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  1. Let's just say Sheldon has been intoxicated more times than even he can remember.😊
  2. I think that he likes to be unrecognized when he goes there. He's doesn't like the attention and hoopla that goes with being a celebrity.
  3. Sorry, I misunderstood. I do that occasionally. At least someone had a nice encounter with Johnny.
  4. I got that. I just added Penny's description of the finished drink.
  5. Yes, she did. But, the virgin Cuba libre was a bit slutty. Meaning she added the liquor. Your other instances are correct as well. 😊
  6. I'd forgotten about those.
  7. I know of three times. One time with Coffee. Once with Red Bull and at least one time with Long Island Ice Tea.
  8. Everyone of them had reasons belt him. Bernadette's reason was saying Halley looked like Winston Churchill.
  9. True. It's been proven time and again that he only thought of himself. Everyone else was an afterthought. With the possible exception of his mother and Meemaw.
  10. Well, Sheldon is his longest lasting friend. Followed by Raj and Howard. Although some times I wonder if they are friends or just acquaintances. They like to mock and tease each other in my opinion.
  11. Probably did. He was used to being treated that way.
  12. Them staying there was ridiculous. A married couple does not live with a former roommate when a perfectly furnished apartment is empty across the hall. But they stayed for the comedy effect that the writers were looking for. Sheldon's violation of his own conceived roommate agreement was numerous. It was his thing to criticize Leonard's work and his reputation as a scientist.
  13. I agree about ending the friendship with Sheldon and moving in with Penny. That is if she is OK with it. If not move somewhere else. The main thing is to move!
  14. Yeah, Johnny did a great job. But, the writers had Leonard being ridiculous.
  15. And he rarely really cares how he hurts his supposedly friends. He says what be means and means what he says.
  16. I agree that he knows exactly what he is doing. Maybe the first few seasons he might have been a bit clueless. He blossomed into a full blown condescending jerk. How Leonard put up with Sheldon is beyond me. Maybe he stayed to be close to Penny. 😂
  17. Totally agree and so sad. Not to mention the terrible things he said about Penny as well.
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