets to San Francisco and intended to go as well. But did he go or did Lenny go without him? We don't know.
  6. Sheldon almost always put himself between Penny and Leonard. He even thought he should go on the honeymoon with Leonard. For a genius, he was so clueless about life.
  7. So very true. I laughed so hard at him, i would have peed my pants if I didn't have my catheter.
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